Employee Engagement

5 de Oct de 2017

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Employee Engagement

  1. Employee Engagement Presented By : Christabel Mary Davidson Promila Kiro Sunny Mervyne Baa
  2. What Is Employee Engagement? "Engagement is a new word for a very old thing. Engagement is a new word for motivation, passion, and commitment. Are You Motivating Your People, Are You Caring About Your People, Are You Challenging Your People?"
  3. "The newer generations in the workforce also are speaking up, saying, 'I am not a happy camper and you need to do more to keep me here, or I am going to pick up my skill set and go somewhere else, where they will take advantage of my skills,'". "Those younger workers also are giving voice to boomers and mature workers, who have been there all along griping by the water cooler or to each other."
  4. Accenture’s Employee Engagement 1 From an Accenture perspective
  5. “"Earlier... fun at work was one of the basic ingredients of engagement. However, that model has now transformed into how a person looks at engagement at work, we have engagement woven into the kind of work, roles and exposure we give to the young workforce and how we create a career progression model for them." says Manoj Biswas, managing director, Human Resources, Accenture
  6. Being an IT company, Accenture makes extensive use of technology to get feedback from young employees and incorporate this into policies. It gathers data from social networking sites and the company intranet to understand what younger staff are saying about the work environment, rewards, recognition, leadership and culture. It also encourages reverse mentoring to make sure leaders are engaged with younger staff. About Accenture
  7. "The younger workforce is very open with working with the older generation. It is the older generation that needs to break their mental barriers. Today, GenY wants a much more participative workforce and leaders have to realise how to make it so,The company is also piloting a mobile app that will provide employee feedback on policy, infrastructure, facilities, work environment, etc. "We will do this for a couple of quarters and see the result," says Biswas.
  8. Big concept Level of Engagement as per Accenture
  9. Level • Description "Devoted" • Put their heart and soul into their work every day. • Strive to constantly improve their performance and • contribute to their company’s success. "Plugged In" • Consistently contribute. Push themselves to reach • challenging work goals. Most of the time, are willing to • go the extra mile to do their job well. "Cruise Control" • Show up for work each day but only occasionally invest • their full energies at work. "Checked Out" • Do no more than the basic requirements of their job. • Only occasionally summon up the energy to put more • effort into their work.
  10. HOW DO COMPANIES BENEFIT FROM EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Companies certainly benefit from each employee’s engagement, but they benefit most when they have a highly engaged workforce investing Effort, Focus and Enthusiasm day after day, week after week and year upon year. For any individual employee, engagement naturally ebbs and flows with organizational life – roles evolve, priorities change, resources come and go and career paths morph as some opportunities fade and new possibilities emerge. But to create a highly engaged workforce, companies must sustain individual engagement across time, business cycles, industry disruptions and changes in leadership. Companies must also hold on to their most engaged employees. Those highly engaged employees can spur others to go the extra mile. Their positive attitudes and behaviors can generate energy, enthusiasm and focus in co-workers.
  11. Big concept Employee Engagement Programs 🌏
  12. Accenture host HR hackathons, where employees help break down and rebuild the people and HR functions to reflect the work that they really do (and need to do) EXAMPLE
  13. Your organization might want to take a different approach altogether. The important thing is to shift your attention away from those fickle engagement numbers and focus on how people experience your organization day by day. This means moving away from putting people into outdated workplaces, and redesigning workplaces and practices around your employees.
  14. Employee Reviews “The culture at Accenture really pushes you to find your interest, because if you’re more interested in something, you’re more likely to excel in it.” Paragone CLOUD TECHNICAL ARCHITECT SENIOR MANAGER
  15. Employee Reviews Diagram featured by “I wanted to find a good work-life balance so I could be there for my daughter. I found it at Accenture.” UMA OPERATIONS SERVICE DELIVERY LEAD
  16. As per Accenture Accenture’s Human Performance service line has considered how employee engagement affects profit, productivity, and innovation. They have found a direct relationship between employee engagement and profit, productivity, and innovation. Accenture’s analyses have shown that the higher an organization scores on the ten areas below, the higher the employee engagement rating. Recognition and rewards must be linked to job and business performance Hr systems must provide managers with the information they need Learning opportunities for current and future positions must be available Provide tools for staff to find the information they need to perform their jobs Frequent and effective performance appraisals must be provided High-performance physical workplace must be created Significant changes in the organization must be communicated to reduce their impact on morale and performance Pay attention to each employee’s career planning and development HR policies must be fair for all staff members Recruit individuals with the same goals as the organization
  17. "Earlier, people would typically stay in a role for three to four years, before looking for new roles and responsibilities. Now, however, that is not the case. What we do, beyond monetary rewards and citations, etc, is give them an opportunity to go and work in locations across the globe, if they are one of the top performers," says Shivaram T, HR business partner
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