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San Antonio Rock ‘n’
Roll Marathon
A Story of
Determination: Mystel
Duke’s Journey
New Service Center
in San Anton...
Lisa Pinto
Grace Gonzalez
Brian Badillo
Ashley Guzman
Grace Gonzalez
SWBC is growing! We now have more than 3,200 employees across the country,
and with a growing client bas...
Meals on Wheels
This fall, Meals on Wheels of San Antonio expects to serve its one millionth meal. Christi...
MLK Walk
On Monday, January 18, 2016, the MLK March of San Antonio
will take place, and several educationa...
of the
Service Center 2
Holley Sorenson
Client Support Manager, AutoPilot
Holley exemplifies Integrity, Se...
Length of Service—5 Years
Annmarie Anderson
Kristie Arocha
Vance Blew
Jennifer Campbell
Philip Capitano
Maipou Chao

November 13	 Blacklight Run 5K—San Antonio, TX
November 14	 Be a Hero: Cape Race 5K		
		 Sugar Land, TX

To SWBC employees,
We are very excited to be a part of the new Health by Design Wellness Center
at the SWB...
Data Integrity Representative, Lender
Placed Operations
Grandfather of Veronica Reinders,
Product Implementation Analyst for
Mortgage ...
Father of Sarah Garza, Senior
Operations Specialist for Lender Placed
Son of Elizabeth Howard, Business
Systems Analyst for IT
Top Row, Left to Right:
John Tuohy, Managing Director of
Capital Markets
Kelly Tramontano, CEO
Jake Palmer, COO
Scott Ryke...
, SWBC added
inventory trading to its Fixed
Income desk under the leadership
of Kelly Tramontano. The Investment
Services ...
n the world of race-car driving, where
only 19 thousandths of a second sets
you apart from the winner of the race,
to pa...
that rewards accountability and
commitment, Mystel feels as though
it gives her energy to get things done
and help the com...
The 2015–2016 Emerging Professionals kicked off August 20, with introductio...
So what does providing world-class customer service
have to do with social media? How many of you reading
this would class...
The SWBC Mentoring Program is in full swing, and it doesn’t seem to be
slowing down anytime soon. The year-lon...
Through August, gross revenue for
Collections has now crossed the
$7M threshold, which puts us on
Accounting and Procurement Teams
With all of this new business and the
maturation of our existing business,
our Claims are...
S O M E T H I N G D I S A S T R O U S I S C O M I N G ! — W I L L Y O U B E P R E P A R E D ?
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  1. 1. 15 San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 32 A Story of Determination: Mystel Duke’s Journey 4 New Service Center in San Antonio 34 Emerging Professionals Update
  2. 2. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lisa Pinto EDITOR Grace Gonzalez CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Badillo WRITERS Ashley Guzman Grace Gonzalez Kathryn Dinnin Lisa Pinto Mason Rodriguez Roxanne Lujan Tara Kelley Taylor Cunningham Victoria Penn PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Badillo Melissa Webb GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Jessica Molina Juan Ginez Melissa Webb Robin Ingram 18 The Call of Duty: You Answered, and We Thank You ANNOUNCEMENTS 4 Service Center 5 IN THE COMMUNITY 6 Meals on Wheels 7 Scottsbluff Blood Drive 8 Jingle Bell Walk/Run: MLK Walk; Walk to Defeat ALS 9 Giving Thanks EMPLOYEES OF THE QUARTER 10 3rd Quarter, 2015 12 Length of Service Awards HEALTH WELLNESS 14 Upcoming Races and Walks 15 2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon 17 Health by Design Wellness Center FEATURES 26 SWBC Investment Services: On The Rise 30 Racing For Success 32 A Story of Determination TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT 34 Emerging Professionals SOCIAL MEDIA 36 Establishing A New Form of Social Marketing: The Customer Experience 38 SWBC Mentoring Program Update 39 Microsoft Home Use Program Discount IN THE LOOP 40 Division Highlights Our innovative payment solution accepts borrower payments through several channels and by various methods; administers many of the compliance requirements, such as preparing and recording NACHA disclosures; and features multiple settlement options, including same-day loan level processing. SWBC’s payment processing technology makes accepting payments convenient and secure. It’s as simple as that. To learn more call 866-316-1162 or visit today. SWBC provides risk management, income generation, and business solutions for financial institutions of all sizes. © 2015. SWBC. All rights reserved. 52440-1280 0415 EASY PAYMENT PROCESSING It’s not just a good idea, it’s a viable solution.
