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Swisscoin Business Concept

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Start 04 of June 2016
Location - Switzerland & Swiss citizenship as CEO Werner Marquetant .
For him as a Swiss citizen , the reasons for the company headquarters in Switzerland is on the one hand the well known location advantages , as the long tradition of privacy , the stable , direct democracy and a supportive environment in computer science.
Crypto currencies are treated as foreign currencies in Switzerland . This means that there are no new laws necessary and the environment for taxes is extremely advantageous .
Unique Hybrid Marketing Plan
Due to the rapid development and brilliant marketing plan, SwissCoin is suitable for investors and / or Networker . No " dead legs " . All SWISSCOINS are insured for free.
10 % Direct Bonus
On all directly mediated training packages you receive 10 % direct bonus on the business volume ( BV ) with daily payroll.
10 % Fast Start Bonus
For example, € 500 bonus for cumulative sales of at least 5,000 BV and with at least 2 First liners , each with a 50 - TESTER Pack within the first 30 days.
Up to 22% Team Bonus
One time qualification by 2 directly mediated Partner ( First Line ) , who bought at least one training pack for 25 € . All BV's are cumulated for all times. Team Bonuses are settled daily.
Matching Bonus up to 20 % & up to 11 levels deep
Matching bonus on the earnings of your own partners + unique qualification + daily settlement.
Diamond pool with 1% of the worldwide turnover
Depending on the career level you will receive 1-7 units from the Diamond Pool. The Diamond pool is paid 2 times a year. Bonus and career levels remain forever

It’s the right time to start a new business now we have coin price from 0,03 € and then after perhaps 1 2 or 3 years how knows to 20 € and more.

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Swisscoin Business Concept

  1. 1. Swiss Coin-business concept Information brochure  For Sales partners
  2. 2. The Cryptic currency is The  The Money Future. The Digital currency is quite Clear The  The Future In the Online payment.
  3. 3. Welcome Welcome Hello And Welcome to Swiss coin. I Am Me As New Partner in our company Welcome to May. Whether you are an investor, executive, sales partners or prospect with Swiss Coin have enrolled - All Is one thing in common - they benefit from their commitment in a number of ways from the new, future crypto currency Swiss CoinTM. Make yourself familiar with the back-office, buy You Is One of the training packages (from 25,- €) and start step by step In A successful Future. Enter your sponsor link next (Basic Data > My Data) and build A  Interesting Network . It is no coincidence that we our headquarters in Canton Zug, the digital financial center of the new Crypto Valley In Switzerland is selected. We Are Surrounded by fintech masterminds as BitCoin Monetas Ethereum,,, block chain source, Swiss mine and Many Other innovative companies from the area of the crypto-currencies. Here the future standards In  The Cryptography and The algorithms For Crypto currencies . The scene is supplemented by our promising project SWISS coin. The first units - the genesis block - the newly created currency, Swiss Coin, Is At the 04. June 2016 To 12:00 Pm On The System Connected. For Me as a Swiss citizen And Managing Partner of SWISS coin are the reasons For The company headquarters in Switzerland, on the one hand, in well-known Location advantages,  As the long tradition The Privacy, the stable, direct democracy and a supportive environment In Computer Science. But also a very specific, one large Know-how In cryptography- And Security issues. And: crypto currencies are In Switzerland as Foreign Currencies  Treated. The This means that no new legislation is necessary and the control environment is extremely Of advantage. Once again, welcome Welcome  Your Werner Marque tant Managing Director
  4. 4. AEQUITAS Justice Is In The Swiss Coin Possibility to More  From His Life To make. More success, more opportunities, more Income, More luck And Future. GLOBAL In We work around the world  Of Home and enrich  The life Other. VERITAS Truth, Clarity And safety are for A new, Digital Crypto currency. ADLER The Eagle stands for strong, Courage And Eternity  And Should your Business Efforts  Support And Reward. 9 Star 9 Stars stand for continents and countries The  Swiss Coin conquer . You As Are part of our community Of At the beginning of To In doing so. LIBERTAS The The freedom of the people, Your Life Self- determined To Life  Is Our Central Mission. Swiss Cross The Swiss Cross Stands for  High quality Products The In The whole World . The Product
  5. 5. Swiss Coin - The Opportunity 10 billion Swiss coins The Algorithm Of Swiss Coin allows It 10 billion coins to digital encryption  Generate. 100 million Swiss coins for the People 1 million people Get in Your Free registration each 100 Swiss coins As FREE- COINS In your Account Posted. 100 million Swiss coins for shops and Company 1 Million Online shops and Companies, The In The Future The Swiss Coin As a crypto currency Accept Receive Each 100 Swiss coins As FREE-Coins. 1 Million Members receive Welcome Bonus The FREE-coin-Concept Of Swiss Coin Was For all developed and not Only For  Millionaires. Location in The Switzerland With Swiss citizen As CEO "There is no The Random We Our company headquarters In the Canton Train, the digital financial center  The new Crypto Valley In the Switzerland." Werner marque tant, CEO & Shareholders 5,000 Founding Members Are You Part The First 5000 "Founding Members" and benefit From the  Favor The Hour. You are now Also times of At the beginning of , If a world-wide  Movement Arises.
