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ROI of Social Media - Marketing Process Diagram

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Marketing Process Diagram - one of the components from the ROI of Social Media, designed to take marketers to the next level in measurable marketing in traditional and social media

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ROI of Social Media - Marketing Process Diagram

  1. 1. The ROI of Social Media: How to improve the return on your social marketing investment<br />Marketing Process Diagram<br />1<br />
  2. 2. The Marketing Process Diagram<br />2<br />The marketing process diagram helps marketers to build processes from which they can learn how to build great strategies, develop tactics supporting those strategies, measure their success, calculate their value to the organization based on what matters - ROI - and then improve their marketing actions to drive more value for the company.<br />
  3. 3. The Marketing Process Diagram<br />The marketing process diagram helps marketers in four ways:<br />What are the short & long term benefits from social media?<br />Through continuous improvement a structured marketing process can lead to quantifiable short & long term benefits, especially in the highly dynamic social marketing arena<br />How to justify it to the rest of the company?<br />With ROI as a key component, marketers can use success metrics based on what is important to the company – ROI. This will help the company to understand how this oft misunderstand function delivers quantifiable results and allows marketers to justify their budgets<br />What is the synergy of traditional and social media?<br />Because traditional and social media are highly dynamic and lend themselves to a fully integrated approach in order to reap the highest synergistic value, marketers must make certain they holistically consider all aspects of their traditional and social media investments.<br />What if we wanted to double spending; halve the spend?<br />Because the process diagram provides actionable insights on marketing strategy, tactics and success, the company can gauge the impact varying levels of investment will have on corporate success<br />3<br />
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