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National cooperations

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National cooperations

  1. 1. Countries to cooperate for GCDP – Bright Young Trainers Poland India Hungary Turkey Brazil Also good countries are: Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, China, Egypt
  2. 2. Poland IV Round of the project Local Committee Start of internships and workshops Katowice UE March Krakow March, May Olsztyn MarchSearchtool:
  3. 3. PolandSummer Camps, WROCLAW UE “Summer Camps are the great initiative which objective is to introduce cross-cultural understanding among children and youth in South-West Poland! We want Polish youth to open their minds on the international side of life, to broaden their horizons, to help them improve their language skills and simply make their life better! :)” o?contentid=10170397
  4. 4. India Project ConserveConserve is a social Initiative aimed at creating awareness on variousEnvironmental Issues and thus having a positive impact on the society throughvarious workshops, seminars, Plantation drives and learning events.Issues Addressed :- Environmental issuesCycles: Q2(May)
  5. 5. India Project FootprintsImagine pulling out your child from school just because you are unable to find ajob that pays enough to support your family. Imagine entire generations of yourfamily being born into bonded labour, with no hope of breaking free. Imagine acountry, where 10,000 Indians died from entirely preventable causes. Half ofIndias children are deprived of their fundamental right to education every day.Issues Addressed :- Child RightsCycles: Q2(April/May), Q2(June 4th week )
  6. 6. India ASLAIESEC School of Languages is a podium where we hone the skills of the youthof the country in a global learning environment which provides the individualwith an ambience & aura of genuinely doing something exclusive& walk outwith an impressive personality and a global mind-set.Issues Addressed :- Education ( Teaching languages and personalitydevelopment)Cycles: Q2(June)
  7. 7. India Rural Development220 million people world-wide are considered to be indigenous people. Today,these groups are facing a multitude of problems. Most groups are economicallybackward and almost all suffer from loss of identity. The idea behind is to spreadthe knowledge of tribal life through the world in order to prevent there cultureand at the same time increase awareness of modern world among theindigenous people. This would inspire these groups to step forward in today’sera and contribute to the growth of the country.Issues Addressed:- Rural DevelopmentCycles:- Q2(June Mid ), Q3(July 4th week) & Q4(December )
  8. 8. HungarySummer for Youth
  9. 9. Turkey Myself My World is a Global Community Development Programme that is aiming to improve English level and soft skills of High School Students in summer camps. Project will take part in 10 different cities in Turkey, approximately there are going to be around 200 interns working on this project nationally. JuneInformation about Myself My World and Turkey:Myself My World in Kocaeli  Realization!Myself My World in Ankara  My World in İzmir  My World in İstanbul  My World in Gaziantep  More Than You Know  Turkey?  Glass of Tea 
  10. 10. BrazilRealizations are everymonths depending on LCs
  11. 11. RussiaMay is Financial Literacy of Youth and Ecolife June is Sunshine
  12. 12. ChinaHope of the Future-General Introduction • End of Jun-End of Aug, work for 6 weeks Main Activities  Realize in host LC city, receive training materials from NGO  Travel to rural province from host LC city  Individual Inspiration Courses  Interaction Activities with Local Students  Organize School Activities, e.g. lecture, party, sport  Visit Local Family  Participate Rural Development Research and Questionnaire Culture Protection—Explore China Program• June Receive culture training in the museum. volunteer work in a museum as an activity organizer and culture guide. the planning, propaganda, organization and etc for the exhibition. Communicate with the audience. Design art and culture courses for kids Project Survey and submit report to project team of host LCs.