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Social media for researchers - Webinar slides

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Slides for the Social Media Webinar for Researchers run in May 2015.

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Social media for researchers - Webinar slides

  1. 1. All Good?
  2. 2. Our Raving Fans “I'd like to thank Tamika from Knowledge Translation Australia for the excellent social media course. I learnt so many things and it has really helped me understand how to get more followers and the small things I need to be careful of. Since attending the course I have been getting several new followers every day. I would highly recommend you attend this course.” Lisa Munro, Happy Tummies. “Tamika’s session on social media was excellent!” Natalie Baughman, Curtin University. "I would highly recommend KT Australia training for any researcher that is invested in maximising the impact of their work" Barbara Sheil, University of Western Australia
  3. 3. QUESTIONS? mail: one: +61 405 721 141