  3. 3. announcementsSWBC SWBC is growing! We now have more than 3,200 employees across the country, and with a growing client base, we needed more space…so we purchased another service center in San Antonio: SC 5—Centerview. On October 5, more than 200 LPO, IT, and TED employees moved into the building. SC 5, which sits on 11.15 acres, is located at 4300 Centerview, near the intersection of 410 and Babcock. It’s a four-story building with more than 93,000 square feet, 650 workstations, and 950 parking spots. It also has eight training rooms (with five of them in a centralized training center) and multiple employee dining/breakrooms. SC 5 has a full emergency back-up generator and a 3,000 square-foot data center. Charlie and Gary have made significant investments toward building improvements, including carpet, paint, lighting, HVAC upgrades, building security to include an access control system, physical security officers, and very soon a perimeter fence with controlled access. SC 5 has plenty of room for us to grow into, and a number of different divisions will eventually have employees located there. A very special thanks to Margaret Coughlin, Steven Gray, and their teams for a job well done in preparing the building for operation and executing the move! Service Center 5 David Horne Executive Vice President 4 5
  4. 4. communityIn the Meals on Wheels This fall, Meals on Wheels of San Antonio expects to serve its one millionth meal. Christian Senior Services, which operates Meals on Wheels of San Antonio, is a non-profit organization which has served senior residents of Bexar County for more than thirty years. The agency began by serving eight meals a day to homebound seniors. It is now one of the largest non-profit organizations in Bexar County. Without the support of SWBC’s volunteers, this would not have been possible. Thank you to each of our SWBC employees (aka Wheelers) who participate in delivering the meals on their own lunch breaks. Each corporately sponsored delivery route is crucial to elderly clients in need of meals. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Sylvia Arizola at Scottsbluff Blood Drive The West Nebraska Blood Center is in dire need of Type A and Type O blood. In an effort to assist, Community Involvement Committee Member, Lisa Nunn, helped facilitate a blood drive at SC 4 in conjunction with the Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff. We are grateful for the 58 employees who contributed and made it possible to raise more than 58 pints of blood to donate to the center. In addition, we want to thank the employees who helped check people in, fill out paperwork, and perform blood pressure checks. We appreciate your kindness and efforts in actively participating in the drive. If you were unable to donate, and would like to, please visit RWHS Blood Donation. Recap Of Events “I have been involved for about 2 1/2 years, and I love it! I have a soft spot in my heart for seniors, so I am so happy to be able to help them in this simple way.” —Vicki Chapman Walk to Defeat ALS, San Antonio Walk Earlier this year, former Sr. VP of Finance, Dennis Carolin, was diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). In an effort to show support, an SWBC Accounting team was formed by Cindy Jorgensen, and walk captain Tom Whitmore stepped up in honor of Dennis. Together, we raised nearly $20,000 for the walk, which was held on Oct. 31 at Woodlawn Lake Park. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Jeans Day campaign launched in September. Through your direct contributions, you helped ALS in its mission to build hope and enhance the quality of life, while aggressively searching for new treatments and a cure. 6 7
  5. 5. communityIn the MLK Walk On Monday, January 18, 2016, the MLK March of San Antonio will take place, and several educational, inspirational, and celebratory events will come together to honor one of the nation’s most revered civil rights leaders. SWBC encourages you to participate in this event and wear your SWBC Cares t-shirt. The march will begin at 10:00 a.m. at the MLK Academy, located in the 3500 block of MLK Drive. It will end at the Pittman-Sullivan Park. More than 200,000 adults and children are expected to take part in the march, making it one of the largest in the United States. To learn more about the activities and the march, visit: Giving Thanks SWBC was honored to participate in the 8th Annual Alpha Media Radiothon which raised funds for the 36th Annual Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner. The