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Content Marketing Tactics for Targeting Millennials

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Content marketing tips and tactics for creating content that millennials will connect with.

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Content Marketing Tactics for Targeting Millennials

  1. 1. Content Marketing Tactics for Targeting Millennials
  2. 2. In the case of millennials content marketing expectations are high Flickr CC: @10ch Providing the public with creative content is growing in importance
  3. 3. This generation is looking for something to connect with and relate to Flickr CC: @wwwcuate1968
  4. 4. So what is the best way to relate to these consumers? Flickr CC: @Yasmeen
  5. 5. Here are 3 content tactics that may prove useful in getting millennials interested in your content!Flickr CC: @uomouranio
  6. 6. 1. Make it culturally relatable Flickr CC: @jpar4s
  7. 7. When tailoring content to a millennial audience it is important to factor in their age, location, and cultural interests Flickr CC: @cuttlefish
  8. 8. It is important for it to be genuine and make your brand more human and relatable Flickr CC: @DamonStyer
  9. 9. Focus on quick, informative, and targeted content to relate to this generation Flickr CC: @emiliokuffer Millennials have high content expectations with low patience levels
  10. 10. 2. Make it original Flickr CC: @jesusbelzunce
  11. 11. Millennials want to stay informed, discover what they didn’t know before, and get a sense of escapeFlickr CC: @rkphotos
  12. 12. After being bombarded with over 5,000 marketing messages a day, we have cultivated the ability to bypass unoriginal content Flickr CC: @jypsygen
  13. 13. Through creation of unique content you can capture the millennial audience and construct a lasting brand reputation Flickr CC: @bigtallguy
  14. 14. 3. Make it visually appealing Flickr CC: @deathtogutenberg
  15. 15. Millennials rarely want to interact with an advertisement If logos and call to actions cover your content, consider it ignored Flickr CC: @piratechickan
  16. 16. However if it’s visually pleasing it has been shown to draw in the millennial crowd This generation is conditioned to pass by “salesy” content Flickr CC: @anonymouscollective
  17. 17. Visual content allows millennials to absorb key information quickly Flickr CC: @lsaxbaldphotography
  18. 18. Whether it’s a video or image, millennials want something that delivers actual value, not just your sales pitch Flickr CC: @jakerust
  19. 19. Informative and creative content can make or break how your brand relates to this audience Flickr CC: @Jonathan
  20. 20. Focus on what you are presenting, and make sure it aligns with their beliefs, interactions and behaviors!Flickr CC: @ihtatho
  21. 21. Tap into the millennials desire for discovery Don’t give them any reason to ignore your content marketing! Flickr CC: @orangegreenblue
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