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LaunchPad LI & LISTnet's "Launch Your Stars" 2013 Winners

  2. Sagi Brody Company: Webair Website: Twitter: @WebairInc About Sagi: Sagi joined Webair in 1998. Prior to joining the Company, he was a student at New York’s Polytechnical Institute specializing in software design and IT. Sagi is responsible for all technical infrastructure, design, and operations. With his help, the company has seen an increase in web sites and servers hosted by over 1000%. Sagi has been involved in all aspects of the hosting and data center industry including: site surveys and selection, data center build out and upgrades, fiber network design and build, authoring of all client interfaces, designed software for data center and server automation, cloud computing, green data center technologies, resource management, staffing, and budget planning. Sagi has built the companies Content Delivery Network (CDN) that now provides high speed downloads from anywhere in the world – among many other achievements.
  3. Nicole Tricoukes Company: Motorola Solutions Website: Twitter: @MotoSolutions @tricoukes About Nicole: Nicole Tricoukes is the Senior Maverick in charge of the Motorola Solutions HC1 headset computer program for the Chief Technology Office. Previously, she worked across disciplines at Tiffany & Co. and as a member of a TSA federal task force to help protect airlines. At Symbol Technologies and Motorola Solutions, she has helped drive the advancement of future innovations and emergent business concepts with external technology partners. Nicole has presented publicly at Mobile World Congress, TEDxSiliconAlley, Wearable Tech Expo and at PARC’s Power of 10 conferences on the emergence of wearable computing in the enterprise.
  4. Basil Puglisi Company: National Social Media Club Website: Twitter: @basilpuglisi @socialmediaclub About Basil: Basil Puglisi is one of Long Island's Digital & Social Media Leaders, haven written just over 400 articles ranging from social media start-ups to marketing strategies he has been one of the leading sources for business owners and the media. As the co-founder and host of #SMAC his events have generated tweets that have reached over 3,000,000 people in just a day. In this year he was appointed to the International Board of Directors for Social Media Club and his minibook Digital Factics: Twitter was nominated for a Small Business Book Award.
  5. Michael Koschitz Company: Vitamix Labs Website: Twitter: @vitamixlabs About Michael: Michael is the founder and President of Vitamix Laboratories, a Long Island based nutraceutical manufacturer. Over the past decade, Michael’s contributions to the nutracuetical industry have led to the development, growth, and success of over 50 globally distributed public and private brands. He graduated from Adelphi University in 2004 with a BS in Computer Management & Information Systems and continued on to earn his Doctor of Naturopathy degree in 2010. Michael is also an avid traveler and lifelong New York sports fan.
  6. Stephen Aponte, Jr. Senior Program Manager at Intelligent Product Solutions Website: Twitter: @IPSdesigners About Stephen: Stephen Aponte, Jr is a Senior Program Manager at Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS). He is also General Manager of a new and exciting software product called Entervise ( that was recently released in 2013. Previously, Stephen held various positions at CA Technologies and KeySpan. At IPS, his responsibilities also include managing strategic projects for IPS clients, as well as managing IPS' internal network infrastructure. Stephen has presented publicly at Wearable Tech Expo and CEWIT conferences where he spoke about the Entervise product and developing a voice driven user interface on a wearable computer.
  7. Dan Bowen Company: Bowen Media Website: Twitter: @bowenmedia About Dan: Dan is an award winning digital marketing veteran with a proven track record for creating and implementing result driven marketing campaigns, social media strategy, brand enforcement and high end website development. Bowen Media was started in 2003 as a one man operation and has since grown to become one of Long Island’s key design firms.
  8. J. Robert Coleman Co-Founder of Codagenix Website: Twitter: @Codagenix About Robert: J. Robert Coleman, PhD, MBA is an inventor and Co-founder of Codagenix, Inc. (Stony Brook NY) a company that is supported by the NIH and that is commercializing a vaccine development platform. The Codagneix platform utilizes computer-based software to construct designer vaccine viruses and their pipeline includes vaccine candidates for: Influenza Virus, Dengue Virus, RSV, and bacterial targets. Dr. Coleman has multiple high impact publications in the field of synthetic biology and infectious disease, is the primary investigator on externally funded research projects, and has project management skills in small business and biotechnology.
  9. Claude Zdanow Company: Stadiumred Website: Twitter: @claudezdanow @stadiumred About Claude: Claude is the founder of Stadiumred, the NYC based music and entertainment group of companies. He’s experienced as a touring musician, composer, engineer and entrepreneur, as well as an active investor and advisor to companies Quirky Inc & DJZ Inc. An avid public speaker and supporter of The Recording Academy, Claude currently co-chairs the Grammy Camp Committee, is a delegate on the Portledge Prep School Arts Committee and is an advisor for the Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center. Since founding Stadiumred, the company’s award winning studio division has grown to include 5 studios (participating in 11 Grammy wins and 22 Nominations), an artist development division, an events division, and now is launching a technology division.