event raised a total of $114,748 which will help feed more than 25,000 senior adults and those less fortunate on Thanksgiving Day. To ensure a successful event, the organization recruits more than 5,000 volunteers to greet guests, prepare and serve meals, and clean up at the end of the day. For more information on how you can volunteer on Thanksgiving Day, please visit: Jingle Bell Walk/Run On Saturday, December 12. The Financial Institution Group will be participating in the largest holiday 5K race series aimed toward fighting arthritis. Chosen as one of the “Most Incredible-Themed Races,” this walk/ run is a fun and festive way to kick-off your holidays by helping others! Wear a holiday sweater of your choice, put reindeer antlers on your pet, tie jingle bells to your shoes, and bring your whole family to help find a cure for the nation’s leading cause of disability. If you’re interested in participating or joining the team, please contact Andrew Lenz at extension 17280. Coming Up Lisa Pinto, KTSA’s Trey Ware, Patricia Jimenez, and photo bomb by KENS 5’s Bill Taylor KTSA’s Sean Rima Interviews Lisa Pinto Debbie Marino’s Commercial SWBC is a proud sponsor of King Week in San Antonio. Check out Connect for volunteer opportunities for week-long activities leading up to the event. For up-to-date information, like and follow the MLK Commission on social media! Facebook: Twitter: @MLKCommissionSA 8 9
  6. 6. quarterEmployee of the Service Center 2 Holley Sorenson Client Support Manager, AutoPilot Holley exemplifies Integrity, Service, Commitment, and Teamwork. She can be counted on to identify concerns and ways to improve. She assists major clients with special handling of their files/process. She logs in during her time off to test system upgrades that impact the team. And, she was able to lead her team to present clear and vital communication to our clients during recent ECM outages. Service Center 3 Joshua Schafner SharePoint Site Admin/Process Developer, LPO Josh is a master at identifying needs, adding value, and delivering results. When approached with a new project, he makes a concerted effort to identify and understand the project’s objective. He helps his business partners articulate what they need by asking the right questions and really listening. Josh has made more great impressions in the short time he’s been with SWBC than some people make in their entire career. He truly lives our core values. Service Center 4 Becky Spencer Customer Service Supervisor, LPO Since joining SWBC, Becky has represented the core values to her peers, direct reports, and management. She honestly exemplifies them all. Customer Service Reps know that they can go to her anytime, and she will help them. When she encounters issues, she is diligent to report them to the appropriate parties and she sees them through to resolution. She also spends time on the Community Involvement Committee. She makes “going above and beyond” a normal part of her everyday work. Congratulations to our employees recognized for their Length of Service and the Employees of the Quarter—Sasha Castillo, Tate Delottinville, Ernest Pena, Holly Sorenson, Joshua Schafner, and Becky Spencer. Headquarters Sasha Castillo Reporting and Analytics Lead, Insurance Services Sasha Castillo is a quiet, loyal, talented employee that helps SWBC Insurance Services perform our jobs at the highest level. She continually steps up to the plate on difficult projects. She comes in early and stays late on a regular basis, just to go the extra mile for our clients. When our team has members like Sasha working together, it gives us the confidence to know that SWBC clearly exceeds our customers’ needs. Field Tate Delottinville In-house Loan Officer, Mortgage Tate Delottinville demonstrates Teamwork on a daily basis. Whether he is helping with IT issues, guideline questions, making a valid point with underwriters to get a condition cleared, or fixing the coffee dispenser, Tate always has solutions. He is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to help. He also has great understanding of the products we offer. His strong work ethic pushes others to be the best they can be. Service Center 1 Ernest Pena Supervisor, LPO Ernest Pena has a high level of personal accountability and focus on excellence. He will exhaust all options when completing his work and can work well independently. His foundation of selflessness, engagement, and diligence forms a powerful model for others to follow. His peers would be the first to share that he is a willing teammate that fosters Trust because of his commitment to excellence. He prefers working in the background, which only highlights his conviction. 10 11
