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What Facebook’s New Features Mean for Journalism

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2011 Mashable Media Summit presentation by Vadim Lavrusik, Journalist Program Manager, Facebook

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What Facebook’s New Features Mean for Journalism

  1. Facebook & SocialJournalismVadim Lavrusik | Journalist Program ManagerSubscribe:
  2. 800M 350M + +monthly active users mobile users
  3. Discovering news throughjournalists…
  4. …and on news sites
  5. Farmville for news?
  6. New Updates: News FeedTicker for real-time updates
  7. New Updates: News Feed5,000 character Limit
  8. New Updates: Video Chat
  9. New Updates: SubscribeShare public updates with your audience using your Profile &Subscribe to sources, etc.
  10. New UpdatesSee Reshared Posts
  11. Coming Soon: Timeline 1. Source authenticity 2. Historical context 3. Archiving 4. Showcasing photography 5. The journalist brand/credibility
  12. ReportingSearching Public Updates 2 1
  13. StorytellingA good story is a good story on Facebook
  14. Breaking NewsUsing your Page for real-time updates
  15. Crowdsourcing theWisdom of People
  16. CrowdsourcingSubmitted Content
  17. EngagementDirect Access to the Source
  18. EngagementIntegrating into the show experience
  19. Journalist Pages: Engagement Journalist Analysis: Posts with journalist analysis received +20% referral clicks (Intl. +70%, politics +60%). Meaty Post Length: 5-line posts (+60% increase in engagement) 4-line posts (+30% more engagement). Photos Resonate: Photos received +50% likes than non- photo posts. Links with thumbnails received +65% likes & +50% comments Weekend Traffic: Saturday links received +85% clicks (Wednesday received +37% clicks, Tuesday +12% clicks) Post Through the Day: Spikes at 7 & 8 am, 10 am, 4 & 5 pm, 12 am and 2 am.
  20. Page ApplicationsStream live using Livestream app
  21. ApplicationsAdding incentive to connect
  23. Join the dialogue at