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Stephanie Roberts Portfolio

MORE fun Stephanie stuff at and

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Stephanie Roberts Portfolio

  2. 2. EXCUSED CONTENT INTEGRATION •Partnership with eHarmony and their Jazzed dating site •In-show Jazzed Dating Profile integration made Excused the first dating show where viewers could date the joining Jazzed
  4. 4. BRAND INTEGRATION •M&M’s Report •Caress Confidante sweepstakes •Caress Glow Poll •Crest Whitestrips Photo Booth •T-Mobile Insta-Poll •Kohl’s Celebrity Looks for Less •ET Stars of Summer sweepstakes PROMOTIONAL PARTNERSHIPS •Montel on AOL •Maximum Exposure on iFilm •ET on AT&T Yahoo! •instantET on Yahoo! Messenger •ET on Fafarazzi •Rendez-View on Lycos with •ET on MSN
  5. 5. ET NEWSFEED •Syndicated (revenue share) to Entertainment Tonight affiliate TV stations’ websites, CBS Radio stations’ websites, news readers such as MyYahoo and iGoogle, Facebook app, and independent entertainment sites, as a parse-able feed (left, on CBS tv stations) or widget (below). •Real-time RSS news ticker, news alerts, celebrity photo slideshows, and video clips
  6. 6. instantET v1 – Downloadable desktop application delivering news, video, & trivia winner, Promax Gold v2 – Yahoo! Messenger IMV (Instant Message enVironment), Content Tab, and Newsfeed
  7. 7. ETonYahoo! Partnership •Increased Pageviews 629% •Increased Unique Users 427% •Increased Entertainment Universe reach from .03% to 2.5% •Moved revenue needle from zero to hero (several million $$$/year) •Time Magazine’s “50 Coolest Websites”
  8. 8. MOBILE •ETtoGo on V Cast winner, WAVE Award, Favorite Entertainment Reporting •ETtoGo on Sprint •ETtoGo Widget downloadable to social network sites, blogs •Text Insider on-air call-out solicits text feedback from viewers •ET News Alerts
  10. 10. eCommerce shopET
  11. 11. GAMES
  12. 12. BANNERS
  13. 13. ETonline Minisites
  14. 14. Personal Online Brand - obsessive hobbyist A midwestern gal in Los Angeles, obsessing about photography, television, tech, travel, road trips, dogs, anything vintage... Hobbyist by definition. Obsessive by choice. Blog, Website, Pinterest, Flickr, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook Page, SmugMug, Instagram
  15. 15. 20