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  1. Inventory of e-Extension initiatives in Agriculture from SAUs Submitted to- Prof. B. Jirli (Professor and Head) Submitted by- Shashikant goyal ID No 17412EXE011
  2. STATE AGRICULTURE UNIVERSITIES State agriculture universities were setup in India on the pattern of Land grant universities of USA with integrated teaching , research and extension functions. Each SAU is expected to perform some extension role in the area
  3. Some e-Extension initiatives made by Kerala Agriculture University
  4. •Infotech portal •e-crop doctor •Online courses
  5. This KAU Agri-Infotech portal is an ICT enabled platform for demand driven Technology Information and advisory service for farmers, extensionists, researchers, students and all other stakeholders’ of the agriInfront. KAU Agri-Infotech portal
  6. Online courses  It provide online courses for Farmers, Extensionist, students, Farm entrepreneur groups and other agri-stec holders  It also provides training workshop for farmers and extensionists e- Krishi Pathshala
  7. e-Extension initiative's made by Tamil Nadu Agriculture Agriculture University
  8. TNAU AGRITECH PORTAL o TNAU AGRITECH PORTAL is providing the information related to agriculture and other sector related to agriculture o It is running by the Tamil nadu Agriculture university and sponsored by Rastriya krishi vikash yojna o It provide the information related to o Horticulture, Fishery, Forestry, Organic farming and so on
  10. EXPERT SYSTEM FOR PADDY Tamil nadu agriculture university running the expert system for paddy cultivation, its cultivation practices, detail information about improved varieties of paddy, insect and pest management, disease management, time of sowing and all over the information giving as online expert system
  11. EXPERT SYSTEM FOR SUGERCANE This is running by same university TNAU It providing all the information like climate ,season and varieties, nursery management and cultivation practices, irrigation management, nutrient management, crop protection to online providing the expert system and relevant information related to sugarcane cultivation.
  12. EXPERT SYSTEM OF RAGI Ragi is an important staple food for the rural folk of south india having nutritional and mediational value.this expert system provide all the cultivation practices for example climate and soil suitable for it, seasons and varieties, cultivation system and nursery and nutrition management and all the cultivation practices. Any farmer/people can access all the detailed information about ragi cultivation.
  13. EXPERT SYSTEM FOR SHEEP AND GOAT This expert system is also running by TNAU in which it provide the information related to breeds and housing management of sheep and goat and it also provide the information like fodder production, feeding management, breeding management and disease control and handling and transport through online expert system any farmer can access all these information through using ICT tools.
  14. EXPERT SYSTEM FOR COCONUT This online expert system is running by Tamil Nadu Agriculture University. It provide the information about the cultivation of coconut which is by area specific to the farmers.’it provide the information mother palm selection and nutrient management, pest and disease control and all the cultivation practices.
  15. EXPERT SYSTEM FOR POULTRY This expert system running by TNAU provide all the information related to poultry, its production and management, house instruction, incubation and hatching, brooding of chicks, grower management. any farmer/farm manager/people can easily access all the information
  16. EXPERT SYSTEM FOR CATTLE AND BUFFALO This provide the information related to breeds of cattle and buffalo production technology and calf management, housing management, feeding, breeding general care and management, disease and control management, new farm machinery etc. it provide all the information as online expert advisory system.
  17. EXPERT SYSTEM FOR BANANA This expert system is also running by same agricultural university. It provide the information to botany of banana climate and soil needed for it, seasons and varieties, planting material, cultivation practices and irrigation management, nutrient management and crop production, farm implements and post harvest technology.
  18. e-Extension initiative's made by PAU Ludhiana
  19. PAU Kisan app Mobile app on Goat farming Mobile app on Pig farming
  20. PAU Kisan App PAU Kisan App is developed by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana for farmer welfare. This is a initiative of Director of Extension Education, PAU, Ludhiana. This app will provide information about crops, weather, seed, training. kheti sandesh and advisory etc.
  21. Goat farming o This is a mobile app developed by Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University o The main purpose of launching this app is to provide information related to care and management of goat on farm
  22. Pig farming o This is also a mobile app developed by Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University o This provide the information related to pig farming, their nutrition management
  23. e-Extension initiative's made by SAUs in Punjab
  24. I khet machin - i-Khet Machine app gives farmers the access to agricultural machinery that will enable them to manage crop residue e pehal - e-PeHaL app enables them to monitor the tree plantations with ease e prevent - e-Prevent app provides prompt and accurate information about the incidents of crop burning in the state
  25. Bihar Krishi App is an Agriculture apps in Hindi which has been specifically designed for farmers of Bihar. It aims to assist them in their journey towards better and innovative farming while boosting their incomes. This agriculture app in Bihar will make sure every farmer in Bihar has access to the latest agricultural technology, it contains video and text on every side of agriculture. Bihar Krishi App
  26. PHONE IN LIVE PROGRAMMES : Innovative farm telecast "RythuMitra": The Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University in collaboration with the Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of A.P has launched an innovative farm telecast programme "RythuMitra" through TEJA Channel w.e.f. 6.8.2001. The programme is daily for one hour between 6.00 - 7.00 PM. 6.00 - 6.30 PM pre-recorded (canned) programmes usually three programmes, 10 min. each, one each on agriculture, horticulture and animal sciences/allied fields.
