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TWTRCON SF 10 Workshop: SalesTweets

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SalesTweets: How to Boost Sales via Smart Chirps
Instructor: Pattie Simone, Founder, |@PattieSimone | @BizActivist

Why SalesTweets? Twitter is an amazing promotional tool that can lead to significant brand reach and new sales. National brands and newbies alike have generated buzz and revenue streams through creative chirps, using a range of offers, But how can a time-strapped small business owner tap into Twitter as a sales vehicle? What strategies and campaigns should be pursued? How do you establish manageable processes that provide sensible ROI for your time and/or outside talent investment?

What You’ll Learn: This workshop will cover several SalesTweets success stories of national brands and small entrepreneurs, as well as how to develop winning campaigns. You’ll learn how to plan a campaign and word creative, engaging tweets, why you need to test different kinds of offers & deadlines, and the best way to connect with thought leaders and influencers. Find out why SalesTweets can also positively affect your Search Engine rankings and how to create authentic SalesTweets that resonate with your target markets. We’ll also cover some Twitter campaign management and engagement measurement tools, like Hootsuite and Twaiter.

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TWTRCON SF 10 Workshop: SalesTweets

  1. Hotel Nikko San Francisco | November 18, 2010 Anchor Sponsors Workshop: SalesTweets: How to Boost Sales via Smart Chirps Instructor: • Pattie Simone, Founder, |@PattieSimone| @BizActivist
  2. Hotel Nikko San Francisco | November 18, 2010 Anchor Sponsors Thank You to Our Sponsors ANCHOR SPONSORS EXHIBITOR PLATINUM SPONSORS SILVER SPONSORS BOOTSTRAP SPONSORS Please visit our Sponsors and Exhibitors during the breaks!
  4. How to Boost Sales… via Smart Chirps Presented by Pattie Simone Viral Activist
  5. Types of Relationships (which do you want?)
  6. Social vs Traditional Engagement via Search
  7. December 2008 - Dell monetizes Twitter use - announces cool 1 million+ earnings from Dell Outlet Twitter feed
  8. Dell’s Simple & Effective Process Chirp Tweak
  9. Enhanced Results From… • Finding the right tone • Tweeting with the right frequency • Testing different offers (between 15-30% off) • Adding deadlines to create urgency • Developing custom Twitter landing pages
  10. Taking Twitter to the Streets = $$$
  11. StreetSweets Story… • Passionate adoption of social media • Knowledge of audience & their expectations • Mixing fun & fab food promos via 140 characters
  12. Not sure of % of sales/ specific monetization, but… • StreetSweets 1st upscale street vendor in NYC to get Zagats Rating •Bloggers pick up & share Tweets •Twitter boosts B-to-B event business in BIG way…. FoodNetwork, Capitol One, etc. •GREAT Media engagement tool “We’ve got 3000 cupcakes to give away in 2 days “We’ve got 3000 cupcakes to give away in 2 days Come & get one of 1000 cups of free hot cider! Come & get one of 1000 cups of free hot cider!
  13. Sales Chirps Monetized …
  14. Small Business Twitter Sales Success Story Company Specs: Marketing Consultancy in NC Focus: Integration of marketing & customer relationship care Before Twitter: primarily serving direct marketing clients After Twitter: Business up 20% - client base expanded to non-profits & diverse industries
  15. Blueprint to Successful Sales Chirps • Initially thought Twitter was “silly” • Monitor conversations, Tweeting blog posts • Got serious Jan ‘09 – focus on conversation with ZERO self-promotion • Studied people’s passive/aggressive behavior, “I’m in the green room…” subliminal info • April ‘09 created #WECETip – 7 days a week tips, experimented with scheduled content
  16. Wilson & Ennis TwitterTips • Tweets during weekdays / 5 hours a week • Mix of shared content & conversations (RT, links to great info, interesting news) • Using Twitter to reconnect with old peers • Focus on her community, not chasing Twitterati • No offers or special deals used • Occasional promotion of info products $29-99 • Added perk: Twitter boosts sales via SEO
  17. Twitter & SEO - Supersized Sales • Broadens your community/brand exposure • Drives pre-qualified leads to your door • Watch your bounce rate, tweak messages • Great content no “poofery” can lead to significant Retweets & traffic with lower bounce rate!
  18. SALES-DRIVING Tweets DELL - 30% off any Outlet XPS One all-in-one PC! Enter code at checkout: NPZ2DD16C20BCR - - Expires 10/21 11:53 AM Oct 20th, 2008 from web OFFER NO OFFER
  19. Sales-Generating Chirps can include… -Broadcasts sporting your brand personality -exclusive Offers/Coupons -geo-targeted Offers -interesting info/trivia -contest, product, service news -responding/rewarding beefs & kudos
  20. Creative SalesTweets could feature video, pix & promos … Share Conference & Industry News Insight from Top Thought Leaders! A pinch of personal promos
  21. Winning Campaigns begin with advance planning! • It’s NOT about selling • Outline your objectives • Develop your strategy • Listen & Learn • Participate with consistency • Keep things Fresh • Be an educator & an expert • Use Twitter as part of an integrated action plan Bottom line: you can adapt your efforts to fit your goals & see success!
  22. Smart Sales Tweet Tips • Anticipate audience needs • Be valuable & you will attract the right audience (s) • Be creative & have fun • Pace your efforts, relationships take time to build • Tweak as needed • Track & Measure response • Participate in dedicated sessions / on the fly has some risks
  23. Knowledge is power… “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” Alfred Adler, Physician/Psychologist
  24. Business successBusiness success denominatorsdenominators are still …are still … communicatingcommunicating connectingconnecting capturingcapturing
  25. Bigelow Tea CEO Twitterific Tips • Ask questions of your audience (and listen to their answers) • Track which links get the most retweets and clicks • Create & share more content that drives the conversation in that direction. • Share the positive content others create about your company. • Track your metrics and identify hot trends, both in terms of the conversations your customers (and your competitors) are having and in terms of hot button issues, good or bad, which you may need to address. Bottom line: once your customers realize they can talk to a human being within your organization, it humanizes your brand in a way that all the advertising in the world can never accomplish by itself.
  26. Terrific Twitter Resources Courtesy of Independent Research & Marketing Profs Twitter Success Stories Account Personalization * Account Management HootSuite * CoTweet *Twaitter * ObjectiveMarketer *TweetDeck Contact Management & Directories FriendOrFollow * Twitoria * Twibs * Twellow * Just Tweet It * LinkedIn2Twitter * TwitterFeed Tracking & Metrics TwitterCounter * * Twitalyzer * Google Analytics Monitoring & Alert Services Search.Twitter * TweetBeep * Monitter Marketing Tools - TwtQpon * TwitterHawk * TweetAdder
  27. More Terrific Twitter Apps / Tools* Twitcam Digsby Twitaholic TweetRanger Twhirl Twitturly Twtpoll Retweetist Tweetscan Tweetburner Tweetvisor Twittervision Twitterfall Twistori Twitbin Tweepler Twitdom *Some sources courtesy of TechCrunch article
  28. Now you’re ready to SalesTweet! Questions? @Pattie Simone @ExpertsnAuthors, @marcomwhiz 845-362-7880