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Lightyear Wireless

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Millions of people are now beginning to see the power and importance of owning their own business. Unfortunately, most of them don't feel as if they have any realistic options for getting started. Finally, here's a home business that makes sense! The key issue becomes how to make an educated decision as to whether this is the right business for you. Our system will walk you through identifying the 5 key elements to making that crucial decision:

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Lightyear Wireless

  1. 1. The ProblemThe economy isn’t improving… -Millions of people are being laid off -Millions more are losing their homes to foreclosure -Credit card debt is at an all time high People Need a Solution! 1. People are looking to save money 2. People are looking to make moneyLightyear offers them the ability to do both!
  2. 2. The SolutionOur Mission is Simple: To help people SAVE money by eliminating their wireless bills and to help people MAKE money by teaching others to do the same!
  3. 3. How We’re Different Customers YOU
  4. 4. How We’re DifferentThe goal of our opportunity is to create the most LOYAL customer base in the industry!Why am I a loyal customer? 1. I am receiving the same high quality service! 2. I get PAID from my service each month! 3. I get PAID from OTHER people’s service too! 4. I have the ability to earn FREE wireless service!Refer 3 other people to our service and yours is FREE! Forever! You’re going to use it anyway! You might as well get itFREE and make some MONEY helping others do that too!
  5. 5. The Company Lightyear Wireless… Launched July 29th, 2008 Backed by a 17 year old Telecom Company Global Headquarters Publicly Traded (OTC: LYNS) Louisville, Kentucky 80,000 sq. ft. world headquarters Multi-million dollar data/billing system 100’s of employees Parent Company Ranked #19 on Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau Sherm Henderson Ron Mattingly CEO Dir. of Sales & Training Ranked “Top 25” 10 years of experience inin the telecom industry the Direct Sales Industry Channel Executive of the year in 2009
  6. 6. The Timing The Timing Couldn’t Be Better! $210 Billion Dollar IndustryLightyear launched into wireless in 2008 UNLIMITED POTENTIAL!
  7. 7. Why Wireless? We’re Moving to a Wireless Communications Society… 98%+ in U.S. has wireless – up from 35% in 2004 There are over 4 BILLION cell phones in the worldWireless Users Nationwide Wireless phones outnumber personal computers Wireless phones now outnumber land lines 35% of U.S. homes do not have a land line phone 60% of U.S. ages 19 to 29 do not have a land line Unconsciously purchased & habitually used! Now you can profit from this industry in your own business!
  8. 8. The Product Top Quality Phones: Blackberry HTC Motorola Samsung LG Sanyo And more!
  9. 9. The Product How do we compare? AT&T VERIZONCost/Month $60 $130 $132Unlimited Calling YES YES YES Unlimited Text YES YES YES Unlimited Data YES YES YES Data Cap NO YES (5G) YES (5G)Contract Required NO YES (2yr) YES (2yr) Nationwide 3G Network YES YES YES
  10. 10. The Product
  11. 11. The CompensationLightyear’s Compensation Plan Offers 3 Basic Ways to Earn IncomeImmediate Bonus IncomeMonthly Residual IncomePromotional IncentivesWhatever your financial goals are Lightyear gives you an incredible compensation plan to reach those goals!
  12. 12. The CompensationYour Initial Goal: Get a Good Return on Start-up Costs!Fee to Start Your Lightyear Business… $299 One-time Fee There is also a one-time $25 web system activation fee So how do you get a good return?
  13. 13. The Compensation You Earn Bonus Income Two Ways: 1. You gather a small handful of customers 2. You teach others to do the same By doing this YOU earn FREE wireless service and YOUcreate a business that allows you to earn passive income! It’s a “NO-BRAINER!”
