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Emery, Sheridan, Track 4

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Transnational Dialogues for sustainability research in early childhood education: A model for building capacity for ESD in universities?

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Emery, Sheridan, Track 4

  1. 1. Transnational Dialogues for sustainability research in early childhood education: A model for building capacity for ESD in universities? Emery, Davis, Sageidet, Hirst, Boyd & Browder Corresponding author: Sherridan Emery
  2. 2. TransnationalDialoguesinEarlyChildhoodEducationforSustainability ● What is Early Childhood Education for Sustainability? ○ Establishing and growing a field of research ● Participants ○ international colleagues with an interest in research in ECEfS ○ Intergenerational scholars - research students to full professors ● Rationale ○ build capacity for research in ECEfS, focussed towards children as agentic beings ○ create coalition of researchers to overcome isolation ○ contribute to building researcher ‘track’ ○ enhance visibility of ECEfS to impact on policy and practice ● Conditions ○ No funding. Participants encouraged to find own sources ○ Leveraging upon major conferences ○ Focus on research collaborations and outputs
  3. 3. TNDinECEfS:Meetings1,2,3 TND 1: Stavanger, Norway 2010 TND 2: Brisbane, Australia 2011 TND 3: Stavanger, Norway, 2015
  4. 4. TND3inStavenger,2015
  5. 5. TND3.2:catchupofmembersatOMEPconference,KoreaJuly2016
  6. 6. HistoryoftheTND ○ Background: The field of ECEfS had a very small research base (Davis, 2009) ○ 2010: Prof. Julie Davis, Australia, and Prof. Eva Johansson, Norway, initiated the first meeting ○ Intentions: a forum for international researchers to share multi-national, multi-cultural and multi disciplinary perspectives and experiences ○ Goal: provoking interest and ideas for future collaborative research, publications, scholarly exchanges and mentoring ○ Initial outcomes: collaborative research proposals and papers, a submission to the deliberations that proceded the UN Rio+20 conference in 2012
  7. 7. ResearchProjectsEmergingfromTND3 ● Children’s Webs of Connectedness in ECEfS ● ECEfS in Early Years Curriculum Frameworks ● ECEfS in Preservice Teacher Education
  8. 8. Linesofflight…. ● Example of outcomes (England) Dialogue from TND 3 has resulted in multiple ‘lines of flight’ (Deleuze & Guatarri, 1987) ○ Routledge text 2016:Boyd, Hirst & Siraj-Blatchford Understanding Sustainability in Early Childhood Education across the UK ○ Embedding the EYFS into the Eco-schools Programme ○ Presentations OMEP UK (May 2016) ○ The Cambridge Primary Review London (Number 4 relates to Sustainability) ○ Embed sustainability and global citizenship in educational policy and practice, giving practical meaning to the 2015 UN agenda of ESD. ○ Education for Sustainability within Early Childhood Studies; Higher Education as a site for collaboration and Inquiry (October 2016)
  9. 9. Outcomes&futureplans ● Outcomes ○ Routledge text 2014: 30 authors; 10 countries ○ Translated into Korean (2015) ○ Numerous papers published ○ Numerous joint conference presentations ○ Thesis examiners ● Future Plans ○ Special edition International Journal of EC (2017) ○ TND4 to be held in Canada in 2017 ○ Continue to expand loose membership in a controlled way
  10. 10. LessonsLearned? ● Lines of flight demonstrating the power of collaboration as a transformative tool. Sue Elliott talked about developing the ‘patches of green’(Davis & Elliott, 2015). ● From patches of green to weaving webs. ● How is this a model for building capacity for ESD in universities?
  11. 11. references Davis, J. and Elliot, S. (2014) Research in Early Childhood Education for Sustainability: International perspectives and provocations. London: Routledge. Deleuze, G and Guatarri, F. (1987) A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and schizophrenia. London: University of Minnesota Press.
  12. 12. ContactInformation ● Sherridan Emery (Australia)- ● Julie M. Davis (Australia) - ● Barbara Maria Sageidet (Norway)- ● Nicky Hirst (United Kingdom) - ● Diane Boyd (United Kingdom) - ● Jamison K. Browder (USA)-