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My Work: United Orthopedic Group Logo

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I’ve had the privilege of knowing United Orthopedic Group owner Greg Nelson for years, both personal and professionally. You might remember him from the Bledsoe projects I’ve shared with you, as UOG is Bledsoe’s parent company. I was thrilled when he asked me to help build marketing framework for UOG as the marketing and communications lead. I started with their logo proposing several concepts based on strategy and positioning for the brand – portraying global presence and strength. The team agreed they all loved this circular icon, but initially, it was too generic. I worked to engineer the right type of open sphere that creates a sense of movement and momentum that flows with into the typography – making the elements work as a part of each other, working together. This final image – the visual, typography and color pallets – work together just perfectly to deliver a strong corporate brand elevating UOG as an industry leader and positioning the company as a solution for brick and mortar businesses and orthopedic production manufacturers throughout the U.S.

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