Staco Energy: Corporate Overview

Staco Energy
17 de Oct de 2016

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Staco Energy: Corporate Overview

  2. WHO ARE WE?
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  4. HISTORY Established in 1937 Located in Dayton, OH Originally Named Standard Electric Co. Oldest and Largest Manufacturer of Variable Transformers in the United States Components Corporation of America (CCA) acquired Staco in 1970 With the Acquisition of General Power in 1990, Staco Entered Uninterruptible Power Supply Market
  5. SUMMARY EXPERIENCE ● Established in 1937 ● Average Tenure of Employees over 20 Years ● Over 150 Years Combined Management Experience ● Over 3,000 Regulators Installed Worldwide QUALITY ● ISO 9001: 2015 Certified ENGINEERING ● Custom Designed Solutions INDUSTRY ● Largest Provider of Voltage Regulation to the Digital TV Industry ● Leading Provider of UPS to Philips Medical
  6. LOCATIONS MANUFACTURING – 120k sq. ft. 301 Gaddis Blvd. Dayton, OH 45403 CORPORATE 1229 Byers Rd. Miamisburg, OH 45342
  8. MISSION Provide innovative and cost-effective power conditioning products coupled with excellent customer service. Our state of the art designs and solutions-based approach will not only lift us above the competition but will result in increased shareholder value.
  9. We Provide Tailored Power Solutions
  10. HOW DO WE DO IT?
  11. We partner with the best in every market ● Reps, Distributors, Integrators Focus on specific vertical applications / markets ● WWT, Education, Manufacturing, etc. Provide world class service and support ● 60+ factory trained service tech’s in U.S. Manufacture the best products on the market ● back our products with the best warranties in the industry
  12. Staco specializes in providing choice and flexibility by developing tailored solutions for preventive and remedial maintenance services, as well as emergency repairs for all of our products. Staco Service is built upon a nationwide network of highly trained and motivated customer support engineers and technicians who can provide professional services and care throughout the life of your equipment. Learn more about Staco Service here. FIELD SERVICE PROGRAM Start-Ups Preventive maintenance Spare Parts Battery Analysis / Refresh / Replacement On-Site Training Time & Material Services
  14. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Emergency Lighting Inverters (ELI) Power Conditioners Frequency Converters Battery Monitors Power Factor Correction (PFC) Banks Active Harmonic Filters (AHF) Voltage Regulators Test Sets PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  15. THREE PHASE FirstLine PLT: 10 - 40 kVA FirstLine XD: 10 - 40 kVA FirstLine P: 65 - 500 kVA Learn more about Staco UPSes here. SINGLE PHASE UniStar V: 1 - 3 kVA UniStar VP: 6 & 10 kVA UPS
  16. THREE PHASE FirstLine PLT 924: 9 – 36 kW FirstLine P 924: 58.5 – 225 kW Learn more about Staco Emergency Lighting Inverters here. SINGLE PHASE UniStar SCLI 924: 350 W – 21 kW ELI (924)
  17. THREE PHASE FirstLine PLT/PPC: 10 – 40 kVA FirstLine P/PPC: 65 – 500 kVA Learn more about Staco Power Conditioners here. POWERCONDITIONERS
  18. THREE PHASE FirstLine PLT/FC: 10 – 40 kVA FirstLine P/FC: 65 – 500 kVA Learn more about Staco Power Conditioners here. FREQUENCYCONVERTERS
  19. WIRELESS FirstLine BMS WIRED COMING SOON Learn more about Staco Battery Monitors here. BATTERY MONITORS
  20. StacoVAR 208 – 4160 VAC UP TO 24,000 kVAR Learn more about Staco PFC Banks here. PFC BANKS
  21. AHF StacoSINE PLUS 208 – 480 VAC 25 – 300 Amps Learn more about Staco AHF here.
  22. StacoAVR 120 – 600 Volt UP TO 2,500 kVA StacoTAP 120 – 600 Volt UP TO 4,000 kVA Learn more about Staco Voltage Regulators here. VOLTAGE REGULATORS
  23. CONTACT US Toll Free: 866.261.1191 | |