  6. 6. Unique hybrid Marketing Plan In Swiss Coin there It No dead legs" The Nothing. With Our unique compensation plan benefit fair and Promptly from Your Work. The "People coin" - training packs already from 25,- € Swiss CoinTM Enables Independent From the Assets, Age, Gender, Race, skin color, Training and Place of Residence The boom of the Crypto currencies Benefit. Powerful Back Office Sales partners The Free Back Office Is a strong Ally In Your Efforts by the Swiss Coin-business, quickly, efficiently and professionally Set up. Register for free Always Everyone can In SWISS COIN FREE OF CHARGE Sponsor Register and immediately With The business development Begin. Free paper for your wallet Swiss coins Up For public trading Are The Swiss coins of members as a free  Paper wallet in Bank- independent HIGH SECURITY SAFES In Switzerland Stored. All Swiss coins The Members are free of charge Insured In addition, All Swiss coins The Members As Paper wallet Insured. A historical Opportunity Crypto currencies such as the Swiss Coin are The Beginning The revolution of the monetary traffic! Don't miss this unique chance to not start and you have Today.
  7. 7. Training Packs ROOKIE  KOSTENLO S E-Book Free 0 Split Academy Level: 0 TRAINEE  25,- € 200 Token 1 Split Academy Level: 1 TESTER-50  50,- € 500 Token 1 Split Academy Level: 2 TESTER-100  100,- € 1,000 Token 1 Split Academy Level: 3 TESTER-250  250,- € 2,500 Token 1 Split Academy Level: 4 TESTER-500  500,- € 5,000 Token 1 Split Academy Level: 5 TRADER-1000  1.000,- € 10,000 Token 2 Splits Academy Level: 6 CRYPTO-TRADER  2.500,- € 25,000 Token 2 Splits Academy Level: 7 CRYPTO-MAKLER  5.000,- € 60,000 Token 2 Splits Academy Level: 8 CRYPTO-BROKER  7.500,- € 90,000 Token 3 Splits Academy Level: 9 CRYPTO-MANAGER  10.000,- € 120,000 Token 3 splits in the Mining Academy Level: 10 CRYPTO- DIRECGate  15.000,- € 200,000 Token 3 splits in the Mining Academy Level: 11 Pro Account will be when Purchase of the 1. In addition, training packs Once 25,- € Administration fee Due.
  8. 8. Compensation Plan 5 Income Opportunities Direct Bonus On All direct You will receive mediated Training Packages 10% Direct Bonus On the Business-  Volume (BV). The bonus will be directly Daily Settled. Quick start-up Bonus You can reach As Sales partners within Of 30 Days After your registration a combined turnover of at least 5,000 BV And have At least 2 First liners With Each A TESTER-50 Pack, You will receive an additional bonus From 500,- €. From A turnover of 10,000 BV will even give you 1.000,- €. The quick start bonus is In The Trading  Account and can be booked Only To Purchase Of Swiss coins, Tokens and Training packs used .
  9. 9. Team Bonus 22% 20% 18% 16% 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% For The Team bonus you need One Time Only Qualify, By You 2 direct-mediated  Partner (first- line), The At least one training pack for Bought ¬ 25,- . All BV's Accumulating for All Time. How to reach In Swiss CoinTM Always automatically higher bonus levels. The Team Bonus will be Daily Settled. Team bonus is not On Own revenue paid.  Minus to Other partners to paying Team bonus.