  7. 7. Length of Service—5 Years Annmarie Anderson Kristie Arocha Vance Blew Jennifer Campbell Philip Capitano Maipou Chao Pamela Cleghorn Monika Cook Maria Cooper Allison Curry Richel Darrah Andrea Davis Christopher Durand Travis Ellis Bradley Ferguson Steven Garcia Pedro Gonzalez Christina Hernandez Frederick Holmes DeLee Ingram Lonna Major Phillip Miller Christopher Moffat Paula Moten Melissa Nanez Margaret Pappas Joshua Paredes Jackie Perez Length of Service—30 Years Nancy Ayotte Length of Service—25 Years Amy Bailey James Crowley Cindy Jorgensen Paul Lawler Charlie Mangan Sharon Washington Length of Service—20 Years Tammera Farzaneh Judson Gallagher Cynthia Gutierrez Connie Miles Length of Service—15 years Jennifer Webb Length of Service—10 Years Wendy Blankley Lacie Brown Yolanda Garcia Heather Harrington Angela Ingalls Roxanne Lujan Pedro Maldonado Cecilia Martinez Marcy Quick Judith Santa Anna Pamela Velasquez Want to nominate an outstanding employee? Complete the EOQ Nomination Form and return it to Human Resources. Janet Prado Claudine Quiroga Richard Simpson Nicki Strickland Sharon Thompson Stacey Thomson William Wittman TEAM UP with SWBC For nearly 40 years, SWBC has been teaming up with people, companies of all sizes, and financial institutions in Texas and across the country. © 2015. SWBC. All rights reserved. Securities offered through SWBC Investment Services, LLC, a registered broker/dealer. Member SPIC and FINRA. Advisory services offered through SWBC Investment Company, a registered Investment Advisor. Loans are subject to credit and property approval. Restrictions and conditions may apply. Programs and guidelines subject to change without notice. Rates change daily. SWBC Mortgage Corporation NMLS #9741, Corporate office located at 9311 San Pedro, Suite 100 San Antonio, TX 78216. NMLS #9741 ( 5380-6176 0915. * Maximum loan limits may vary based on the investors loan program guidelines. 5380-6176 10/15 Individuals Auto Insurance Home Insurance Life Insurance Mortgages (up to $3M)* Retirement Planning Wealth Management Businesses Commercial and Life Insurance Employee Benefits Workforce Management Property Tax Services 401(k) Plans Financial Institutions Collections Income Generators Insurance Tracking Default Risk Mitigation Payment Technology | 12 13
  8. 8. wellnessHealth November 13 Blacklight Run 5K—San Antonio, TX November 14 Be a Hero: Cape Race 5K Sugar Land, TX November 14 Nashville Marathon and Half Marathon—Nashville, TN November 14 Corner Store Country Run 5K San Antonio, TX November 14 Los Luchadores 5K—San Antonio, TX November 14 Stache Dash 5K—Dallas, TX November 14 DAV 5K Run to Honor Veterans Atlanta, GA November 21 Frozen Turkey Trot 5K—Hastings, NE November 21 Chosen: Marathon for Adoption 1M, 5K, Half and Full Marathon New Braunfels, TX November 21 Pumpkin Pie 5K/10K—Denver, CO November 21 Viva la Diva 5K/10K—Franklin, TN November 21 Shiner Beer Run Half Marathon Shiner, TX November 26 Turkey Rock Trot 5K—Castle Rock, CO November 26 Atlanta Half Marathon and Thanksgiving Day 5K—Atlanta, GA November 26 Boulevard Bolt 5M—Nashville, TN November 26 Turkey Trot 5K—Franklin, TN Upcoming Races and Walks Here’s a list of races and walks from across the nation. These events are challenging, fun, and often support a great cause. The SWBC Running Team wants you to be a part of the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon! Sign up today, and get $10 off at sign-up (use code CORPSWBCSA). This discount applies to the half or full marathons ONLY. Send your receipt to and get an additional $25 reimbursement for participation in ANY event. (This includes the full, half, relay, 10k and 5k.) Have questions or want to join the team? Send an email to Training Tips from your SWBC Running Team Coordinator Whether you’re already registered or are still contemplating, the decision to run a full or half marathon is a big decision! Here are some tips from fellow SWBC employee and Running Team Coordinator, Melissa Webb. 1. Drink More Water, Less Soda An optimal performance starts with good nutrition and a well-hydrated body. That means you’ll have to start feeding your body with micro and macro nutrients and, unfortunately, give up the soda and burgers. While this can be an extremely difficult task, you would be surprised at your overall performance and mental readiness with minor changes to your diet. 2. Practice Makes Perfect During your run, an enormous amount of stress is put on your mind and body. Your muscles will tire, ache, and you may feel like quitting, but by implementing a well-calculated training program leading up to race day, you will be that much more prepared for the strenuous morning. Everyone has a different background and experience level, but I recommend a six-week training program leading up to your official run. This gives you ample time to begin working on your nutrition, pace, and endurance. Stick to a plan, and watch how quickly you can improve! 