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Pantaloon project ppt

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Pantaloon project ppt

  1. 1. ` Presented By- Suman Kumar PGDM (Trimester - 4) G.L.Bajaj Institute of Management & Research (Greater Noida) Presented To- Mr. Avnish Parihar Store Manager Pantaloon Fashion Retail Ltd (Saket, New Delhi)
  2. 2. Project On
  3. 3. 1. Introduction of Pantaloon-4 to 6 2. Vision & Mission -7 to 8 3. History- 9 to 10 4. Major Players- 11 5. Pantaloon Retail Mktg-12 to 13 6. Offering Products- 14 to 15 7. C.R.M- 16 to 18 8. SWOT Analysis- 19 to 22 9. Leadership & Styles – 24 to 31 10. Honey At a Glance- 32 to 33 11. Honey Product Line- 34 12. U.S.P of Honey – 35 to 40 13. Retail Floor Process- 41 14. Visual Merchandising- 42 to 46 15. Merchandise Presentation- 47 16. Retail Fixtures- 48 to 52 17. STP of Honey 18. Customer Loyalty Program- 57 19. 19. What is Payback- 58 20. Benefits of Pantaloon through Pay Back- 59 21. Benefits of Customers through PBGC- 60 to 63 22. Growth of Honey- 64 23. Consumer Behavior Defined- 65 24. Consumer Behavior during Purchasing- 66 to 68 25. Marketing Mix Defined- 69 t0 70 26. SOP at Pantaloons- 72 27. Sales Analysis & Customer Entry- 73 to 76 28. Hot Spot Products & Places- 77 29. Research Methodology & Objectives- 78 to 79 30. Data Analysis & Interpretation- 80 to 96 31. Finding through Data Analysis- 99 to 100 32. My Contribution during SIP- 101 33. Suggestions for Pantaloons- 102 to 103 34. Thank You-
  4. 4.  Pantaloon Fashion Retail Limited, is India‟s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer market  Headquartered in Mumbai (Mumbai),  The company operates over 12 million square feet of retail space  1000 stores across  73 cities in India and  Employs over 35,000 people
  5. 5.  Pantaloons is the among India's largest chains of fashion stores  Pantaloons Fresh Fashion, with its focus on 'fresh look, feel and attitude'  Pantaloon offers, trendy and hip collections that are in sync with the hopes and aspirations of discerning young and 'young-at- heart' consumers.
  6. 6.  Pantaloons Fresh Fashion stores have presence with stores not just in Metros but also in smaller towns  All stores have a wide variety of categories like casual wear, ethnic wear, formalwear, party wear and sportswear for Men, Women and Kids.  Pantaloons Fresh Fashion stands out as a fashion trendsetter, on the lines of how fashion is followed internationally  This 'fresh fashion' destination allows customers to shop for the latest in fashion apparel and accessories throughout the year in an attractive and visually stimulating ambience
  7. 7. Company Vision:  Pantaloons shall deliver Everything, Everywhere, Every time for Every Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner  Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner Company’s Mission :  We shall infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed ambition  We shall be efficient, cost- conscious and committed to quality in whatever we do  We shall ensure that our positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us
  8. 8.
  9. 9.  Originally incorporated as Manz Wear Private Limited on October 12, 1987.  The Company‟s name was changed to Manz Wear Limited on September 20,1991, further to Pantaloon Fashions (India) Limited on September 25, 1992 and to Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited on July 7 1999  Pantaloon comes from the Italian word pantalone, which in turn was derived from a character in a seventeenth century comedy play.  First open showroom in Kolkata
  10. 10.  1987 Company incorporated as Manz Wear Private Limited, launch of Pantaloons trouser, India‟s first formal trouser brand  1992 An initial public offer (IPO) was made in the month of May  1997 Pantaloons, India‟s family store, launched in Kolkata  2001 Big Bazaar, Is se sasta aur accha kahi nahin, India‟s first hypermarket chain, launched  2002 Food Bazaar, the supermarket chain, is launched  2007 Future Group crosses the $1 billion turnover
  11. 11.  Shopper Stop  Lifestyle  Bharti Wal-Mart  Wills Lifestyle
  12. 12. Any organization selling goods & service to final consumer _ it is a manufacturer wholesaler, or retailer – is doing retailing.
