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NHS Better Health Presentation.pptx

  1. NHS Better Health Presentation
  2. Target Audience Data  I have gathered audience data to gather some feedback on what the people of 16-18 get up to on a regular basis.  The questions in the survey consisted of me asking how often they exercised, how many fizzy drinks they consume and what kind of exercise they do, if any.  I will now show you the survey along with the pie charts.
  3. Target Audience Data
  4. Radio Advertisement
  5. Radio Advertisement  I have chosen to do a radio advertisement for its simplicity and effectiveness to the listener. It is designed to be listened to in a short burst of around 30 seconds to be straight to the point.  The sounds used a copyright free sounds from mixed with sounds that I have created. This is to free my project of copyright or other kinds of problems that my project could be subject to.  The advert has dialogue which I will write and record, this is necessary as a voice persuading the audience will be effective as it is relatable and understandable.
  6. Making the Radio Advertisement • This is the project without the voice lines yet recorded. • It contains the sound of someone walking on the pavement, rainy weather and the sound of someone opening and eating crisps; which is supposed to show that the listener needs to eat something healthier, that advertisement will be much more effective with the dialogue included in this way. • The idea is to stop the teenage and young adult population of the UK to stop eating food such as crisps and other carbs and to instead find a healthier alternative this alternative could something such as a healthy snack bar or a fruit.
  7. Print Advertisement Having a print advertisement alongside the radio advertisement is important as it is two very differentiated ways of reaching the target audience. The demographic of young adults typically listens to music therefore the radio advertisement will reach a good population of the target audience. The print advertisements will also reach a lot of teenagers as the advertisement can be placed around colleges and universities.
  8. Print Advertisement
  9. Print Advertisement Flat plan • I have created a flat plan to show a very rough concept of what my print advertisement is going to look like. • I have analysed the codes and conventions of the NHS advertisements therefore I know that the print advertisement needs to remain very simple and visually clean so that it entices the reader. • My flat plan is inspired by this existing NHS advertisement.
  10. Pitch Feedback  Was my pitch informative on what I am aiming to create?  Did the pitch sell my idea?