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Office Delve for Office 365 Administrators

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Explore Office Delve for Office 365 from an administrator's point of view and find out how it can become a catalyst for collaboration and efficiency in the cloud. Learn how Delve will help the members of your organization by pushing out relevant information, connecting them to co-workers, helping them share expertise, and helping everyone to work more efficiently as individuals and teams. This course covers how to get Delve in your Office 365 environment and how to make sure you are getting the latest updates first. We'll cover how to control access to Office Graph and how Office Graph gathers and sorts information from SharePoint and other sources, how to introduce Delve to your organization, troubleshooting Delve, how to leverage Delve from SharePoint People Search, and how to add custom properties to the Delve home page.

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Office Delve for Office 365 Administrators

  1. 1. 2 Office Delve for Admins
  2. 2. 3 Welcome to SharePoint Saturday Houston • Please turn off all electronic devices or set them to vibrate. • If you must take a phone call, please do so in the hall so as not to disturb others. • Special thanks to our Diamond Sponsor, HSPUG Thank you for being a part of the 7th Annual SharePoint Saturday for the greater Houston area!
  3. 3. 4 Thanks to all our Sponsors!
  4. 4. 5 Information • Speaker presentation slides should be available from the SPSHOU website within a week or so • The Houston SharePoint User Group will be having it’s next meeting Wednesday April 20th. Please join us at
  5. 5. Steve Stewart Accudata Systems, Inc. 7906 North Sam Houston Pkwy W | Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77064 Direct: 281.897.6394 | Fax: 281.897.5001 @SharePointFly
  6. 6. Services Accudata Systems Offers • Advisory Services • Data Center Infrastructure • Security and Mobility • Managed Services • Enterprise Applications • Network • Unified Communications • Assessment & Compliance
  7. 7. Houston Business Journal Accudata was at the top of the Houston Business Journal’s annual rankings (Oct. 16, 2015) of the area’s top IT firms for the seventh consecutive year. This year Accudata Systems ranked:  #1 among Houston’s top computer network and systems integrators  #1 cybersecurity provider  #3 cloud services provider  Here’s the full press release
  8. 8. Office Locations  Houston (Corporate Headquarters) 7906 N. Sam Houston Parkway West, Suite 300 Houston, TX 77064  Phone: 281.897.5000  Toll Free: 800.246.4908  Fax: 281.897.5001  Dallas 1649 W. Frankford Road Suite 1060 Carrollton, TX 75007  Phone: 972.428.0700  Toll Free: 800.246.4908  Fax: 972.428.0710  Central Texas  Toll Free: 800.246.4908
  9. 9. The World We Live In  We’re all used to searching for what we need  We might have very “efficient” ways of doing this  It’s a challenge for most of us to keep track of our data
  10. 10. File Shares, Folders, Sub-Folders, Drilling Down, Site Collections, Sites, Libraries, Document Sets, Lists …
  11. 11. E-mail, Attachments, More Folders, Shared Folders, .pst
  12. 12. Data Everywhere!  SharePoint and OneDrive for Business  Metadata  Views  More Folders (let’s be real)  Search  Synced Libraries  Favorites  Web Surfing  Google, Bing  Wiki  Favorites  Bookmarks  Social Media  Yammer  Facebook  Skype  Twitter  Etc.,, etc.., etc.!
  13. 13. Delve Brings Your Content to You!  Delivers most relevant content  It helps you find what you need now based on WHAT you are working on and WHO you are working with  “Learns” as you and your colleagues work together  Delve gets more relevant the more you use it  Provides a window into all your “Stuff”  Gets better all the time as more and more is included in the Delve interface.
  14. 14. DELVE DEMO
  15. 15. DELVE ANALYTICS VIDEO (2:55)
  16. 16. Built on Office Graph  Content and Signals across O365 help auto- populate data for your team  Utilizes machine learning to get more relevant over time  Content comes from different “Edges”  New edges added all the time  If it’s not there now, it may be added soon
  17. 17. Where Does Content Come From? Edges.  Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), PDFs, OneNote sections, content from SharePoint Sites (for example tasks and pages), images (for example jpg and png files), and more  Documents/content stored on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint sites
  18. 18. Where Does Content Come From? Edges.  Email attachments  Office Documents that have been recently shared with you through email  Only works if you are using O365 email and only shows a selection of attachments  RMS attachments excluded  Can’t search for attachments or add them to boards
  19. 19. Where Does Content Come From? Edges  Videos  When uploaded to the Office 365 Video Portal  Links to web pages from Yammer groups  Web page can show up as a content card (FRP only)
  20. 20. What do you need to get Delve?  Office 365 Enterprise (E1, E3, E4, E5)  Office 365 Education (E1, E3 and E4)  Office 365 Government (E1, E3 and E4)  Office 365 Business Essentials  Office 365 Business Premium  Hybrid farm  Not available for SharePoint on premise farms or SharePoint online stand alone farms
  21. 21. What do you need to get Delve?  SharePoint Online Service  Assign SharePoint Online license to users  OneDrive for Business  Access to Office Graph  Exchange Online – allows email attachments to show up in Delve
  22. 22. What do you need to get Delve?  Skype for Business – allows users to make Skype calls directly from Delve  Yammer (FRP only)  Posts to groups and web links show up as content cards  Post documents from Delve to Yammer  Start and view conversations
  23. 23. Browser Support  Internet Explorer  Firefox  Chrome  Safari Conforms to Office 365 general requirements.
  24. 24. Enable Office Graph
  25. 25. Enable Office Graph Access Delve is an application powered by Office Graph. If Office Graph access is not allowed then Delve will not be available to users. Office Graph access is enabled by default on new O365 tenants.
