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  1. 1. A Vocational Training Presentation on “Welding” From “SIMPLEX CASTING LTD. (UNIT-III)” BY SURENDRA KUMAR (Department Of Mechanical Engineering)
  2. 2. SIMPLEX CASTING Ltd UNIT-III 223/2,224 TEDESARA,INDUSTURIAL,MUDIPAR ROAD  INTRODUCTION It is a fabrication department of simplex or deportment of production. Internal planning for sequence of manufacturing of the job. Then cutting and fitting and welding then finishing
  3. 3. Contents: Welding Types of Welding Gas Welding(Oxy- Acetylene) Arc Welding(Metal Arc) Merits & Limitations of Welding Process Application Conclusion
  4. 4. Welding: The Welding is a process of joining two or more, similar or dissimilar metals by heating them to a suitable temperature , with or without the application of pressure, filler materials and flux. Welding is used for making permanent joints.
  5. 5. TYPES OF WELDING :  Plastic Welding or Pressure Welding: The piece of metal to be joined are heated to a plastic state and forced together by external pressure (Ex) -Resistance welding  Fusion Welding or Non-Pressure Welding: The material at the joint is heated to a molten state and allowed to solidify (Ex)- Gas welding, Arc welding
  6. 6. CLASSIFICATION OF WELDING PROCESSES: Gas welding(Oxy- Acetylene) Arc welding(Metal Arc) Resistance welding Solid state welding Thermo-chemical welding Low Temperature welding
  7. 7. Gas Welding: Gas Welding is a fusion welding process, in which the heat for welding is obtained by the combustion of oxygen and fuel the gas may be acetylene ,hydrogen or propene . Types: • Oxy- Acetylene • Air-Acetylene • Oxy-Hydrogen • Oxy-Fuel
  8. 8. Oxy-Acetylene Welding: When a combination of Oxygen and acetylene is used in correct proportions to produce an Intense gas flame, the process is known as oxy-acetylene welding.
  9. 9. Gas Welding Equipment : 1. Gas Cylinders Pressure- Oxygen – 125 kg/cm2 Acetylene – 16 kg/cm2 2. Regulators • Working pressure of oxygen 1 kg/cm2 • Working pressure of acetylene 0.15 kg/cm2 • Working pressure varies depends upon the thickness of the work pieces welded. 3. Pressure Gauges 4. Hoses 5. Welding torch 6. Check valve 7. Non return valve
  10. 10. Advantages:  Portable and most versatile process.  Better control over the temperature.  Suitable to weld dissimilar matter.  Low cost & maintenance. Disadvantages:  Not suitable for heavy section.  Less working temperature of gas flame.  Slow rate of heating.
  11. 11. Arc Welding: “Arc welding is a fusion welding process in which the heat required to fuse the metal is obtain from the electric arc between the base metal and an electrode. Types: 1. Metal Arc Welding 2. Submerged Arc Welding 3. Tungsten Inert Gas Welding 4. Metal Inert Gas Welding
  12. 12. Equipment: A welding generator (D.C.) or Transformer (A.C.) Two cables- one for work and one for electrode Electrode holder Electrode Protective shield Gloves Wire brush Chipping hammer Goggles
  13. 13. Metal Arc Welding : Uses an electric arc to coalesce metals Arc welding is the most common method of welding metals Electricity travels from electrode to base metal to ground
  14. 14. Advantages and Disadvantages of Arc Welding Advantages  Most efficient way to join metals  Lowest-cost joining method  Affords lighter weight through better utilization of materials  Joins all commercial metals  Provides design flexibility Disadvantages  Manually applied, therefore high labor cost.  Need high energy causing danger  Not convenient for disassembly.  Defects are hard to detect at joints.
  15. 15. Applications: It is used in the manufacture of automobile bodies. Aircraft Frames Railway Wagons Machine Frames Structural works, tanks, furniture, boilers, general repair work and ship building etc.
  16. 16. Conclusion: In these we learn about most popular welding type uses in industries. A good weld is always strong. General welding equipment is not very costly.  Portable welding equipment are available. A large number of metal and alloy both similar and dissimilar can be join by welding. Welding permits considerable freedom in design.