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Hired iv &v continued revised

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Series and Play

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Hired iv &v continued revised

  1. 1. Hired IV continued -Revised Lean- You must have been thinking like me,that I know that God is our all and we must pray and believe too.I trust that God will take care of me and us.Yes because most of us have held on, but we must be real that our family has had lots of pain and heart ache, But even so he is there, Lord he is there. Ella- Here I am modear did you call me? because I was busy with the kids and I will be moving back home, we will be there because we just need to come back home. Blues song (Sister Scene) Alvin (Great Debaters) Ella- I was just calling you mom and here you are we are good and on our way,You know the baby was (born) Kesh and got another girl, (oh)you knew it was a girl ,Ella signs what didyou say? Lane- I already knew it was a girl, I knew before you had her,just like with all the rest of my grandchildren from steph on down, I can tell and its just mother saying are you going to have any more whew (chile). Ella - goodnight Modear, I will talk to you (expressive) Eyes and face. Welll dog gone then.(As the phone hangs up). Bright- Hey Modear what are you doing I just finished talking to Ella and I just finished talking to her too and she is on her way home,yall got room done there, I guess we better prepare for them,I am on my way down there. Lane-Ok we talk when you get here,You are right I'm sure she has her own plans.