  13. 13.  Winning the Hearts of Indian Consumers  Pantaloon Retail makes every effort to delight its customers  Tailoring store formats to changing Indian lifestyles and adapting products and services to their desires  Pantaloons operate some of India‟s most popular retail formats. Across value and lifestyle segments  Pantaloons multi-format retail strategy caters to all the consumption needs of a wide cross- section of Indian
  14. 14. PRODUCT OFFERINGS MEN’S WEAR • John Miller • JM Sports • Bare Denim • Rig • Ajile • Lombard • T-2000 • Bare Leisure LADIES WEAR •Honey •Bare Denim •Akkriti •Annabelle •Ajile •Rig KID’S WEAR •Chalk •Bare 7214 •Aakriti ACCESSORIES •Cosmetics •Stationary for kids •Books & Magazines
  15. 15.
  16. 16.  Customer relationship management (CRM)  A model for managing a company‟s interactions with current and future customers  CRM systems for marketing track and measure campaigns over multiple channels, such as email, search, social media, telephone and direct  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an information industry term for methodologies, software, and usually internet capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer
  17. 17. To survive in the tough competition Pantaloon uses different strategies to attract customers and to retain them. Ex:-  Events  Fests  Loyalty programs  Gift Vouchers
  18. 18. The activities in Pantaloons over Customer Relationship Management is  To satisfy the customer and make the customer to be a loyal customer by providing various services  Conducting activities in some occasions on special days like Women„s day, independence day, Fashion Friday & Holidays
  19. 19.
  20. 20. STRENGTHS  Pioneer in the industry, largest market share and capitalization  Reputation for value for money(Competitive pricing convenience and a wide range of products all in one store  Presence in major cities  Highly Strategic human resource management and development, It invests time and money in training people, and retaining them  Most trusted and respected brand by the consumers  Being financially strong helps pantaloons retail India deal with any problems, ride any dip in profits and out perform their rivals  Development and Innovation are high at Pantaloons India with regards to it products and consumer preferences and lifestyle changes which keep its ahead of it
  21. 21. WEAKNESSES  Pantaloons does not function internationally, which has an effect on success  PFRL is the World‟s largest grocery retailer and control of its empire, despite its IT advantages, could leave it weak in some areas due to the huge span of control  Since Pantaloons Fashion Retail Ltd sell products across many sectors, it may not have the flexibility of some of its more focused competitors  Each business line faces competition from specialty companies as -
  22. 22. OPPERTUNITIES  Huge untapped market “ (The Indian middle class is already 70 Crore & is projected to grow to over 90 Crore by 2014 making India one of the largest consumer markets of the world)” Less of organized retail  To take over, merge with, or form strategic alliances with other global retailers, focusing on specific markets  New locations and store types offer PFRL opportunities to exploit market development.(Diversification into insurance , property, and variety of products and stores)  Opportunities exist for PFRL to continue with its current strategy of large, super centres  Rural Retailing
  23. 23. THREATS/CHALLENGES  Being number one means that you are the target of competition  Extra competition and new competitors entering the market  A slow economy or financial slowdown could have a major impact on pantaloons retail India business and profit  Consumer lifestyle changes could lead to less of a demand for pantaloons retail India products/services  Price wars between competitors, price cuts and so on could damage profits for pantaloons retail India  The actions of a competitor could be a major threat against pantaloons retail India, for instance, if they bring in new technology or increase their workforce to meet demand  Shopping Culture: Shopping culture has not developed in India as yet. Even now malls are just a place to hang around with family and friends and largely confined to window-shopping.  If unorganized retailers are put together, they are parallel to a large supermarket with little overheads, high degree of flexibility in merchandise, display, prices and turnover.
  24. 24.
