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#SciChallenge2017 Internet

This presentation talks about the Internet. It also talks about how it useful and has some basic facts.

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#SciChallenge2017 Internet

  1. 1. Internet By Constantinos Papadamou, Stylianos Papamichael and Panayiotis Panayiotou
  2. 2. #SciChallenge2017 This presentation is about the Internet. Please sit back and enjoy our presentation!JJJ
  3. 3. Facts about the Browser • The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide. • Internet contains of several websites which differ in their main idea. Some websites are educational and some others are there to entertain you.
  4. 4. Who invented the Internet? (The idea) A single person did not create the Internet that we know and use today. The idea of the Internet is credited to Leonard Kleinrock after he published his first paper entitled “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets” on May 31, 1961.
  5. 5. Who invented the Internet? (Initial creation) The Internet as we know it today, started being developed in the 1960’s in California in the United States. A meeting was held in the Stanford Research Institute from the Network Working Group (today known as Internet Network Working Group) in 1968 and they discussed solving issues related to getting hosts to communicate with each other.
  6. 6. Internet Growth Trends • 1977: 111 hosts on Internet • 1981: 213 hosts • 1983: 562 hosts • 1984: 1,000 hosts • 1986: 5,000 hosts • 1987: 10,000 hosts • 1989: 100,000 hosts • 1992: 1,000,000 hosts • 2001: 150-175 million hosts • 2002: over 200 million hosts • Today: More than 95% of the planet uses internet
  7. 7. Websites • YouTube is a website/application which was created in 2005. It requires internet to work. It entertains you through videos which are made by millions of people. • Wikipedia is one of the most popular informational websites. It was created in 2001. You can find it on the internet. It has over 40 million articles in 293 languages.
  8. 8. GPS If you have internet, you can also search for directions wherever you are and want to go. It was launched in 1995. If you are lost in the streets, open your GPS (Global Positioning System) on your device and find the directions to your destination. GPS shows your location on the earth, with the help of satellites.
  9. 9. Social Media (Facebook) Facebook is a worldwide social and communicative website/application which was launched in 2004. Facebook has over 1.59 billion users worldwide. Some features that Facebook has are to “like” a photo, comment on a photo and “follow” another user that you like. When ever you enter your Facebook account and someone uploads a photo , you will get a notification.
  10. 10. Social Media (Instagram) Instagram is another famous and popular social media communicative application . It was launched in 2010. It also requires internet to work. It has over 500 million active monthly users. You can share photos with people that “follow” you. Also, you can chat with other people using text messages.
  11. 11. Social Media (Twitter) Twitter is an application which you can post “tweets” which are restricted to 140 characters (the things you write and then you post them), share pictures and videos. Registered users can post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them. It was launched in 2006. 319 million users use twitter monthly.
  12. 12. Social Media (Other) Some other social media are: • Viber, created in 2010, with 500 million users • Snapchat, created in 2011, with 150 million users • Whatsapp, created in 2010, with 500 million users
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention!!!JJJ

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#SciChallenge2017 This presentation talks about the Internet. It also talks about how it useful and has some basic facts.


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