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This hair (cute hair)

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this hair

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This hair (cute hair)

  1. 1. This Hair(Cute Hair) You best believe there's nothing like a cute hair do that have you to believe that it is just you and your hair also if you have super powers or something, just a do of you an expression of you , not that you are your hair but all of its many forms natural,straight,curly,short,colored or just warm combed,relaxed,cute cut,tailored,barbared,just all of you for whom ever you are ,This hair will determine how your day goes like maybe even a ponytail day,braid day or a cap day or sometimes just a wild hair day ,biggest of hair days ,or loves of loves days when life has its ups and down days and we must wear wigs are extensions or even some elses hair through it all ,I believe we should just be grateful and live life to the fulliest because we are human ,and should be thankful that God gave us him and every part of our body and gave life.Should I ever worry or fret if I don't have even though I know different.