  10. 10. Diamond Pool Matching Bonus 11.EBEne10.level9.level8.level7.level6.level4.Level 5.level2.Level 3.level1.level 5% 10% 15% 20% 15% 10% 5% 4% 3% 2% 1% You will receive the matching bonus From the Earnings Your  Sales partners. For The Matching bonus you need One Time Only You must qualify: The TESTER-250pack purchased And 2 Direct- mediated partner (first-line) have transferred, The At least one tester- 50er pack for 50,- € Purchased. The matching bonus is Daily Settled. 1% From the World-wide Sales Depending on which career stage they have reached, 1 - 7 Shares At the Diamond- Pool. The Diamond pool is Each year 2-time distributed (1. Saturday In August and 1. Saturday In the February) Qualification period is January and June July to December A Each Year.
  11. 11. Special Features All transactions (BV) Accumulating All Sales (1 BV = 0.80 €) accumulate For All Time. Bonus and career levels remain Receive Once Reached Bonus levels remain . 60/40 Control 60% The Bonuses Are Daily In The cash account and 40% In The trading account  Posted. Cash Account On the Credit In the Cash account can be freely Does . Trading Account Credit in Trading Account You can Only to purchase Of Swiss coins, Tokens And  Training packs used . Master CardTM From September 2016, Balances from The cash account Also on a Own Swiss Coin- MasterCard posted .
  12. 12. Career plan Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 1,000 2 Partner s PIN, Certifica te Position: JADE Gratuities For Position: Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 5,000 1 JADE PIN, Certificate, Montblanc Key ring Position: PEARL Gratuities For Position: Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 10.000 2 JADE PIN, Certificate, Montblanc Ballpoint pen Position: SAPPHIRE Gratuities For Position: Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 25,000 1 PEARL PIN, certificate, 500,- € Rank Bonus Position: RUBY Gratuities For Position:
  13. 13. Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 50,000 1 SAPPHIRE PIN, Certificate, Mac Book Air or 1.000,- € Rank Bonus Position: EMERALD Gratuities For Position: Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 100,000 1 RUBY PIN, Certificate, 2.000,- € Rank Bonus 1 Share of the Diamond Pool Position: DIAMOND Gratuities For Position: Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 250,000 1 EMERALD PIN, certificate, award, Rolex stainless steel or 5.000,- €  Rank Bonus 2 Shares in the Diamond Pool Position: BLUE DIAMOND Gratuities For Position:
  14. 14. Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 500,000 1 DIAMOND PIN, certificate, award, diamond trip for 2 Persons or 10,000,- € Rank Bonus 3 Shares At the Diamond Pool Position: GREEN DIAMOND Gratuities For Position: Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 1,000,000 2 DIAMOND PIN, certificate, award, Rolex Gold Or 20.000,- € Rank Bonus  4 Shares At the Diamond Pool Position: PURPLE DIAMOND Gratuities For Position: Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 5,000,000 5 DIAMOND PIN, certificate, award, 100.000,- € Rank Bonus  5 Shares At the Diamond Pool Position: RED DIAMOND Gratuities For Position:
  15. 15. Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 10,000,000 10 DIAMOND PIN, certificate, award, 250.000,- € House In one place Your choice or 200.000,- € Rank Bonus 6 Shares At the Diamond Pool Position: Blackberry DIAMO ND Gratuities For Position: Business volume (BV) Cumulative: Directly switched Partners In 1. Level: 50,000,000 20 DIAMOND PIN, certificate, award, 500,000 € House to a location of your choice or 400.000,- € Bonus, in addition 1.000.000,- € Rank Bonus 7 Shares At the Diamond Pool Position: DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND Gratuities For Position: For details see internal Career provisions
  16. 16. E U R O S O L U T I O N G M B H R U E S S E N S T R A S S E  1 2 CH - 6 3 4 0  B A A R  Z G S C H W E  I ZI N F O @ S W I S S C O I N . E  U W W W . S W I S S C O I N . E  U Copyright © 2016 EURO SOLUTION GMBH, Baar, Switzerland