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Enneagram personality test

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Enneagram personality test

  1. 1. Enneagram Personality Profiling Which statement best describes how you felt about yourself where you were younger? If that statement describes you, please put a tick () next to it.  Type 1 - I must be perfect  Type 2 - I must help others  Type 3 - I am what I do  Type 4 - I am different from others  Type 5 - I don’t know enough  Type 6 - I am always dutiful  Type 7 - I am so happy  Type 8 - My strength protects me  Type 9 - I am agreeable Present Life Regression
  2. 2. Enneagram Personality Profiling Type 1  I always had to behave myself  What childhood? I always want to be an adult  In my father eyes, i had many areas where I need to improve myself  My father didn’t waste time blaming me or wanting to punish me for everything  I felt like I was walking on egg shells all the time  I had to hold in my true desires  My father expected me to be perfect  I always knew right from wrong  Why did I have to be perfect and nobody else seems to have this requirement?  Even when I was good I needed to be better  Others saw me as the model child  It didn’t matter how I felt, my parents always had the final say on everything Present Life Regression
  3. 3. Enneagram Personality Profiling Type 2  I knew deep down inside I am always good  I loved my father, but I didn’t like him sometimes  It felt like I was always giving more than I received  I went out of the way to be nice so everyone would love me  I tried harder to please people when they were disappointed in me especially my dad  Why didn’t everyone love me the way I loved them  It felt really good to be needed until they took advantage of my generosity  I believe I always gave out good advice  I was the best friend anyone could ever have  Many times I went out of my way to help others  There was never enough love for me  Others saw me as kind and good Present Life Regression
  4. 4. Enneagram Personality Profiling Type 3  I loved my mother, because she helped me believe I could do anything and everything  I always achieve my goals  I saw all my dreams as realities  I never really had any true friends  My emotions never got on my way  White lies were okay  I had to be doing something important or worthwhile all the time  Everyone commented I had a lot of energy, but i felt like i needed more to accomplish eve rything I wanted  Nobody knew or loved me for me, they just loved my accomplishments  Things didn’t happen fast enough, I need everything NOW  Others seemed so slow me down or get in my way  Others admired everything I did. Present Life Regression
  5. 5. Enneagram Personality Profiling Type 4  No matter how hard I tried my parents didn’t seem to be interested in me  I wanted to know everything about myself but the more i looked the less i liked  Nobody understood my suffering  Nobody loved me  My family and friends didn’t let me in I felt all alone most of the time, I didn’t feel good and I didn’t know why  Love was missing in my life and I felt helpless  I often wished I was dead  I hardly remember any happy moments during my childhood except for my dreams  I stuck around because i knew justice would be done  I always had my own set of rules  Others didn’t see me. Present Life Regression
  6. 6. Enneagram Personality Profiling Type 5  I loved my parents, but i didn’t like the way they wanted me to be sometimes  I didn’t want to get too close to anyone because I didn’t like being controlled  I wouldn’t tell anyone what i am thinking  I couldn’t learn enough  I wanted to know all the facts, possibilities and probabilities and mentally prepared for everything I did.  I appreciate everything i had  Deep down, i know the world could be a better place  It was truly wonderful when I had my own space  I like being one step ahead  My thoughts were important to me  Daydreaming was my favourite pastime  Others saw me as scholarly Present Life Regression
  7. 7. Enneagram Personality Profiling Type 6  My father gave me good guidance  I was always careful about doing things properly  I like to know how far i was allowed to go  I obey the rules  I had to be certain about everything so I could act responsibility  I had a hard time trusting others  Often i imagined what other people’s reaction would be  I like to get as many opinions as I could and then make my own conclusions  I was a good team player because I always did what was expected of me and i k now how to be fair  There was good reason for me to be cautious  Sometimes people thought I asked too many questions  Others saw me as obedient Present Life Regression
  8. 8. Enneagram Personality Profiling Type 7  I only remember having fun  No matter what i collected, there was always rooms for more  I welcomed challenges, dares and bets  People always came to me to play  I really knew how to liven things up  My mother didn’t understand me, but that was okay  I knew how to get away from boring people  I had at least a million friends but none of them were what I’d call close friends  I was always good at everything and wanted to do it all  I went to great lengths to plan things and then i wanted to plan something else  I didn’t like being pinned down or put on the spot  Others saw me as clever Present Life Regression
  9. 9. Enneagram Personality Profiling Type 8  I loved my mother but i was so much stronger than she was  Nobody could control me  It was up to me to defend myself  I protected everyone because they couldn’t protect themselves  I was never afraid  You didn’t want to get in my way when i was angry  My friends knew who they were  I like a good fight  Rules are made to be broken  I’ve always been a leader  I didn’t like crying babies  Sure i wanted love, unless it made me weak  Others saw me as fearless and strong Present Life Regression
  10. 10. Enneagram Personality Profiling Type 9  My parents were really nice to me  It was a waste of breadth to yell or get upset  I never mind doing what everyone else wanted to do  I had a difficult time making up my mind  I could identify with everyone  It was much easier to go with the flow  There was no use in getting upset  I didn’t like to have too many choices because it was confusing  Everyone had a right to their opinion  I didn’t mind letting others have their way  I would mind going back to those days  Others saw me as easy-going Present Life Regression