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Castle features

  1. Moat If you've ever watched a movie, read a story, or seen pictures of old castles, you've probably noticed that they almost always have a deep, wide body of water surrounding them. This body of water is called a moat. The moat protects the castle from enemies.
  2. • When moats were filled with water, they were usually deep enough to make it difficult for enemies to wade across. In addition to being difficult to swim across with weapons, attackers would be reluctant to try swimming across because castle guards could attack them.
  3. • Water for Moats came from a spring, lake, or river. Some fancy moats had stone sides, while most moats had simple banks of earth left over from when they were dug.
  4. Did moats have alligators? • From time to time, you might read stories about moats that had alligators or crocodiles. These creatures would make it more difficult for enemies to get into the castle.
  5. Draw bridge • A drawbridge was a special bridge. It was a large strong door which closed the entrance of a castle. This huge wooden door could be lowered. In a horizontal position, it became a bridge on the moat to allow people to enter the castle. drawbridge drawbridge
  6. Keep • The keep was a tall tower and used by soldiers to keep watch in a castle.
  7. Curtain Wall • The wall around the castle which had a walkway on it from soldiers could fire arrows down onto enemies.
  8. Arrow Slits • These were slits cut into the walls that allowed archers to shoot arrows at enemies but remain safe from their arrows.
  9. Gatehouse • The gatehouse was built at the gate to help to make the castle entrance very strong.
  10. • Battlements were at the top of castle walls. The soldiers of the castle could stand behind them and be safe and shoot their arrows at the enemy. Battlements