  14. 14. The Compensation Immediate Bonus IncomeCustomer Activation Bonuses Wireless Customer Bonus: -Earn $25 for each wireless customer you activate! Customer Loyalty Bonus: -Earn a $200 bonus for activating 3* Lightyear $59.99 customers in your first 30 days! (*3 customers must be outside of the rep’s home) (Get 3 bonus is paid 90 days after customers are activated – only if customers are still active!)Example: 3 Wireless customers = $75 There is no limit to the “Get 3 in 30 days” = $200 number of customers you can gather! Total: = $275
  15. 15. The Compensation Immediate Bonus Income Get off to a Fast Start in your business by helping other people start their own Lightyear Wireless Business! Earn $100 for each Representative youenroll when they activate their business! $100 $100 Earn an additional $200 if they each +$200 $100 +$200 $300 +$200 activate 3 $59.99 wireless personal $300 customers in their first 30 days! $3003 Personal Wireless customers = $75 + Your Wireless is“Customer Loyalty Bonus” = $200Help 3 Representatives do the same = $900 FREE!Total: = $1,175
  16. 16. The Compensation Immediate Bonus Income Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CABs) (paid on all SM’s that enter your team) Get paid weekly bonuses to help others! PD $295 to $495 SVP $250 to $450 up to $195 Main Starting VP Position $200 to $400 up to $150 RM $150 to $350 up to $100 SM $100 to $300 up to $50 + 10% Matching Bonus on 1st 3 Enrolled Reps $100 Per SM you enroll! Bonuses are paid to UNLIMITED generations!Optional Starting Position of Manager – Pays $20 to $45 per Manager Enrolled
  17. 17. The Compensation Monthly Residual Income up to 10% This is how simple it can be… from personal customers If you refer 3 = Your Service is FREE! If those 3 refer 3 = 9 team members If those 9 refer 3 = 27 team members If those 27 refer 3 = 81 team members 1% to 4% If those 81 refer 3 = 243 team members from your team’s customers If those 243 refer 3 = 729 team members 700 5 $60 4% $8,400*This is just an example. Results will vary depending effort and consistency in your business! If you do nothing you make nothing!
  18. 18. The CompensationPromotional Incentives Additional Customer Bonuses Matching Bonuses Growth Bonus Revenue Sharing Pool Incentive Trips Travel Expense Account Luxury Car Programs
  19. 19. The Compensation A Compensation Plan Where Anyone can be successful! 00 $1,000 GUARANTEED! Just follow our proven magazine marketing system for 6 months & Lightyear willguarantee you’ll earn at least $1,000 in bonus income or they’ll pay the difference!
  20. 20. The Tools & TrainingA Key Ingredient to a Successful Business: Proper Tools & Training The MyLightyear Marketing System An all-in-one online wireless business: Opportunity Website Replicated Website Wireless Store Multiple Lead Capture Sites Email Auto Responder System Contact Management System 25 FREE Leads Each Month FREE email address Banners, Flyers, Marketing Materials Step by step training system$100’s/month Worth of Tools & Services FREEAll included in this system for only… Just $1.66 per day! $49 The Web System requires a one-time $25 activation fee .99 per month 1st Month Just a one-time $25 activation fee
  21. 21. The Solution As you see, Lightyear has it ALL!5 Key Aspects to Consider:1. The COMPANY is solid and stable!2. The TIMING is right for an opportunity!3. The PRODUCTS are something people want and need!4. The COMPENSATION plan is generous and fair!5: There are proven TOOLS & TRAINING in place to help you! The Perfect Business!
  22. 22. Getting Started ELITE BuilderAn UNLIMITED Income Potential Business in the Wireless Industry for ONLY… Package $299 + a one-time $25 web system activation fee *Alternate Package: Manager: $49/month + one-time $25 web system activation fee
  23. 23. The Next Step #1 Question: What do I need to do to make money?Answer = Help Others Earn FREE Service! How? = Do what the person who sent you here did! Rate Your Decision: 1. Ready to get started 2. Have questions 3. Not for me but I still want FREE service!
  24. 24. 303-800-6227