  26. 26. Enable Office Graph Access  Office Graph access can be enabled or disabled from the Admin Center. 1. Sign in to Office 365. 2. Go to the Admin Center and then go to SharePoint administration. 3. Choose Settings. 4. Under Office Graph, select one of the following:  Allow access to the Office Graph  Don’t allow access to the Office Graph
  27. 27. Enable FRP
  28. 28. First Release Program  Receive new features and functionality a minimum of two weeks before the standard release  Can designate all users or a sub-group for FRP  After activation, it may take several days to build meaningful Delve profiles. Allow at least a week after activation for users to have optimum Delve experience
  29. 29. Be first to get new Delve features  Opt in to the First Release Program 1. Sign in to Office 365 2. Go to the Office 365 admin center. 3. Go to Service settings > Updates. 4. Under first release, choose Entire organization or Select people.
  30. 30. Considerations for FRP testing  Understanding changes and new functionality is essential if you want everyday users to embrace the technology  Make sure to communicate what is coming in a non-threating way  Communicate frequently  Lay out a road map of what is on the horizon
  31. 31. Announce Delve Use the Microsoft “Welcome to Office Delve” template to announce the new feature to the entire company or create your own.
  32. 32. Go Mobile  Let everyone know where to get Delve for their iPhone or Android
  33. 33. Core Group  Select a core group for FRP testing  Make sure to include non-technical people as well as technical users
  34. 34. Eat your own dog food, right? Use SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Delve and the other integrated tools to communicate issues and share discoveries Be ready to pass on what you learn to the rest of the team – communication is essential.
  35. 35. Introducing Delve to your organization  Make sure your users have access to the most important components!
  36. 36. Be the Champion  Talk up Delve every chance you get  Be at the front of the fight  Inspire others to follow you and take up your banner
  37. 37. Helping Users Understand Delve  Provide your people with resources  Use your FRP group as a brain trust.  Blogs  How to  Training  Make it fun, but emphasize value  Encourage colleagues  Get top-level buy in  Use Delve!
  38. 38. Feature Availability: Standard vs. First Release Program Feature Description Standard FRP Links to webpages from Yammer groups When a link to a webpage is posted in a public group on Yammer, the webpage can show up as a content card in Delve. No Yes Post to Yammer By clicking the Yammer icon on a content card, a user can post a document to a Yammer group and notify specific people. Users can also add comments or view existing conversations. No Yes Praise The option to recognize colleagues with Praise on their Profile in Delve has been removed from First Release, and is currently not available. No No Padlock for private documents Your private documents are marked with a padlock and the text Only you can see this. No Gradually introduced
  39. 39. Office 365 Roadmap
  40. 40. Why You Can Trust Delve  Delve never changes permissions!  Private documents are only viewable by the owner and they are marked with a padlock  You can check who has access by clicking “Who Can See This”  The owner can always STOP sharing a document
  41. 41. Boards Everyone can see boards Anyone can add or remove documents from a board Documents added to boards can only be seen by people with permission
  42. 42. Views and Modifications Only you can see the documents you’ve viewed Everyone who has permission to see a document can see if you have modified it
  43. 43. Can I Turn Off Delve???  No, not if your organization has enabled it. But, you can choose not to share documents 1. In Delve, got to settings 2. Go to feature settings and select Off for Documents in Delve 3. Click OK to save.
  44. 44. How to Hide Content from Delve  Yes! You can hide content from Delve  Delve observes permissions, but you can hide documents in addition  Create the column and add it to libraries where you want to hide content or add it to a content type  It does not hide documents already indexed by search until the next crawl HideFromDelve Yes/no column Set default value to “no”
  45. 45. Graph Query Language (GQL)  Graphic Query Language (GQL) is a language under development  Designed to be used with the SharePoint Online Search REST API to pull information from Microsoft Office Graph  Here’s a great reference page:  with-search-rest-api
  46. 46. Office Graph Search and Query • Office Graph represents relationships among enterprise objects as edges • Each edge in the Office Graph has a source node and a target node. The source node is called the actor and the target node is called the object. • Query the Office Graph using the SharePoint Search Online REST API
  47. 47. Example of Pulling Info Using REST and GQL '*'&Prope rties='GraphQuery:ACTOR(ME)‘
  48. 48. Troubleshooting Delve Issue What to do Incorrect colleagues in Delve • Make sure Azure AD or on premise AD is in sync • In academic organizations users must log in at least once Users don’t see their picture They must add a picture to profile Users still see documents from users who have turned off document sharing in Delve Shared documents are still visible if user has permission. It will also show in search No picture shows in content card Delve pulls the picture from the document, if there is not a picture, it will show text
  49. 49. Troubleshooting Delve Issue What to do Little or no content in Delve • Users must store content where Delve can find it. • Users must actively work with documents and users • Make sure document sharing is not turned off Cannot find specific item in Delve • Make sure that the content type is supported., Delve currently supports PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and videos that have been uploaded to Office 365 Video. • It can take up to 24 hours for new documents to show up in Delve. HideFromDelve is not working • Wait for next search crawl • Request re-indexing of library
  50. 50. Stay Here to Learn More Microsoft Graph Deep-Dive Level 300 Sebastien Levart
  51. 51. Questions
  52. 52. 62 Please Leave Feedback During Q&A • Survey Link: