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  1. 1.
  2. 2. The Process• The Second Continental Congress• The Committee of Five• The Congress• Committee of the Whole• The Congress
  4. 4. England vs. Frence 1754–1763
  5. 5. • Parliaments places Sugar Act a tax on sugar • Colonies can Trade export their monopoly products to only Great BritainKing George III • a tax on all printedof the United Kingdom material, such as Stamp Act newspapers and playing cards.
  6. 6. “No taxation WithoutRepresentation.” rule
  7. 7. Formal protest
  8. 8. Informal protest
  9. 9. Thomas Jefferson(right), Benjamin Franklin(left), and John Adams(center) meet at Jeffersonslodgings, on the corner ofSeventh and High (Market)streets in Philadelphia, toreview a draft of theDeclaration of Independence
  10. 10. John Adams (Editor) hadwritten to his wife Abigail
  11. 11. Declaration Of Independence, Constitution Of The United States Of America, Bill Of Rights And Constitutional Amendments by Benjamin Franklin
  12. 12. • A British-made film about the War of Independence was never likely to succeed with American audiences, but the box-office failure of this expensive, high-profile film did not necessarily stem from nationalistic prejudice. Revolution is surprisingly even-handed. True, the American patriots are portrayed as excitable rabble, but the sadistic British are hardly the heroes of the film.
  13. 13. Questions:What does it means?
  14. 14. Reference:•••••••••••••