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AskAndy Anything 2016

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Andy Kirk and Andy Cotgreave answer all your data questions

Publicado en: Datos y análisis
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AskAndy Anything 2016

  1. 1. #AskAndy Ask Andy(s) Anything, 2016 Andy Kirk | Andy Cotgreave
  2. 2. #AskAndy #Ask Andy Q+A Panel in Webex app
  3. 3. #AskAndy #AskAndy @acotgreave Andy Cotgreave
  4. 4. #AskAndy #AskAndy @visualisingdata Andy Kirk
  5. 5. The Data Debate
  6. 6. #AskAndy
  7. 7. #AskAndy 1. The Principles and Purpose of Data Visualization 2. Visual techniques and chart types 3. Personal Development and Skills 4. The State of the #dataviz Nation 5. Rapid Fire qus Agenda
  8. 8. #AskAndy 1. The Principles and Purpose of Data Visualization
  9. 9. #AskAndy #AskAndy Question: Can you please explain the process of making a visualization? Zaki Abdurrahman Koesoemahardja
  10. 10. What influences an effective visualisation? Motives, purpose, audience, format, time, skills, data shape/size, data condition, curiosities… How do influences effect your visualisation design choices? Data representation, interactivity, annotation, colour, composition
  11. 11. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  12. 12. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  13. 13. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  14. 14. #AskAndy #AskAndy Question: Based on your experience what is an effective visualization? Zaki Abdurrahman Koesoemahardja
  15. 15. #AskAndy #AskAndy Visits to my blog,
  16. 16. #AskAndy #AskAndy The Perils of Bubbles, July 2016
  17. 17. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  18. 18. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  19. 19. Visualisation by Mauro Martino
  20. 20. Visualisation by Matt Stiles
  21. 21. #AskAndy 2. Chart Types and Techniques
  22. 22. #AskAndy #AskAndy Question: What is the best way to plot spend across time based on start and end dates and a value? Sam Gibbons Frendo Research Analyst, National Cancer Research Institute How can you visualize customer attrition/churn rates? Paul Gabb, Senior Analyst at Betway I need to make three reports to visualize a process flow over time. Sebastian Højlund Stensgaard
  23. 23. Visualisation by The Uphshot
  24. 24. Visualisation by Ben Jones
  25. 25. Visualisation by Pew Research
  26. 26. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  27. 27. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  28. 28. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  29. 29. #AskAndy #AskAndy Question: I would like to reproduce something similar to the following. What software can I use? Helen Armstrong
  30. 30. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  31. 31. #AskAndy 3. Personal Development and Skills
  32. 32. #AskAndy #AskAndy Question: I have one day a week free for the next 6 months. By the end I would like to have as impressive a portfolio of visualisations as possible. Do you have any advice on how to achieve this? David Hoskins
  33. 33. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  34. 34. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  35. 35. #AskAndy #AskAndy Question:
  36. 36. #AskAndy #AskAndy Image from and visualisation by Moritz Stefaner et al
  37. 37. #AskAndy #AskAndy Work by Kate McLean from
  38. 38. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  39. 39. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  40. 40. #AskAndy #AskAndy Question:
  41. 41. #AskAndy Scottie Nell Hughes, pro-Trump CNN Commentator, Nov 2016 (Diane Rehm Show, WAMU) “There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore, as facts”
  42. 42. #AskAndy #AskAndy
  43. 43. #AskAndy “Facts to one side were seen as opinion to another” Scottie Nell Hughes
  44. 44. #AskAndy The reality What politicians and the media focus on
  45. 45. #AskAndy
  46. 46. #AskAndy #AskAndy @visualisingdata Andy Kirk @acotgreave Andy Cotgreave
  47. 47. #AskAndy