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Boise is the Best Base Camp in America

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My talk to Ignite the Change on Earth Day 2015, sponsored by the Tree club at Timberline High School in Boise, Idaho.

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Boise is the Best Base Camp in America

  2. 2. I FEEL LUCKY TO LIVE IN THE MOUNTAINS  I was born and raised in Minnesota.  The Allure of Skiing in the Mountains is what brought me to the Rocky Mountain West  I got a journalism degree from the University of Montana  I landed a job as an environmental reporter and I wanted to Save the World
  3. 3. MAXIMIZE ON YOUR FREE TIME  I had a HUGE passion for everything outdoors. I still do!  On any free day, I wanted to go biking, kayaking, rafting, backpacking, camping, you name it!  I’d mark the calendar to keep track of how many days I skied, went rafting, camping, backpacking, etc.  And brag to my friends about it! Entice them to go with me!
  5. 5. SPRING IS A TIME WHEN WE FLOCK TO OUR LOCAL PARKS  Local parks are a treasure in our communities – Boise has 110 parks!  A place for rest and relaxation close to home  Pools and playgrounds for kids  Ball fields for soccer, la crosse, baseball and softball  Open space for dogs and frisbee golf
  7. 7. BOISE FOOTHILLS – A HUGE PLAYGROUND  The Boise Foothills are a vast open space reserve … From the top of Bogus Basin to the Boise River.  It’s called the Ridge to Rivers Trail System  135+ miles of hiking, running and biking trails. Easy access!  Start with lower loops and work up to big loops
  8. 8. EAGLE FOOTHILLS  The City of Eagle and mountain bike volunteers have been instrumental in building the Eagle Bike Park.  The Bike Park has a number of gap jumps for riders who like to catch BIG AIR, a dual slalom course and a pump track for kids.  It’s a great place for kids to build their mountain biking skills close to Home.  Lots of singletrack trails too …
  9. 9. WHITEWATER BOATING IN SW IDAHO – LEGENDARY!  The Payette River – North Fork, South Fork, Main Fork and Middle Fork – Great learning river …  Boise River for the masses  It’s a thrill to run big rapids and survive! Surf the holes!  You become an adrenaline junkie!
  10. 10. WHITEWATER BOATING OR SURFING IN BOISE  Boise River Park  Best for kayaking and surfing  Wave-shaping technology makes the play wave fun at different water levels  Allows boaters to play and build skills close to home
  11. 11. WILDERNESS WHITEWATER VACATIONS - WORLD CLASS  Middle Fork Salmon River  Salmon River  Selway River  Hells Canyon  Dream vacation for families and friends  My kids can’t even remember all the Salmon River trips they’ve done …
  12. 12. HIKING AND BACKPACKING – WORLD CLASS  Sawtooths and White Clouds near Stanley  Payette National Forest – McCall  Hundreds of high- mountain lakes for camping and fishing  Awesome scenery
  13. 13. WINTER ACTIVITIES  Bogus Basin – Solid local hill  Brundage Mountain and Tamarack in Valley County  World-famous Sun Valley  Tubing hills  Parks and Pipes
  14. 14. WINTER ACTIVITIES  Idaho City Park n’ Ski Areas & Yurts  1.5 hours from Boise  50+ miles of xc ski and snowshoe trails  6 backcountry yurts available for rent  Reasonably priced  Accessible for all abilities
  15. 15. BOISE ROCKS!  It’s no wonder Outside magazine named Boise its No. 1 "Dream Town"  We’re consistently in the top 10 of Forbes lists as a GREAT place to work, live and play  But someone has to show people how to tap into all of these wonderful resources …
  16. 16. MY OUTDOOR BOOKS AND MAPS SHOW PEOPLE WHERE TO GO AND HOW TO GET THERE … •First guidebook published in 1992 •Many editions published since … •Tens of thousands of people have bought my books over the years …
  17. 17. CONSERVATION – GIVING BACK  As an outdoor leader, I felt some responsibility to give back …  Founding president of SWIMBA in 1992.  We worked on trail maintenance and building new trails in the foothills and beyond …  Worked on trail etiquette …  In partnership with REI, we got hundreds of people involved …
  18. 18. CONSERVATION – GIVING BACK  My proudest achievement: $10M open space levy to buy more land in the foothills, protect wildlife habitat and create more trails.  We kicked butt – Big grass-roots campaign … Door-to-door, I gave a million speeches to groups, engaged school kids …  Since then, 11,000 acres of land have been protected; $12 million positive economic impact for the city of Boise
  19. 19. OBESITY AND VIDEO GAMES  Locally, there are still many people in Boise who don’t get outside very often, if ever …  One in three children or 30% in Idaho are overweight or obese.  Our kids are spending too much time in front of the TV or the computer, playing video games or using electronics …  We need to get our kids OUTSIDE and let them be KIDS!
  20. 20. SPENDING TIME OUTSIDE IS GOOD FOR YOU  It’s uplifting – it’s inspiring – it’s fun!  What if you carved out time to play outdoors every week? Benefits?  Vitamin D from sunshine  Strenthens your heart  Tones your muscles  Burns calories  Improves focus  Refreshes the soul  Wonderful feeling of freedom
  21. 21. NATURE’S GIFT  So, in my opinion, We have the best base camp in America! It’s all easy to access! No excuses!  It’s a GIFT from NATURE that we all can enjoy …  Take your kids!  Introduce your friends to your favorite places!  And remember to GIVE BACK!