3. Dress for Success Be prepared for the unexpected. Marathons are long, time-consuming, and taxing on your body. Minor obstacles like blisters from ill-fitting socks/shoes or the weather can take its toll over the course of a 13.1- or 26.2-mile run. Gear up the right way, and overcome those setbacks to finish the race. For me, it all starts with the right pair of shoes. Be sure to wear the right size, accompanied by a cushioned pair of socks. And, rack up some miles well ahead of the race to break them in. With this year’s run taking place in December, you never know what the weather will be like on race day. Thanks to San Antonio’s unpredictable and sudden climate changes, you could be running in shorts and a t-shirt or bundled up in a headband, jacket, and warm pants. Do your research leading up to the run, and plan accordingly. 4. Find your Motivation Find what gets you off the couch and running down those streets. You may run for a family member, in memory of someone, or simply to be healthier. For me, I run to be a better version of myself. Whatever the reason, look within, and carry that through to the end of your run. 5. Keep Going Finally, just do it! This entire process is going to be an uphill climb (especially when you encounter the zoo hill), but believe me, there is no better feeling than setting a goal and accomplishing it. You don’t have to be the fastest participant or beat a certain time, but if you don’t register and participate, you’ll never know what you’re capable of. Good luck to all of our participants! 2015 Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon By Mason Rodriguez and Melissa Webb For the second year in a row, SWBC is the Official Financial Partner of the 8th annual 2015 Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon and Half Marathon. You can find our team of volunteers at the Health Fitness Expo passing out SWBC swag, posing at our photo booth, and at the finish line festival on race day! Starting at the former home of our San Antonio Spurs, runners will kick off their full or half marathon at the Alamodome, jogging and exploring the heart of downtown San Antonio. Thinking about participating? Continue reading below for a schedule of events, running tips, and registration details. Schedule of Events Friday | Dec. 4 | 12:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m. Health Fitness Expo Saturday | Dec. 5 | 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Health Fitness Expo, 10K, Subway Kids Rock Sunday | Dec. 6 | 7:30 a.m.–2:00 p.m. Marathon Half Marathon, 5K, Two-Person Relay All SWBC employees who register for the 2015 Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon or Half Marathon will receive a complimentary race jersey. Be on the lookout for more information. November 26 The Great Turkey Challenge 5K San Antonio, TX November 26 Drippin’ with Thanks 5K—Austin, TX November 26 Turkey Trot for Hope 5K—Mobile, AL November 26 Fort Worth YMCA Turkey Trot 5K Fort Worth, TX November 26 Houston Turkey Trot 5K—Houston, TX November 28 Toys for Tots 5K—Schertz, TX December 4–6 Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series San Antonio, TX December 5 Deck the Trails 3M—Coppell, TX December 5 Christmas City 5K—Minden, NE December 5 Jingle Bell 1M/5K—Franklin, TN December 5 Houston Methodist St. John Hospital Reindeer Run—Houston, TX December 12 Jingle Jog 1M/5K—Papillion, NE December 12 Jingle Bell 1M/5K—Atlanta, GA December 13 Dallas Marathon Half and Full Marathon Dallas, TX December 19 Ugly Sweater Run 5K—Denver, CO December 19 Rudolph’s Red Nose 5K—Nashville, TN December 19 Illuminations Half 5K/Half Marathon San Antonio, TX December 22 Dallas Jingle Bell Run 1M/5K—Dallas, TX December 31 Resolution 5K—Denver, CO January 3 Eat My Dust 5K/10K—San Antonio, TX 14 15