  25. 25. What is Leadership ?  A process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent  Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a
  26. 26. Mr. Avnish Parihar has Leadership Skills which make difference from others as : 1. To accomplish goals 2. To conduct meetings 3. To manage conflict and negotiate 4. To solve problems 5. To identify strengths and weaknesses
  27. 27. Mr. Avnish Parihar has Leadership Skills which make difference from others as :  Decision-making skills  Planning skills  Organizing skills  Leading skills  Controlling skills
  28. 28. Mr. Avnish Parihar has Leadership Styles : 1. Transformational Leadership Style :  Transformational Leadership is about Change Innovation and entrepreneurship  Inspire Followers, Gain their trust & help to accomplish the organization goals  Encourage the followers to view problems differently and feel responsibility in helping to solve them  Ex- Steve Jobs Steve
  29. 29. Mr. Avnish Parihar has Leadership Styles : 2. Charismatic Leadership style:  Charismatic Leaders are often thought of as heroes that are able to use their personal allure to lead others  Ability to make sense the gap between what an organization is delivering to its followers, and what the followers need from an organization  Ability to use their personal charm to get things done  Ex- Amitabh Bachhanb Amitabh Bachhan
  30. 30. Mr. Avnish Parihar has Leadership Styles : 3. Transactional Leadership style :  Transactional leaders use reward & punishment to influence the performance of their followers  They accept goals, structure, and the culture of the existing organization  Believe in rules, regulations, structured, systems & procedures  Ex- When people have agreed to do a job upon their expectations, they provides all authority to their manager
  31. 31. Mr. Avnish Parihar has Leadership Styles : 4. Situational Leadership Style:  Assumption Situational Leadership is all about The best action of the leader depends on a range of situational factors  Style When a decision is needed, an effective leader does not just fall into a single preferred style, such as using Transactional as well as Transformational Leadership. In practice, as they say, things are not
  32. 32.  Honey A Pantaloon Brand, very frequently selling product  Brand is identified for its different- different range of fashion clothing  Honey tries to full-fill every growing girl‟s aspiration, in terms of clothing  A part of Ladies Western Department
  33. 33. Honey Brand Keeps 4 MC (Merchandise Code)  2345- Power Pricing Tees (Honey)  2290- T- Shirts  2265- Blouse  2277- Bottom
  34. 34. Honey Power Pricing T-Shirts MC- 2345 Honey T-Shirts MC- 2290 Honey Bottom MC- 2277 Honey Blouse MC- 2265 • PRINTED T- SHIRTS • MESSAGE T-SHIRTS •Printed T- Shirts •Graphic T- Shirts •Message T- Shirts •Party T- Shirts •Colour •Printed •Sleve Less •All Over Floral Printed • Smoking Top • Trouser • Printed Trouser • Legging • Shorts • Skirts • Fashion Haram • Militry Paint
  35. 35.
  36. 36.  The unique selling proposition (USP), or unique selling point, is a marketing concept  Identifying what is truly unique about any product and service offering  A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement that explains how your business is different from everyone else in the market  USP tells your customers how you can better meet their needs and what makes you special  Unique selling propositions to the customer that convinced them to switch brands  USP must create a real and perceived advantage in customer‟s mind  USP also define the Features of products that differentiate from rivals
  37. 37. POWER PRICING TEES -  MC 2345  Message Tees
  38. 38. TEE SHIRTS  MC 2290  Message Tees  AOP Tees  Photography Printed  Cru Neck  Sleeve / Sleeve Different Types
  39. 39. BLOWS  MC 2265  Switch dot/ Colour Flower Printed  Hem Elastics Cated  Sleeve (Freel)  Printed Blouse  Round Neck  Design Tie-up  Sleeve / Sleeve Different
  40. 40. BOTTOMS includes Shorts, Trouser, Leggings, Paints & Skirts  Printed Bottom  Colorful AOP  Side Pocket/ Back Side Pocket  Plain/ Colorful  Hem Design Paint  Belt Cover  Full/ Ankle length  Skirts- Full Length/ Short
  41. 41. 1. Mumbai Warehouse send the merchandise to Saket Ware House which is near to the Store 2. Quantity Check & Indoor of Merchandise 3. Quantity Check & Outdoor of Merchandise through the Cartoon for the Floor (D.M. & Security should be there) 4. Tagging, Hanging, Paper Pilling & Ironing (if require) on the floor 5. Two Types of Tagging- Hard Tag & Soft Tag 6. Visual
  42. 42.  Visual merchandising is the activity and profession of developing the floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales  Visual Merchandising, The physical display of goods in the most attractive and appealing ways  Goods or services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits  Store Layout: The interior arrangement of retail facilities  Selling areas: Where merchandise is displayed and customers interact with sales personnel  Sales support areas: Devoted to customer services, merchandise receiving and distribution, management offices and staff activities
  43. 43.
  44. 44.
  45. 45.
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Merchandise Presentation  Merchandise presentation includes the ways that goods are hung, placed on shelves, or otherwise made available for sale in retail stores  Shoulder-out presentation: The way most garments are hung in home closets with only one side showing from shoulder to bottom.  Face-forward presentation (face-out presentation): Hanging of clothing with the front fully facing the viewer. This should always be done at entrances and aisles.
  48. 48. Retail Fixtures  Carousels: Circular racks that turn.
