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  1. 1. By: Stephen Brandenburg
  2. 2.  Ballistics and or Rifling is the science that deals with the motion of projectiles such as bullets, shells, rockets, and aerial bombs. It is important to police officers who investigate crimes involving shootings in order to match the gun to the bullet.  It is also important to artillerymen, naval gunnery officers, and to engineers who design firearms, missiles, bombsights, and fire-control systems.
  3. 3.  Interior Ballistics Exterior Ballistics Terminal Ballistics
  4. 4.  This is the marking that is left on the bullets or projectile. All guns leave a unique spiral scratch or marking on the bullet as it fires. Police use this as a way to link bullet casings to the gun that fired it
  5. 5.  The exterior ballistics are any factors that will effect the bullet while in flight  Wind  Gravity  Air resistance  Drift Even the temperature and air density play a factorSpecialized bullets are used to reduce these factors such as different weights and sizes as well as groves put into the bullet or the shape of the bullet
  6. 6.  The study of terminal ballistics is the study of how a projectile behaves after it hits the target The studies of this are done to help defend against enemy attacks, and to prove the efficiency of a weapon The most common test for this is the use of ballistic gel
  7. 7. This gel is specially formulated to simulatehuman body density, this is used to test anddemonstrate how a persons body will react to aBullets impact, and how much damage a bullet will do toa person’s body
  8. 8.  Using Ballistics in court can be used on both sides of the argument  The defense can use it to prove that the bullet fired was not linked to a defendants gun  It can also link the criminal to the crime and prove that he/she was at the crime scene and fired the shotFingerprints on shell casings is the best way to link a bullet person who fired it but it is not always accurate.