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The evolution and future of learning portals

E- Learning and learning portals were introduced with an intention of giving a flip to the learning needs of people who had very less time in their busy schedule to attend regular conventional classes.

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The evolution and future of learning portals

  1. 1. E- Learning and learning portals were introduced with an intention of givinga flip to the learning needs of people who had very less time in their busyschedule to attend regular conventional classes. This was a really good ideafor people who didn’t want to pick their bag and go to a formal school collegeor university either due to the time constraint or due to the stigma attachedwith attending a regular educational institution at a ripe age.With time and technological advances people began to wake up to thevarious advantages that were offered by these learning portals even to peoplewho have been attending conventional classes. Knowledge and informationaccess has been improvised with time in the past few years. Getting the rightinformation from the right source to the target audience still remains achallenge even in this highly sophisticated ultra modern technology ladenera. This is where learning portals like Knowpronto have been makingwidening the gap between people who are seeking knowledge andinformation and people who already have expertise in their subject area.
  2. 2. Think of the days when learners had to browse through hefty manuscripts to getdetailed information about a particular topic. Then people started using theinternet and had to browse numerous websites to quench their thirst for theknowledge and data that they were looking for. This practice was good enough ifyou had a lot of time and energy to spare. In this fast paced economy time is onething that is scarce for people who really need to climb up the success ladder veryless time. Learning Portals are the best bet for such people.While browsing these learning portals powered by the techniques of E-learningone is bound to come across websites that offer their clients 24x7 support, aspecific Turn around Time and Experts at their disposal to ask any questions andget answers to any of their problems. This specific evolution in the learningscenario has changed the overall output that learners can generate in a very lesstime. An individual need to go to different websites and sift through voluminousdata. Just ask a question and get your answer in the Turn around Time that hasbeen specified to you. Makes sense as you are paying for the informationauthentic information that you are getting from industry experts.
  3. 3. There may soon be a situation on the Web where reputed physicaleducational portals may subscribe to these learning portals and act asfacilitators so that students enrolled with them have a better understandingof the subjects and topics that are being taught to them. Online tutors willbe able to reach more and more individuals in their pursuit to share theirknowledge and experience they have gained over the years. In short thefuture impact of learning portals is going to have a profound effect onindividual learners. Online educational portals are here to stay and giveworth for the money being invested in them by learners.To understand more info on E – Learning or what is e-learning, how learningportals operate, the main advantages of an education portal, how to usestudent portal, or to ask questions and get answers from online teachers,visit – http://www.knowpronto.comArticle Source :-