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MVPs and such

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MVPs and such

  1. 1. My experience with MVPs and such. Matt Shobe • @shobe •
  2. 2. ● Low Fidelity – have you identified a problem customers care about? ● High Fidelity – is the solution on the right path to scale? ● Getting out of the building is the common thread – not any particular technology ● Alternate: “Minimum Value Proposition” ¡Guero! ¿Como se dice “MVP”?
  3. 3. My first MVP: Paper Prototyping (1994) ● Everyone can draw equally poorly ● Stop obsessing over pixels, shades of blue ● Don’t spend engineering £ on code that doesn’t solve problems ● Reflected desktop software realities of the time
  4. 4. My second MVP: ship it, then watch the customer feedback queue (2005) ● Reactive, but progress was based on hard- won experience ● Ties engineering to consequences ● Higher-fidelity (obvs) ● Covers new and existing users (if you would like it to)
  5. 5. My most recent MVP: somewhere in between. (2014)
  6. 6. 1. Understand 2. Diverge 3. Decide 4. Prototype 5. Evaluate
  7. 7. How does the MVP get you to product/market fit? ● Design, Engineering, and PM need to all be on the same bus ● “Measure twice, code once” ● Remember the 10x rule: “Meh” is as good as “start over” ● When people start saying “I will pay you $X to make this pain go away,” you’re getting there
  8. 8. MVP - maker tools ● Flinto for any mobile prototyping fidelity ● Keynote/Omnigraffle for low-fi web ● Various web frameworks for shipping/hi-fi ○ Foundation 5 ○ Bootstrap 3 ○ Meteor
  9. 9. MVP - metrics ● Do they pay? ● Do they sign up? Download your app? ● Do you make a marketplace? Match rate? ● NPS?