sumit tiwari pharmacognosy pharmacology diploma in pharmacy social pharmacy ndds aspc itm kipm ashok singh pharmacy college ill effects of junk foods nutrition deficiency diseases malnutrition terpenoids narpat singh college of pharma alkaloids microencapsulation slideshare sumit tiwari cdds pharmacy novel drug delivery systems r a institute of pharmacy sumit tiwari slideshare community pharmacy bte aktu calorific and nutritive values of various foods benefits nutraceuticals use of pesticides adulteration of foods anti-diuretics diuretics exit exam notes chapter 5 drug acting on nervous system itm gida gorakhpur nscp pharmacology chapter 8 mucolytic agents anti-tussive agents expectorants bronchodilators astringent slideshare astringent notes slideshare astringent notes astringent carminative pharmacognosy chapter 5 thrombolytic anti platelet digital arjuna cardiotonic phytochemical investigation senna isapghula castor oil aloe resigns tannis glycosides pharmacology chapter 5 lab manual pharmacology #pharmacology pharmacology notes pharmacognosy practical in hdh pharmacognosy practical basti pharmacy college pharmacognosy chapter 3 d.pharma pharmacognosy notes pharmacognosy notes classification of drugs: drug used in glucoma mydriatics miotics unit 3 phytochemistry - ii 3rd yr madagascar periwinkle catahranthus periwinkle vinca rosea sadabahar vinca commercial preparation therapeutic uses bio sourcés chemistry and chemical classe composition general introduction application methods microparticle microcapsule microsphere disadvantage advantages definitions codeine narcotine thebaine papaverine nosacapine unit 2 pharmacognosy opium pdf morphine opium control drug delivery systems implantable drug delivery mucosal drug delivery systems mdds tdds ndds unit 1st conventional drug delivery sys notes biochemistry slide share gpat institute of technology and m m.pharma b.pharm biochemistry biomolecules labelling of dispensed medicin legality of prescription prescription part of prescription inscription gender sex age name suprscription signatura community pharmacy diploma all detail diploma sylllabbus phamacognosy diploma 1st y sumit tiwari leturer knit recruitment natural origin drugs scope of pharmacognosy social pharmacy all practical social pharmacy practical manual use of water testing kit. to study in detail about use of water testing kit b.pharma d.pharma social pharmacy practical water purification techniques to study in detail about water purification techni educational need addressed crisis management disaster emergency drug supply emergency drug supply. how to control the system in disaster managment pharmacist during diasater hosiptal pharmacy diploma practicals pharmacist in disaster management role of pharmacist in disaster management to study in detail about role of pharmacist in dis smip smgi product used during menst diploma to study in detail about product used during menst to study in detail about menstural hygiene lysosomes ribosomes cytosole mitochondria cytoplasm cell #youtubechannel. #youtube. #youtuber. #youtubers. sri madan lal institute of pharmacy social pharmacy unit 3rd balanced diet drug-food interactions food supplements – indications genetically modified foods (1)  dietary supplem effects of artificial ripening fortification of food (3)  introduction to food basics of nutrition – macronutrients and micronutr drug-food interactions (2) food supplements – indications genetically modified foods (1)  dietary supplemen effects of artificial ripening fortification of food (3)  introduction to food s calorific and nutritive values of various foods importance of water and fibres in diet (1)  balan macronutrients and micronutrients ph buffers & isotonic solution complete notes of physical pharmaceutics unit 5th physical pharmaceutics buffered isotonic solutions buffers in pharmaceutical and biological systems buffer capacity buffer equation applications of buffers ph determination (electrometric and calorimetric) buffers and isotonic solutions: sorensen’s ph scal ph
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