  27. Agricultural Call center (Kisan Helpline) In addition to regular toll free number for instant enquiry on crop production problems, BUA has started WhatsApp service as “BAU Agro Doctor”. Farmers are enabled to share real time images of the crop production problems especially the weed infestation, pest and diseases which are effectively diagnosed by the experts from concerned department and advisories are sent on real time basis. In the year 2016-17, a total of 2275 advisories were provided over phone and 256 over WhatsApp.
  28. Community Radio (CRS) of BAU, Sabour • The community radio station located at KVK, Barh (Patna) is serving the geographic communities and communities of interest located in its vicinity. It was started on 17thMay, 2011 on 91.2 F.M radio band. It broadcasts content that is popular and relevant to a local, specific audience but is often overlooked by commercial or mass- media broadcasters
  29. Soil Health Card Portal ( Improved Soil Health Card Portal has been handled by Information Technology Center, AAU Anand.It is an only one of its kind information project prepared and initiated by the Government of Gujarat for the benefit of farmers at the grass-root level.–This, promote scientific agricultural technologies by enabling the farmers to get required specific information through use of Information Technology.
  30. Online Entry of Soil Health Card ( • Improved and technically efficient online data entry programme for the Soil Health Card System has been handled by Information Technology Center, AAU Anand. Also provided Training to the different kind of users of Soil Health Card project at Gandhinagar, which demonstrates the flow and how to use the Data Entry Module.
  31. WEB BASED CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME FOR THE AAU • Capacity building programme will facilitate the online management of all training programmes sponsored by Anand Agricultural University. It will also include, course director, to perform all the activities related to training programme starting from proposal submission to report submission.
  32. ELECTRONIC WING • Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, forefront in the “Service of the Farmers” is always striving to deliver the latest technologies developed in the University to the farming community through different means of communication. Realizing the importance of the electronic media as the most powerful tool to reach a large audience in the most effective manner in the quickest possible time with maximum accuracy, PJTSAU created the Electronic Wing, the first of its kind in the country to cater the Mass Communication needs relevant to Electronic Media that includes Public and private TV channels telecasting agricultural programmes for the benefit of the farming community. The electronic wing is involved in the production of Video capsule programmes, Digital Video Discs, Quickies, Jingles, Information Kiosks and Agricultural Portals. Electronic Wing was established in November 2001 in the building of ATIC situated in the ARI campus, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.
  33. Horti Tech This app is developed by Sri Konda Laxman Telngana State Horticulture University • It provide price of fruits in market and cultivation of horticultural crops • It also provide the videos related to cultivation and practices of horticultural crops
  34. Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Kokan Krishi Vidyapeeth This university provide the Information related to cultivation of crops, Fisheries, Agriengineering technology and Plant protection thorough developing app regarding agriculture and allied sector
  35. TNAU Agriculture Weather Network This weather network developed and running by TNAU It providing the accurate information related to weather To search the information you have to select your district and search then it will show the weather information for 4 to 5 day prior
  36. Weather Data of Tiruchippalli (E.g.)
  37. Rajsthan University of Veterinary and animal Sciences This provide the information related to Pashupalan, Pashu ahaar and feed bulletin and leaflets related to disease and control of goat, rabbit rearing organic dairy etc. It provide all the information related to animal husbandary and sheep and goat farming Farmers have to register himself and then can login an the portal
  38. Seed Portal PAU seed portal is a central record repository of seed availability at seed production centre. Farmers can get the information of availability of seeds through this portal ans can get the seed also
  39. Krishi Gyan Portal This portal is initiated and running by the Indira Gandhi krishi vishwavidyala Raipur. This portal provide information to all agriculture to the farmers for ex. Varieties of rice,pulses oils agri technology, horticulture also provide the insect and pest control in rice, and pulse crops
  40. Fish Tech Portal This portal is developed by Tamilnadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University This portal provide information about rearing of fish and management and nutrition of fish for their well growth and development.
  41. E-KRISHISHIKSHA Oddisa agriculture university initiate and running this programme Ot provide the online cources to the students and other agriculture stakeholder‘s
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