  49. 49. Retail Fixtures  Four-way rack: A fixture with four extended arms, that permits accessibility to hanging merchandise all the way around
  50. 50. Retail Fixtures  Rounders: Circular racks on which garments are hung around the entire circumference
  51. 51. Retail Fixtures  T-stand: Freestanding, two-way stand in the shape of a T, that holds clothes on hangers, sometimes with one straight arm and one waterfall.
  52. 52. Retail Fixtures  Waterfall: A fixtures with an arm that slants downward, that contains knobs to hole face- forward hangers with clothing at various levels.
  53. 53.
  54. 54. Classifying Customers Into Groups based on customer characteristics and needs
  55. 55. •Defining the abilities of the company and resources needed to enter a market • Analyzing competitors on their resources and skills •Considering the company‟s abilities compared to the competitors' abilities •Deciding on the actual target markets based on profit
  56. 56.  Customer perceived, Honey Brand follows the latest style trends and forecast with the ongoing fashion • A marketing strategy that aims to make a brand occupy a distinct position, relative to competing brand , in the minds of customer •A process by which marketers try to create a n image or identity in the customer mind for their products
  57. 57. Customer Loyalty Program through PAY BACK GREEN CARD  Membership Card is Free of Cost  Four Types of PAY Back Green Card  One Star- Purchasing is must  Three Star- Purchasing of Eight Thousand is must in one day or in a Year  Five Star- Purchasing of Twenty Thousand is must in one day or in Year  Seven Star- Purchasing of Forty Thousand is must in one day or in a year
  58. 58.  PAYBACK is Europe's leading customer loyalty program  Headquartered in Germany  25.5 million active cardholders in Germany and Poland  In India, PAYBACK consolidated its position after taking a major stake in I-Mint.  It‘s the only program which works with market leading pan-India players from the banking, travel, petroleum and online sectors such as ICICI Bank, HPCL, BookMyShow and MakeMyTrip  Works in such formats like Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Pantaloons, Central, HomeTown, eZone, Brand Factory and Future Bazaar  These points can then be redeemed for air miles, movie tickets, air tickets and vice versa.  With Future Group and PAYBACK ―Shopping is Rewarding‖
  59. 59. Benefits of PANTALOONS Through PBGC  Customer satisfaction and make the customer to be a loyal customer by providing various services  Profit Maximization  Collect all information of customers as Name, Address, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Profession, Wedding Anniversary, and Monthly Shopping Expenses etc…  Communicate with customer about the upcoming offers/sales through contact numbers and Emails  Able to address about the discounts and upcoming styles  Customer Retention
  60. 60. Benefits of Customer Through Pay Back Green Card: 1. One Star Pay Back Green Card  Five percent discount on every Friday  Complementary Parking  Home Delivery Service  Complementary Shipping Across India  Relax Return Policy (90 Days)  Exclusive Billing Counter for All Card Holder
  61. 61. Benefits of Customer Through Pay Back Green Card: 2. Three Star Pay Back Green Card  Three Percent discount every day  Eight percent discount on every Friday (3% + 5 %)  Complementary Parking  Home Delivery Service  Complementary Shipping Across India  Relax Return Policy (90 Days)  Exclusive Billing Counter
  62. 62. Benefits of Customer Through Pay Back Green Card: 3. Five Star Pay Back Green Card  Five Percent discount every day  Ten percent discount on every Friday (5% + 5 %)  Complementary Parking  Home Delivery Service  Complementary Shipping Across India  Relax Return Policy (90 Days)  Exclusive Billing Counter
  63. 63. Benefits of Customer Through Pay Back Green Card: 4.Seven Star Pay Back Green Card  Seven Percent discount every day  Twelve percent discount on every Friday (7% + 5 %)  Complementary Parking  Home Delivery Service  Complementary Shipping Across India  Relax Return Policy (90 Days)  Assistant Shopping (One pantaloon staff will be there for help to 7 star card holder customer)
  64. 64. The following are the reasons for growth of HONEY-  Increase in disposable income of consumers Increase in consuming desire  Low share of organized retailing stylish brand  Increasing the aspiration of young girls  Western Culture is increasing  Purchasing power of Indian urban consumer is growing
  65. 65. Consumer Behavior Defined  The American Marketing Association has defined consumer behavior as,  The dynamic interaction of affect and cognition, behavior, and the environment by which human beings conduct the exchange aspects of their lives  Consumer behavior refers to the actions and decision processes of people who purchase goods and services for personal consumption.”
