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node-crate: node.js and big data

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node-crate: node.js & big data

This presentation provides 'lessons learned' from project implementations with various technologies like Elasticsearch or MongoDB and describes how using Crate data store solved the key issues. The second part introduces CRATE data store and 'node-crate' by examples for development and operation.

About Crate: Crate is a new breed of database to serve today's mammoth data needs. Based on the familiar SQL syntax, Crate combines high availability, resiliency, and scalability in a distributed design that allows you to query mountains of data in realtime, not batches. We solve your data scaling problems and make administration a breeze. Easy to scale, simple to use.

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node-crate: node.js and big data

  1. 1. node-crate: node.js & big data by Stefan Thies
  2. 2. The path is the goal
  3. 3. 2000-2013 Dev Team Lead, Product Management, Sales Engineer since 2013 Consulting / Outsourcing just started … DevOps Evangelist @ follow me @seti321 about me
  4. 4. Product evaluations MarkLogic* MongoDB* Elas1csearch* CouchDB* CRATE* 0* 10* 20* 30* 40* 50* 60* 70* 80* 90* Document)oriented)data)stores)Points)for)product)evalua4on)criterias)of)the)specific)project)(RT,)scalability,)replica4on,))features)and)commercial)) Datenreihe1*
  5. 5. How do I get here? • 2012-2014 Systems with Elasticsearch & • Mobile Apps (Geo) with Appcelerator Titanium • Data enrichment & Webcrawlers (whois, geo, appstores) • Distributed Regex-Processing for CyberSec with 0MQ • Security Layer around Elasticsearch (sails.js) • … we did almost everything in NodeJS
  6. 6. Design criterias • Scalable & lean architecture • Operations: NO Zoo of 3rd party components • We choosed Elasticsearch at that time • Automatic installation, Docker • One Language: JavaScript / Node.js
  7. 7. Security & Admin - Policies, Users, Roles - REST API - Websockets / RT
  8. 8. „data enrichment“ • Hey, we got Elasticsearch - lookup queries for ‚static‘ data sources will be fast! • Distributed processing based on 0MQ (pull/push) - high throughput, parallel processing, distributed worker processes collection Information extraction and processing data lookups Elasticsearch Information extraction and processing data lookups Elasticsearch
  9. 9. any problem? collect mass data Elastic search Analyze & Visualize other data sources Geo Company data Open Source Information massive updates! processing queue / workers Reporting (PDF) Accurate Counts (Facets) -> Aggregation
  10. 10. OPS issues
 alternative ‚any‘ DB (for updates) + ES • It’s a big mess regarding compatibility, maintenance and monitoring all components - each box can be multiple machines, River might not be updated to latest DB or ES version, a bug might force you to upgrade one of the components and there the trouble of dependency starts … • Reporting: custom programming DSL Queries, Rendering HTML with PhantomJS to PDF - painful if you know standard Report generators from SQL world. How to tell the customer to adapt it to his needs? Using some ‚standard‘ DB (SQL or NoSQL) supported by the reporting tools would solve it. DB Vx.x Data-Procssing Services DB-River V y.y Elasticsearch V z.z Search & Analytics V. b.b
  11. 11. Don’t panic google like …
  12. 12. A match at Slideshare! • An early presentation of from Jodok got my attention •
  13. 13. • The Mountain Hackathon 2014 birthday of node-crate
  14. 14. Package status • Igor Likhamanov • Stefan Thies • Martin Heidegger 
 joined recently and made 
 high professional quality 
  15. 15. DevOps: Stack-Shrinking • From 3 down to 1 storage service: DB Vx.x Data- Processing DB-River V y.y Elasticsearch V z.z Search & Analytics V. b.b Crate V a.a Search & Analytics V. b.b Data- Processing
  16. 16. Data Enrichment Performance • Elasticsearch has no „update by query“ • If we need to update e.g. 50.000 records it means running a query to identify the relevant records and send 50.000 HTTP requests for update or build a a large bulk update request with 50.000 instructions -> overhead! -> K.O • In Crate • update something where something_else = ‚other_value’ • ONE command, still a heavy operation because of Lucene delete/index BUT 
 not ’50.000 commands/network roundtrips’ on top …

  17. 17. Data Enrichment - performance collect mass data CRATE data store Analyze & Visualize other data sources Geo … Open Source Information massive updates, no issue :) processing queue / workers Reporting (PDF) using CRATE JDBC
  18. 18. BLOB’s 
 (Images, videos, packet data, …) • Traditionally • Meta-Data in DB + Files in some filesystem / separate object storage • Both behave different for scaling • Crate stores BLOB’s like other shards including replicas • More nodes more capacity, replicas etc. • BLOB storage scales with the data store • Would be perfect for ‚dropbox‘ like service :) or any archived data
  19. 19. Demo: Installation, usage, 
 examples walk through … • (setup) • (node-crate on github) • (sample applications) • (documentation of CRATE.IO)
  20. 20. Simple Example
  21. 21. Import Data (bulk insert) COPY web_log FROM ‚/var/logs/web_log.json‘ 
 WITH (bulk_size=15000, concurrency=2)
  22. 22. create table web_log (ts timestamp, host string, …); Special data types for - IP - Geo Shapes - Objects (dynamic)
  23. 23. insert into web_log (ts,useragent, ..) values (132323, ‚Safari‘, …)
  24. 24. select update
  25. 25. Anything missing? • „Kibana“ • see my blog how to add it (‚officially‘ not supported) • Performance monitoring • see next section …
  26. 26. Using Kibana with Crate
  27. 27. Performance Monitoring
  28. 28. Setup & Run If you can’t measure it you can’t fix it!
  29. 29. Monitoring - Sematext SPM supported Applications + Release status for CRATE/SPM monitor: Prototype pls. call me upon demand NEW
  30. 30. SPM Monitoring
  31. 31. My NPM Modules • node-crate - DB driver for Crate for NodeJS - help for ‚Waterline/sails.js‘ ORM appreciated! We are open for other suggestions, we like sails.js Websocket capability and security features (policies) and would get that ‚for free‘ • winston-crate - logger transport for Crate using node-crate • bro-ids - simple interface to the BRO intrusion detection system (IP Monitoring)
  32. 32. + sematext related work • node-red-contrib-logsene - Node-Red (IoT, MQTT, …) - Logger for Logsene • node-spm - Custom Metrics & Logging API for 
 adapted for NodeJS • spmagent - Performance Monitoring for Node.js • Garbage Collection, Event Loop Monitor, HTTP Metrics, Cluster mode, … • Release: Very Soon! - Feb 2015 - for early access
  33. 33. Dig  Search?   Dig  Analy0cs?   Dig  Big  Data?   Dig  Performance?   Dig  Logging?   Dig  working  with  open  –  source?   We‘re  hiring  planet  -­‐  wide!
  34. 34. Thank you for your attention. 03.03.15 DevOps Frankfurt 
 “Metrics & more …”