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How I Repeatedly Broke my WordPress Site - and How I Cleaned-up the Mess

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How my site evolved, from simple, hand-coded web pages to a blog on WordPress with a static front page. Emphasis on the importance of responsive sites and SEO-friendly permalinks.

Presented at WordCamp Seattle 2017.

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How I Repeatedly Broke my WordPress Site - and How I Cleaned-up the Mess

  1. 1. How I Repeatedly Broke my WordPress Site – and How I Cleaned-upThe Mess by Steve Case, AKA @JoeBugBuster © 2001-2017 - Steve Case
  2. 2. About Me HTML tinker since 2001 Micro-blogger since 2008 WordPress user since 2012 Attended my first SeattleWordPress Meetup the same year First attended WordCamp in 2013 My site is still a work in progress
  3. 3. What are youTryingTo Accomplish? ...Had to remind myself the same thing I sometimes remind clients As StephenCovey put it: Begin with the end in mind
  4. 4. Permalinks Real life examples w-tech-advertising-works/ steve-case/
  5. 5. Broken Social
  6. 6. Broken Hosting •My hosting company was the weakest link •Good at fixing what broke, but they broke it •They didn’t understand WordPress very well •Couldn’t move the site to the root
  7. 7. TheWordPress Community Rocks! WP Engine to the Rescue – twice “I have made some changes that we typically do not support, but since your site was live with broken content, I felt it was the right thing to make these changes as quickly as possible.” -WP EngineTech Support
  8. 8. What about JoeBugBuster? •Calls for a second domain •Built an ugly site with the domain company’s site builder •A better way…
  9. 9. Lessons Learned Think “What are you trying to accomplish” before you configure the site, or even pick a domain. Consider SEO and permalinks. Use a host that “gets”WordPress. If it's a personal blog, you can treat the hiccups as a learning experience. If it's your business, think harder when you make choices.
  10. 10. Resources •WordPress Meetups • •If you’re onTwitter, check-out #BlogChat Sundays at 6 PM Pacific • web-site/
  11. 11. WhereYou Can Find Me •@JoeBugBuster •(Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat…) • • (with or without /blog)