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Interfacing pastoral movements and modern mobilities

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By Michele Nori, PASTRES (Pastoralism, Uncertainty, Resilience) project. Given at EUI on 10 April 2019.

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Interfacing pastoral movements and modern mobilities

  1. 1. Interfacing pastoral movements and modern mobilities Michele NORI European University Institute
  2. 2. Outline Ian : theoretical framework • Pastoral mobilities • Interface with other disciplines • TRAmed Project Natasha: rethinking mobility on the ground
  3. 3. Pastoral mobilities looking for greener pastures Different articulations of livestock, land and labor (H&h) • nomadic, • transhumant, • agro-pastoral, • semi-sedentary, etc… Dycothomy with sedentary farming A cultural remnant waiting to disappear
  4. 4. Pastoral transhumance in the Sahel
  5. 5. Pastoral mobilities Shifting through societal transformations • Inverse • Boxed in • Substitutional • Partial • Hired • …
  6. 6. Substitutional herding • Absentee owners • Emigrated pastoralists • Hired shepherds • Remittance
  7. 7. My experience with the TRAMEd project • Immigrant shepherds in EUMed pastoralism Fiorino, a Romanian shepherd active in Triveneto (It). TRAMed
  8. 8. My experience with the TRAMEd project a) History repeating b)Shepherding as a skill for intl. labour market a) Inconsistency btw geo- and social mobilities
  9. 9. Conceptual and methodological challenges similar constituency • Mobile • Crossing borders • Split • Networks • Illegal • Vulnerable • Insecure • Uncertain • Grey • Unofficial
  10. 10. Facing the challenges of mobility could we learn from Migration Studies ? Mechanical Fluidity Structure, Policies Agency Origin and destination Navigating, translocations Push and pull Networks Shifting paradigms