  10. Justin Rosenberg Company: Honeygrow Website: Twitter: @honeygrow About Justin: Justin Rosenberg created honeygrow with the intention to provide a simple, tasty, and aesthetically different fast-casual dining experience in hopes of exciting guests with a unique approach to wholesome eating. Prior to launching honeygrow, Justin was Manager of Energy Services & Asset Management at Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT). At PREIT, he was responsible for energy purchasing and hedging strategies, energy costing, solar power development, capital budgeting, retail re-merchandising strategies, and financial forecasting for a portfolio of over 35 national shopping centers and malls.
  11. Greg Ohanessian Company: I-Tech Security Website: Twitter: @itechsecurity About Greg: Greg started his career in 1999 specializing in computer network design and security. In 2003 he started providing physical security as well. Greg created ITech Security in 2006 to provide customized, creative solutions for computer networks and security for businesses and residences in the NY Metro Area. In 2011, Greg was recognized by Security System News's 20 under 40 Award as one of the industries up and coming young professionals. Under Greg’s leadership, I-Tech has grown to become one of the area’s leading IT/Security the companies.
  12. Alexander Casanova Company: MedNet Technologies / Da Vinci Interactive Webservices Website: Twitter: @MedNetTech About Alexander: Alex is the Lead Applications Developer for Dr. Leonardo, with over 6 years experience in Web Application Development. Alexander holds a BA in Information Technology from Farmingdale State University. In 2009, Alexander graduated with a Masters in Information Technology from Touro College. His graduate studies concentrated on Database Administration. As Lead Applications Developer, Alex is responsible for implementing solutions ranging from systems administration to software design.
  13. Jon (Andy) Perl Company: Andy & Evan Website: Twitter: @andyandevankids About Jon: Jon runs the company’s financial and accounting functions as well as global sourcing and logistics operations. Perl’s first entrepreneurial pursuit began in college. His love of music spawned a talent management company, which started with several small-time college bands and ended up in the production of hundreds of concerts and music festivals around the world. In search of more stable work, Perl took an entry-level position at Cardinalpointe Capital Group, a New York City based lending firm. He began by sorting mail and worked his way up through the ranks to loan underwriter and ultimately Vice President. Jon resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is married to Reina, a nurse at the neonatal intensive care unit at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC; together they have a 3 year old son named Ely.
  14. Evan Hakalir Company: Andy & Evan Website: Twitter: @EvanHakalir @andyandevankids About Evan: Evan Hakalir heads Andy & Evan’s marketing & branding strategy, global sales, legal functions, and oversees design and new business development. Evan got his start in the fashion world at the ripe young age of 11, working during school breaks at his great uncle’s textile store in the heart of the Garment District. Fast forward years later (and through a sundry of adolescent entrepreneurial endeavors), Hakalir began a career in real estate finance shortly after finishing college and getting married. Evan rose through the ranks of commercial real estate finance, most recently serving as the Managing Director of Joint Venture Equity at JPS Capital Partners, a New York City based asset backed lending fund. Evan also served on the board of various industry trade groups, including the executive board of the UJA Real Estate Division and the Publicity Chair of the Young Mortgage Bankers Association. Evan resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is married to Aliza Bogner, the Chief Operating Officer at Alison Brod Public Relations in NYC. Evan is heavily involved with his local synagogue, Baby Buggy an organization that clothes underprivileged children, and the UJA’s Fashion and Apparel Division.
  15. Mark McAuliff Company: Bri-Tech, Inc. Website: Twitter: @BriTechInc About Mark: As a child, Mark had always been interested in the process of how all things worked. While growing up, Mark had worked with his 2 brothers Brian and Michael, and together they built a custom electronics business that serves the tristate area known as Bri-Tech, Inc. Mark’s passion is to use technology to simplify the tasks needed for living, to make more time for enjoying life’s pleasures beyond mere living.
  16. Yevgen Borodin Company: CharmTech Labs LLC Website: Twitter: @CaptiVoice @borodiya About Yevgen: Dr. Yevgen Borodin is a Research Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University and the President and CEO of Charmtech Labs LLC, a start-up company he cofounded to eradicate barriers between people and information. Dr. Borodin is the recipient of $4M dollars in federal grants for both academic and industrial research. And he is the co-author of over 40 scientific publications on various aspects of web accessibility, receiving multiple best paper awards and other honors.
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