  66. 66.  Women’s/ Girls - They try much merchandise which they don‟t purchase as they see many and go trial room (front of mirror) and choose one products to purchase.  Do not sure what they have to purchase  Ask many questions as:
  67. 67.  Men’s/ Boys –  They try selected merchandise  99 % sure what to purchase, how to purchase  No any confusion
  68. 68.  Foreigner-  Frequently bye the product  Do not ask more question  Very interesting to assist him/her
  69. 69.  The marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing and by marketing professionals  The marketing mix is often crucial when determining a product or brand's offering  Often synonymous with the Four Ps: Product, Price, Promotion, and place
  70. 70. 1. Product- A product is seen as an item that satisfies what a consumer needs or wants. It is a tangible good or an intangible service 2. Price- The amount a customer pays for the product & the price is very important as it determines the company's profit and hence, survival 3. Place- Providing the product at a place which is convenient for consumers to access 4. Promotion- All of the methods of communication that a marketer may use to provide information to different parties about the products. Promotion comprises elements such as: advertising, public relations, personal
  71. 71. 1. Product- Merchandise Industry inspire from WESTERN Culture, Able to full-fill young girls aspiration 2. Price- Affordable Price Equal to specification of the merchandise & Company is able to maximize the profit 3. Place- At Pantaloon Store, Ground Floor, Near the gate, Place is able to attract the customer 4. Promotion- Advertising by young girls, Theme on fashion Friday, Through the facebook pages also include public
  72. 72. STANDARD OPERATAION MODULE 39 Module to handle the floor operations 1. Front- 20 module such as  How a Cashier/F.A. interact or behave with customer in a good manner  F.A. Tool such as Namaste, Welcome, Thank You 2. 19 Module for Back office as  Stock Management  Replenishments
  73. 73.  Monday to Thursday (All in Approx)  Customer Entry- 2300 to 2600  Total Sales- Eight Lacks to Nine Lacks  Total Bills- 480 to 525  Total Quantity- 1150 to 1350  Ticket Size- 1700 to 1800 (Total Sales / Total no. of bills)  Basket size- 2.3 to 2.6 (Total no. of quantity / Total no. of bills)  Conversion-19 to 20 % Total Customer Entry / Total Bills * 100
  74. 74.  Friday  Customer Entry- 2600 to 2900  Total Sales- Nine Lacks to Eleven Lacks  Total Bills- 600 to 650  Total Quantity- 1550 to 1700  Ticket Size- 1790 t0 1900 (Total Sales / Total no. of bills)  Basket size- 2.5 to 2.7 (Total no. of quantity / Total no. of bills)  Conversion-21 to 22 % Total Customer Entry / Total Bills * 100
  75. 75.  Saturday to Sunday  Customer Entry- 5000 to 7500  Total Sales- Sixteen Lacks to Twenty Lacks  Total Bills- 1000 to 1200  Total Quantity- 2600 to 3100  Ticket Size- 1700 t0 1900 (Total Sales / Total no. of bills)  Basket size- 2.6 to 2.7 (Total no. of quantity / Total no. of bills)  Conversion-22 to 24 % Total Customer Entry / Total Bills * 100
  76. 76.  The future of any company is guided by the success of product sales efforts  Monday to Thursday, customer entry in less amount due to working days as most of men and women are in job  Friday as Fashion Friday, Customer attract due to 5% discount  Saturday and Sunday known as holiday, Customer like to purchase in holiday with their
  77. 77.  Hot Spot Products – Frequently buying the products  Place does not matter as for Bottom, Shorts & T-Shirts  Hot Spot Place- Front Wall, Front Table.  Customers come and see these places. Marketers display here those products, which are not moving.
  78. 78.  SCOPE OF THE RESEARCH  Some Stores of New Delhi  Select City Mall  Some Stores of Noida  DATA COLLECTION  Primary Data  With the help of Questionnaires  Personal Interaction  SAMPLE SIZE  100 Respondents  POPULATION  Customer of Lifestyle/Fashion segment of retail stores in Delhi and Noida
  79. 79.  To compare the various stores under the Lifestyle segment  To find out which stores customers visit for different purposes (Men‟s wear, women wear, and kid‟s wear)  To find out the store considered best on the basis of membership benefits  To find out the best store among the 5 stores on the basis of product and service quality  To suggest means of improving “shoppers experience by enhancing the deliverable parameters
  80. 80.
