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Talis Insight Europe 2019: The Reading List Foundation in 3 numbers

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Alan Terry, Co-Founder, The Reading List Foundation

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Talis Insight Europe 2019: The Reading List Foundation in 3 numbers

  1. 1. The Reading List Foundation… …in 3 numbers Presentation at Talis Insight Europe 2019
  2. 2. We aim to help exceptional students from lower-income households in England succeed at university… …by awarding them a £250 Reading List Scholarship to pay for their textbooks in their first year at university
  4. 4. 40% Of students from lower-income households have had to cut back on textbooks because of financial pressures Youthsight/Reading List Foundation research 2016; Base: 763 Undergraduates in England
  5. 5. £57,000 Typical debt on graduation of poorest 40% of students in England Source: Institute for Fiscal Studies, 5 July 2017
  6. 6. £125 billionEstimated value of ‘free’ tuition of graduates in England who went to university in the pre- fee era Source: ONS statistics (2012), IPSOS/MORI data from 2016, assume fee ‘value’ of £27,000 per degree
  7. 7. £125 billion WE LOOK TO BRIDGE THIS GAP £57,000
  8. 8. Students from lower-income households aspiring to go to university deserve greater financial support than they receive post-2016 Directing Scholarships to the school we went to, or the community we live in, makes donations more personal and powerful We can all be philanthropists – it’s not the preserve of millionaires WE PASSIONATELY BELIEVE
  9. 9. £250 Scholarships In the form of a Blackwell’s or John Smith’s e-voucher Awarded to exceptional Year 13 students via their school or college in England Absolute achievement at A Level, or relative achievement while overcoming personal challenges OUR MODEL
  10. 10. OUR DONORS Overheads/admin costs are minimal, and covered by a core grant So 100% of donations go straight to Scholarships* Donations from ‘Bookshelf Scholarships’ to individual Scholarships *Less any fees charged by online giving platforms, c 4%
  11. 11. OUR SUPPORTERS Plus numerous other Charitable Trusts
  12. 12. “Their quite exceptional resilience and work ethic are breathtaking!” “Despite his difficult home circumstances he has always worked incredibly hard, remained very cheerful, been supportive of friends who have also been struggling, AND achieved amazing A-level results (A*AAA). This prize will be hugely valued.” “Her resilience, despite regular setbacks, has been truly phenomenal and her ability to get up and go, at the worst points, has been inspirational.” “She is an exceptionally able young woman, who has coped with challenges in her home life to thrive at school. She is among the top 5 in her 100-strong year group, despite having to hold down two part-time jobs throughout her Sixth Form studies. She is an excellent role model for her peers, and has guided many in the year below her too.” THE STUDENTS, in the words of their teachers
  13. 13. WE SUPPORTED STUDENTS FROM 2016 2018
  15. 15. THE SCHOLARSHIPS HAVE IMPACT: Very big differen… Fairly big difference, 33% A little difference, 9% No real difference, 6% No opinion, 3% Difference Scholarship made to 1st year at university… Source: Scholarship winners 2017 (base: 33)
  16. 16. IN THE WORDS OF THE STUDENTS “I know that someone else is willing me to do well which makes a big difference in a new atmosphere.” “Receiving the Scholarship was a fantastic moment, I was overwhelmed that I had been chosen. My Head of Sixth Form was very encouraging and I feel she gave me extra confidence by awarding the Scholarship to me. I felt like my hard work to that point was acknowledged and that gave me motivation to work harder.” “It gave me a bit of confidence when starting University, as I was so nervous about it.”
  17. 17. CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIPS We’d like to support Talis Insight Europe 2019 Scholarships Please nominate schools or colleges (see our stand): State-funded, post-16 providers in England We’ll pick out and announce the schools at end of conference Talis will match funds raised (up to £1,000) And we’ll match funds raised (up to £1,000)
  18. 18. To donate £5, text TALIS001 to 70970 Or to donate £10, text TALIS001 to 70191
  19. 19. Thank you Trustees: ALAN TERRY; ANDREW DAVIDSON; CHRIS THAIN; CARMEL LAWLESS To donate £5, text TALIS001 to 70970 Or to donate £10, text TALIS001 to 70191