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  1. In groundwater rich areas, single village groundwater-based schemes with end to end source sustainability measures will be encouraged. In places where groundwater is not abundant, especially in the designated dark blocks and in areas affected by water quality issues, Surface water based multi-village schemes will be promoted. Government of Karnataka through Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Department (RDWSD) has taken several initiatives in planning and implementing multi-village schemes across the state. With substantial investment towards creating assets for bulk water supply. Such investments in MVSs are towards drawal of water from distant perennial surface sources, treatment to make water potable and reach treated water to village level OHTs. MVS Includes following infra-structures  Intakewell  Jackwell  WTP :- a) Aerator b) Flash mixer c) Clarifloculator d) Rapid Sand filter e) Pure water sump f)MBT, ZBT g) Pump house h)OHT-Distitant. Note :- Care has been taken while mixing the chemicals Alum and Chlorine it should be deputed up on the turbity duly rained summer Scan. 1
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  4. 4  Clauriflocculator Areator