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Guide to OCBC Payroll Bank File Upload (in 7 steps)

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Following the Guide to CPF File Upload for Singapore Payroll, we decided to share with you guides for Payroll Bank File upload for the various banks in Singapore. We’ll touch on various bank files in the region in the future. To start off, here’s a guide for OCBC Payroll Bank File upload.

A Payroll Bank File is a .txt file that maybe named differently for different payroll platform. For Talenox, when to output the Bank File, it will be named like bank_file14092963432.txt.
You maybe thinking why is a Payroll Bank File needed? Imagine keying in entries for 30 or more employees into the bank portal. That’s bad, but it just get crazier at 100, 1,000 or more employees. In Talenox, we don’t believe in such manual process, that’s why we output Payroll Bank Files that you can easily upload and transfer funds over to your employees easily and on time.

Alright, let’s go through these 7 steps to upload the Payroll Bank File to OCBC once you have obtain the Bank File from a payroll platform.

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Guide to OCBC Payroll Bank File Upload (in 7 steps)

  1. 1. Guide to OCBC Payroll Bank File Upload (in 7 steps) An HR experience designed for people first. made with ♥
  2. 2. Log-In to your Velocity@OCBC 2.0 account.   Click on “Transaction”, followed by “Upload file”. Step1 Click here DUMMY ACC AWESOME PTE. LTD. X,XXX.00
  3. 3. Choose GIROFASTWITHINV from the dropdown list and click on “Choose File”. (If you cannot find GIROFASTWITHINV in the dropdown list, please contact support at OCBC to open up the option for you.) Step2 Click here
  4. 4. Choose the Payroll Bank File from the  location that you have saved it.   Then click on “Open”. Step3 Click here
  5. 5. Next, click on “Upload”. Step4 Click here
  6. 6. The process bar will show if the verification is done. Step5 Note here
  7. 7. If upload fails, the status will be shown.  If not, move to the last step below. Step6 Note here
  8. 8. Once upload is done, return to Home page and choose the right task to “Submit”. DUMMY ACC Click here AWESOME PTE. LTD. X,XXX.00 X,XXX.00 AWESOME PTE. LTD. Step7(LastStep)
  9. 9. ToreadmoreawesomearticlesonHRandTechnology, getitfromTalenox.