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Bright Spot Delivering Happiness

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Beta version of the Zappos presentation designed for Tony. Don't mind the bloopers within. Just go with the general flow. :)

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Bright Spot Delivering Happiness

  1. Delivering Happiness<br />Tony Hsieh, CEO<br />
  2. It all started with pizza…<br />
  3. MY BACKGROUND <br />’96-’98<br />’94-’95<br />’99<br />’99 - Today<br />
  4. ZAPPOS AT A GLANCE<br />*<br />Founded in 1999<br />700 in<br />Las Vegas<br />700 in<br />Lewisville<br />1400<br />employees<br />
  5. ZAPPOS AT A GLANCE<br />4 million<br />warehouse<br />items<br />100%<br />inventoried<br />BEST<br />SELECTION!<br />
  6. Zappos is powered by<br />SERVICE!<br />Fast, FREE<br />shipping<br />FREE return<br />shipping<br />Fast, friendly<br />expert customer<br />loyalty team<br />365-day<br />return policy<br />Fast<br />fulfillment<br />
  7. Zapposon TV!<br />
  8. Zapposin the News!<br />“50 Most<br />Innovative<br />Companies”<br />“100 Best<br />Companies<br />to Work For”<br />“Top 25<br />Customer<br />Service Champs”<br />
  9. Zappos is committed to<br />WOWing every customer.<br />365-day returns!<br />
  10. Customers come.<br />Then they come back.<br />Then they order more and more often!<br />
  11. The Power of WOW<br />$1,000<br />800<br />Gross Sales $MM<br />600<br />400<br />200<br />‘01<br />‘02<br />‘06<br />‘03<br />‘04<br />‘05<br />‘07<br />‘00<br />‘08<br />
  12. SERVICE<br />What customers notice first<br />24/7 customer service<br />800 number on every page<br />365-day return policy<br />Free return shipping<br />Free shipping<br />
  13. SERVICE<br />What customers experience next<br />Redirection to competitors’ sites<br />Fast, accurate fulfillment<br />Surprise upgrades to overnight shipping<br />Above-and-beyond customer service<br />
  14. SERVICE<br />How we ensure it with our employees<br />$2000 incentive to quit<br />5 weeks of training<br />No sales-based performance goals<br />No call times<br />
  15. SERVICE<br />How we ensure it through our policies<br />Use of the telephone and Twitter<br />Culture Books<br />24/7 warehouse<br />All products inventoried –<br />no drop shipping<br />50% of interviews and performance<br />reviews based on values and culture fit<br />
  16. WE OWN THE 3 <br />S<br />
  17. lothing<br />
  18. ustomer Service<br />
  19. ulture<br />
  20. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,<br /> people will forget what you did, but<br />people will never forget how you made them feel.”<br />- Maya Angelou<br />
  21. ulture =<br />COMMITTABLE<br />COREVALUES<br />
  22. ZAPPOS<br />CORE<br />VALUES<br />
  23. Deliver<br />through<br />service.<br />
  24. Embrace and drive change.<br />
  25. Create fun and alittle<br />weirdness.<br />
  26. Be adventurous, creative<br />and open-minded.<br />
  27. growth<br />Pursue<br />and learning.<br />
  28. Build open and<br />honest relationships<br />with communication.<br />
  29. Build a positive<br />team and<br />family spirit.<br />
  30. Do more with less.<br />
  31. Be passionate<br />and determined.<br />Delivery!<br />
  32. Be humble.<br />
  33. That’s great for<br />Zappos but it<br />wouldnever work<br />at my company…<br />
  34. “It doesn’t matter<br />what your core values are…<br />as long as you commit to them. <br />
  35. S<br />7<br />P<br />E<br />TO BUILDING A<br />T<br />S<br />BRAND THAT <br />MATTERS<br />
  36. Sooner rather than later,<br />DECIDE<br />if you’re trying to build a long-<br />term, sustainable brand.<br />STEP 1: <br />
  37. STEP 2: <br />Figure out<br />values<br />and culture.<br />
  38. company<br />personal<br />Values<br />Culture<br />Live the brand! <br />Align!<br />
  39. STEP 3: <br />Commit to<br />transparency.<br />
  40. transparency<br />tours and reporter<br />visits<br />“Ask Anything”<br />newsletter<br />extranet for<br />vendors <br /><br /><br />
  41. STEP 4: <br />HAVE A VISION.<br />Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.<br />
  42. WORDS OF WISDOM<br />Don’t chase<br />the paper;<br />chase the<br />DREAM.<br />Sean Combs, a.k.a.<br />“Puff Daddy”<br />Biggie Smalls, a.k.a. “Notorious B.I.G., ”<br />
  43. What would you do<br />passionatelyfor<br />10years without<br />making a dime?<br />
  44. What’s the greater vision and purpose of employees’ work? <br />Go beyond the profit motive.<br />
  45. Motivation is different<br />from inspiration.<br />
  46. STEP 5: <br />BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.<br />Don’t “network.”<br />
  47. STEP 6: <br />BUILD YOURTEAM.<br />Hire slowly, fire quickly.<br />
  48. If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.<br />– African proverb<br />
  49. STEP 7: <br />THINK LONG TERM.<br />There is no get-rich formula.<br />
  50. Stop and ask yourself:<br />What is your goal in life? <br />
  51. “If happiness is your goal,<br />ask why 5 times about every matter.”<br />– TaiichiOhno<br />why<br />why<br />why<br />why<br />
  52. Get an education. Why?<br />Have a great career. Why?<br />Save money. Why?<br />Retire early. Why?<br />Spend time with your family. Why?<br />
  53. Research has shown that people<br />are very bad at predicting what<br />will bring us sustained<br />happiness.<br />
  54. There’s a science behind business.<br />conversion <br />psychology of buying <br />direct marketing<br />repeat customer behavior <br />customer acquisition metrics<br />
  55. What if we studied<br />the science behind happiness?<br />
  56. A FEW DIFFERENT<br />ON HAPPINESS<br />f<br />r<br />a<br />m<br />e<br />w<br />o<br />s<br />r<br />k<br />
  57. Perceived Control, Perceived Progress, Connectedness, Vision and Meaning<br />
  58. Maslow’s Hierarchy<br />Self<br />Actualization<br />Self-Esteem<br />Love/Belonging<br />Safety<br />Physiological<br />
  59. TYPES OF HAPPINESS<br />Rock Star (Pleasure) <br />Flow (Engagement) <br />Meaning (Higher Purpose) <br />
  60. 2 Important<br />Questions<br />
  61. If research shows that vision and a higher purpose leads to happiness…<br />
  62. …what percentage of your time<br /> are you willing to spend learning<br /> the science of happiness?’<br />
  63. How can the science of happiness<br />help your business,<br />your brand,<br />and yourself?<br />
  64. Recommended Books<br />