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Michael Tucker, GoDaddy_How GoDaddy used Spree to build their Online Store product @ Open Commerce Conference 2016

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Michael Tucker, GoDaddy_How GoDaddy used Spree to build their Online Store product @ Open Commerce Conference 2016

  1. 1. Powered by
  2. 2. Me llamo Miguel I do this
  3. 3. My Team
  4. 4. “Mermaid Tucker”
  5. 5. #OpenCommerce @mtazva
  6. 6. Online Store The Pit of Success
  7. 7. Why Spree? ● Easily Customizable ● Fully Featured ● Existing API ● Highly Extensible ● Great Community!
  8. 8. by developers for developers
  9. 9. Simplifying the Experience ● Grid-based options building ● Simple customization via themes engine ● Automatic PayPal activation ● Automatic domain management ● Automatic SSL management ● Automatic label printing ● Hiding the dirty details
  10. 10. Magnifying the Impact ● Automatic email marketing integration ● Simple and automatic Facebook store ● One-click product reviews engine
  11. 11. SaaS-ification ● Multi-tenancy ● Themes engine ● Internal integrations (single sign-on, domains, others) ● GoDaddy branding
  12. 12. We are the 1%
  13. 13. Making the Sale Get Published
  14. 14. Making the Sale Get Social!
  15. 15. Scaling Spree - Tech Stack ● CentOS 6 ● Ruby 2.2 ● Ceph (internal cloud storage) ● Github / GHE ● Jenkins for CI/CD ● Puppet ● Hadoop ● StatsD and Graphite ● NewRelic ● SumoLogic ● Honeybadger ● Apache Traffic Server 5.3 ● HAProxy 1.5 ● Apache 2.2 ● Unicorn 4.9 ● Rails 4.1 [] ● Spree 2.2 ● Bootstrap 3 ● React 0.14 ● Delayed Job ● Memcached ● MySql 5.5 ● Akamai CDN
  16. 16. Scaling Spree - Architecture A10 CommonDB API (4) App (6) MerchantDB ATS HAProxy ATS HAProxy ATS HAProxy ATS HAProxy SSL Termination Redundancy Horizontal Scaling Context-specific data Global metadata Job (4) Memcached (4)
  17. 17. Scaling Spree - Performance ● 10s of thousands of unique live storefronts ● ~1.5M page views per day ● Average page response time ~2.5s ● Average server response ~300ms ● Capable of ~400rps per app server before performance degrades ● >99.99% uptime
  18. 18. The ActiveRecord Callbacks Problem ● Obscure business logic. Explicit => Implicit ● Often have unintended side effects ● Require deep understanding of AR internals ● Can cause a chain reaction performance nightmare
  19. 19. that!
  20. 20. The AR Callbacks Problem Option Type Product Taxonomy Taxon Option Value 1:1 1:M 1:M 1:M Variant 1:M 1:1 parent Variant Product Taxonomy Taxon belongs_to :option_type,touch: true after_touch :touch_all_variants after_touch :touch_all_products belongs_to :product, touch: true after_save :run_touch_callbacks after_touch :touch_taxons after_touch :touch_parent
  21. 21. Yo Dawg I heard you like ActiveRecord Callbacks So I added a callback that will call you back When your callback calls my callback
  22. 22. The AR Callbacks Problem A Stop Gap Solution ActiveRecord::Base.delay_touching do # touch_all_the_things end
  23. 23. The AR Callbacks Problem What do we do? Be more explicit with Service Objects ● Explicit, clear business logic ● No hidden side effects ● No magic to understand ● Aggregation of bulk updates
  24. 24. My time with Rails is up (Piotr Solnica) “People are attracted by Rails because it gives you a false sense of simplicity, whereas what really happens is that complexity is being hidden by convenient interfaces. [...] ActiveRecord is just one, representative example, [...].” All Things in Moderation Rails has won: The Elephant in the Room (Fabio Akita) “[…] for all intents and purposes, Active Record still does much better than average. But if you're big, you should be careful. That's all.”
  25. 25. Spree Wish List Improve Order Consistency ● Do not trigger order recalculation once complete (or at least be more explicit) ○ Some operations can cause completed orders to be recalculated ● Snapshot product details on orders ○ Modifying product information is reflected in completed orders
  26. 26. Spree Wish List Maintain Clear Upgrade Paths ● Semantic versioning ● Non-breaking data migrations ● Upgrades without downtime
  27. 27. Spree Wish List Preview/Publish Mechanism ● Allow site changes to be staged and viewed before making live
  28. 28. Spree Wish List Simplify Customization ● Better hooks for overriding flows and replacing features ○ Dependency Injection ○ Configurable Service Locators ○ Integration Hooks in Service Objects
  29. 29. Spree Wish List Support Automated Integrations ● First class application marketplace ○ Engine to plugin extensions without development work ○ Oauth-based activation and requirements-based authorization ■ Generates unique, role-based api users Spree :)
  30. 30. Spree Wish List Keep on Being You!! ● Retain a helpful and collaborative community ● Share and learn from each other
  31. 31. At GoDaddy we're pulling for small business. Help us transform the global economy, one entrepreneur at a time.
  32. 32. @mtazva

Notas del editor

  • You probably don’t know godaddy
    More than domains and flashy commercials
    Small business advocate
    Shift the world to small business advantage
  • My Team
  • My team thinks this is me.
  • This is how I often perceive myself.
  • The truth is, this is what I probably most often look like at work.
  • Online Store has a single goal: simplicity
    Setup and sell with no technology or ecommerce skills
  • We surveyed many OS projects and chose spree for our future
  • DISCLAIMER: covering Spree 2.0 - 2.2
    Out of the box, there were some challenges in fulfilling simplicity goals
  • Removed most of Spree and reintroduced with care
    Hid the “dirty details”
  • Provide tools to strengthen the power of the individual
  • Necessary evils of a Service-based platform
  • First challenge: GET LIVE
    Our median publish rate is 25 hours
  • Social, mixed with discounts, is THE differentiator
    Facebook likes and instagram, as well as telling story on Reddit (hug of death, 10x)
  • Quick look at our stack.
    NOTABLE: Spree 2.2 on Rails 4.1
    PR for this, you will need to upgrade your extensions
    Happy to discuss anything in this stack
  • Build for full horizontal scalability
    High volume SSL termination
    Multi-tenancy: sharding by account
  • Rails and Spree CAN scale
    Uptime is HUGELY important
  • Performance problems: AR Callbacks
  • See what others have to say
  • Demo: focus on TOUCH operations only
  • Run through the delay_touch example.
    Shows that a set of 500 products can generate over 7k update statements by simply touching a single option value
    Wrapping in delay_touch reduces this to 6; the number of discrete models involved in the relational tree
  • Library is freely available on GD public github
    This is a temporary solution!
  • Service objects can handle the previously noted issues
  • Great, timely discussion in the community!
  • Order calculation and snapshot issues
  • Backward Compatibility
  • BIG/COMPLEX Ask: Staged changes to store
  • First class, well designed customization hooks
  • Third party ecosystem
  • Retain the community that brought us here!!
  • WE ARE HIRING - please connect with me