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Influencer Engagement Ladder

From getting on the radar of your influencers to activating advocacy among them, the influencer engagement journey is a process but not a difficult practice. The key to engaging with your influencers is to understand that there are different stages of engagement. This framework describes how to develop your influencer relationships and ascend the ladder of influencer engagement. - See more at:

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Influencer Engagement Ladder

  1. 1. Climbing The Ladder Of Social Engagement With Influencers TraackrCreated by Evangelized Interacted Interested Aware Engaged RSS SHARE SHARE Assert Your Presence your influencers respond or follow you back Follow & subscribe to their content Share their content w/ your community Connect w/ those who influence them SHARE LINK COMMENT Establish A Rapport your influencers acknowledge your content Curate useful content Link back to their content Comment on their posts UNLOCK MIC TEA Create Value For Them your influencers mention you spontaneously Offer access to people & insights Feature them on your content Build personal rapport CALENDAR NOTEBOOK DOLLAR Activate Them Thru Initiatives your influencers activate awareness in others Invite participation (keynote, webinar) Co-create content Sponsor their initiatives BRIEFCASE SYNC MEGAPHONE Formalize Your Relationship Send them business Let them impact your company Promote them on your channels