  81. 81. 56% 44% Male Female
  82. 82. AGE GROUP 4% 41% 51% 4% Less than 18 years 18-25 years 25-40 years 40 years and above
  83. 83. MONTHLY FAMILY INCOME (In Rs) 29% 50% 21% 15-30 thousand 30-50 thousand 50 thousand and above
  84. 84. OCCUPATION 28% 14% 21% 4% 31% 2% Student Businessman Professional Govt Service Private Service Housewife
  85. 85. How frequently do you shop for garments? At least once a fortnight, 20 At least once a month, 36 At least once in 2 months, 27 At least once a week, 10Only during sales period, 4 On specific occasions, 3
  86. 86. Out of the following stores which Lifestyle store are you most likely to visit when looking for: Pantaloons Shoppers Stop Lifestyle Westside Globus 46 24 37 9 10
  87. 87. Pantaloons Shoppers Stop Lifestyle Westside Globus 25 37 24 11 15 Women's Wear
  88. 88. Pantaloons Shoppers Stop Lifestyle Westside Globus 9 10 7 4 7 Kid's Wear
  89. 89. When you think of shopping, which factors out of following have importance in your decision
  90. 90. Pantaloons Shoppers Stop Westside Globus Lifestyle 51 28 4 6 11
  91. 91. Pantaloons Shoppers Stop Westside Globus Lifestyle 18 47 10 7 18
  92. 92. Pantaloons Shoppers Stop Westside Globus Lifestyle 21 43 9 7 16
  93. 93. Pantaloons Shoppers Stop Westside Globus Lifestyle 39 19 4 8 29
  94. 94. You are a member of which company‟s customer loyalty program 50 63 16 43 15 7 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Pantaloons Shopper's Stop Westside Lifestyle Globus None
  95. 95. Is there any benefit of being a member 81% 19% Ye s No
  96. 96. Pantaloons 36% Shoppers Stop 28% Westside 4% Lifestyle 22% Globus 10%
  97. 97.  Most of the respondents said that pantaloons is most consistent/similar in quality followed by Shoppers‟ stop  It was found that, the preference of customers in the Kid‟s section does not vary too much. Because of availability of similar brands in all stores.  It was found that most of the respondents said that Pantaloons provides maximum value to their money
  98. 98.  In the survey, maximum of the respondents said that Pantaloon is having best Store of Select City Mall  It is found out that, most of the respondents preferred Shopper‟s Stop for providing maximum membership benefits followed by Pantaloons  It is found out that Pantaloons is considered best on the basis of advertisement & communication in the market  Lifestyle on 2nd rank.
  99. 99.  On the basis of appearance, attentiveness and knowledge of product of their Sales personnel Shopper‟s Stop got 1st rank and Pantaloons got 2nd rank  It is found out that On the basis of Waiting area provided by different Lifestyle stores, Shoppers stop got the highest From the research it is found out that Location of the Store is the most important factor considered by the customer in their shopping decision  Pantaloons stands 1st among all for providing clean drinking water to the customers. Shoppers‟ stop got 2nd rank followed by Lifestyle on 3rd rank.
  100. 100.  It is found out that maximum respondents were having membership cards of more than 1 or 2 stores.  63 respondents were having membership card of Shopper‟s stop and 50 respondents were having membership card of Pantaloons  On the basis of membership benefits, 36% of the respondents said that Shoppers‟ stop is the best, while 28% respondents said that Pantaloons is best.  36% of the respondents have favored Pantaloons as the best Lifestyle store, 28% of the respondents have favored Lifestyle as the best store under this retail format
  101. 101. 1. To utilize convincing power created 890 Pay Back Green Card through Customer Loyalty Program in two months  Through PBGC, 890 customer is able to make loyal for Pantaloon  Profit Maximization will be there for Pantaloon  Written most of the customer names, contact numbers and Card Numbers to show the proof 2. Increased the sale of HONEY BRAND with punctuality  Target Achieved
  102. 102.  Internal Marketing should be improve  Shopping Bag should be free of cost as their competitor (Shopper stop) is providing  One H.R Manager should be there permanently to motivate the employee & finding the internal solution  Employee should be teach about the Offers, Product Specifications & Customer Loyalty Program  Salary should be increase of F.A & Cashier as many employee are leaving organization due to less payment If You Don‟t Mind
  103. 103.  Salary should be come on time of temporary staff  Stock Management should be improved of most of brands  Billing Counter should be increased If You Don‟t Mind
  104. 104.