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Update on traveling roadshow to discuss and develop machine-actionable DMP use cases; DMPRoadmap project; DMPTool now and future

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  1. 1. Making DMPs actionable and public Daniel Mietchen | University of Virginia| Sarah Jones | Digital Curation Centre | Stephanie Simms | California Digital Library | Tomasz Miksa | Technical University of Vienna | CC BY 4.0
  2. 2. FSCI am7-data: Narrative arc of DMP things Machine-actionable DMPs DMPRoadmap project (DMPTool + DMPonline) DMPTool demo Lunch!
  3. 3. Defining machine-actionable DMPs This term refers to information that is structured in a consistent way so that machines, or computers, can be programmed against the structure. Data Documentation Initiative Make Magazine, CC BY 2.0
  4. 4. Stakeholders and benefits Researchers Institutions / Organizations Repositories / Infrastructure Funders Publishers NIH/National Eye Institute. Public Domain
  5. 5. What do we want machine-actionable DMPs to do? They should enable... Discovery Consistency Resource allocation Compliance monitoring Quapan, CC BY 2.0
  6. 6. Planning & administration Create, analyze, manage data Publishing & reuse •  DMP on periphery •  Often done at grant stage and not looked at again •  Opportunities to (re)use information being missed •  Disconnected & unlinked
  7. 7. Persistent identifiers (PIDs) Assign a DOI to DMP of record. Use this to get award details back into a DMP. Leverage other PIDs to populate DMP over time: Researcher IDs (ORCID iDs) Funder IDs (Crossref Funder Registry) Grant IDs Org IDs (working group) Research Resource IDs (RRIDs) antibodies, organisms, cell lines, tools Etc. Also enables compliance monitoring
  8. 8. 47 participants from 16 countries •  Funders •  Developers •  Librarians •  Service providers •  Researchers Understand research workflows Develop use cases Set priorities for future work workshops/postcard-future-tools- and-services-perfect-dmp-world IDCC utopia workshop
  9. 9. White paper Interoperability with research systems Leveraging PIDs Institutional perspective Repository use cases Data discovery & reuse Evaluation & monitoring Disciplinary tailoring Publishing DMPs
  10. 10. RDA P9 in Barcelona DMP Common Standards Exposing DMPs Domain/infrastructure specialty Funder liaison Software management plans
  11. 11. RDA P10 in Montreal (19-21 Sept) Active DMPs & Domain Repos joint session •  New WGs •  Force11 FAIR DMPs •  RDM Protocols •  DMPRoadmap project •  Bio/FAIRsharing •  et al. From Flickr by Wally Gobetz
  12. 12. Next steps: maDMP pilots From Flickr by Allen, CC BY 2.0
  13. 13. DMPRoadmap project Build a single DMP system to: 1.  Harness community development efforts 2.  Create next-generation, machine-actionable DMPs
  14. 14. roadmap/wiki
  15. 15. Bigger team, bigger voice Rasande Tyskar / Flickr CC BY-NC
  16. 16. DMPonline themes Used to tag questions with guidance Mapping to other vocabularies Text mining From Flickr by Steve Johnson, CC BY 2.0
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Public resources
  19. 19. Other public things collection/3/
  20. 20. Funder templates
  21. 21. Create a DMP
  22. 22. Institutional customization CDLUC3/dmptool/wiki/ Help-for-Administrators
  23. 23. Usage stats dmptool/wiki/API
  24. 24. Redefining success Not just creating DMPs that respond to funder requirements But achieving goals of those requirements Alleviating burden and making DMPs a useful exercise for everyone From Flickr by lwp kommunikacio
  25. 25. Summary Think of DMPs as key elements of a networked data management ecosystem: •  connected via a shared vocabulary •  actionable by humans and software •  versioned •  public From Flickr by highwaysengland, CC BY 2.0
  26. 26. #ActiveDMPs Website Twitter Blog GitHub @TheDMPTool CDLUC3/dmptool DMPRoadmap/roadmap