  9. 9. wellnessHealth To SWBC employees, We are very excited to be a part of the new Health by Design Wellness Center at the SWBC Tower and know from our experience that this will be a great benefit for SWBC employees, and even save lives for some. Because the Wellness Center is a new concept with SWBC, I want to share something that happens in every new Center we open. The Wellness Center is a benefit that is so significant that many employees wonder why the company would do something like this for their employees. There is often suspicion by some employees that health information is being passed to the company from visits in the clinic. I want to assure you that this does not happen. Health by Design staff follow very rigid guidelines regarding the privacy and security of your protected health information. We must comply with all federal and state laws regarding the protection of this information in the same manner as any other health care provider you might visit. Those laws prohibit all health care providers, including us, from giving any protected health information to your employer except under limited circumstances specified in these laws, such as if an employee is threatening another employee or considering suicide. Our computer and electronic medical record systems have no connection to SWBC IT systems, and we maintain strict security standards on our IT systems. From a more practical standpoint, the Wellness Center would not be successful if we passed information to the company. We see ourselves as your trusted advocate in medical matters and that would violate that trust. Furthermore, no one would come to the Center if they knew this was happening, and Health by Design would never participate in a Wellness Center with a company who wanted this information. You can feel secure that we are here to help you manage your health and provide the highest level of medical expertise and customer service so you can remain healthy and productive. Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. We look forward to getting to know you all, and we are honored to be here. Sincerely, James W. Ogletree, MD CEO and Medical Director The primary physician for the HBD Wellness Center for SWBC is Board Certified Physician, Dr. Marijan D. Gillard. Dr. Gillard is a native of San Antonio, graduating with her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) in 1999. She completed her Family Medicine residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) in 2002 as Chief Resident. Dr. Gillard began her career in private practice with a local family practitioner. In 2005, she joined the faculty of UTHSCSA and was the Medical Director of Primary Care from 2008 through September 2014. Dr. Gillard joined the Health by Design physician team as a Wellness Center physician in July 2015. She has 13 years of experience taking care of patients of all ages, which she thoroughly enjoys. She has a passion for preventive care and women’s health issues. Marijan D. Gillard, MD Health by Design Wellness Center for SWBC Wellness Center THE EFFECTS OF ON YOUR HEALTH APPEARANCE EXCESSIVE SODIUM 9 out of 10 Americans consume too much sodium WHERE DOES IT COME FROM? Excess levels of sodium/salt may put you at RISK for: YOUR HEALTH • Stroke • Heart Failure • Osteoporosis • Stomach Cancer • Kidney Disease • Kidney Stones • Enlarged Heart • Muscle • Headaches KIDS who have a high-sodium diet are TWICE as likely to develop high blood pressure compared to kids who have low-sodium diets 10%other sources65%supermarkets 25%restaurants YOUR APPEARANCE Excess levels of sodium/salt may cause increased water retention, leading to: • Puffiness • Bloating • Weight gain HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE is a leading risk factor for death in WOMEN in the United States, contributing to nearly 200,000 female deaths each year 77.9 million American ADULTS have high blood pressure. That’s nearly FIVE TIMES the 42,000 annual deaths from breast cancer 5X 200k ©2014, American Heart Association 8/14DS6324 Wellness Center Extended Hours! Nurses are now available Monday–Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (with a 30-minute break from 12:30–1:00 p.m.) Based on employee utilization, we hope to expand the center’s hours in the near future, to be able to include all San Antonio-based employees. Currently, all full-time employees, part-time employees, and interns working at Headquarters may use the Wellness Center. 16 17
  10. 10. SWBC EMPLOYEES SGT AARICA EVANS, Army Data Integrity Representative, Lender Placed Operations SPC AARON SPOONER, Army Customer Service Associate, Lender Placed Operations SSGT AMBER MING, Navy Wealth Advisor, Wealth Management CPT ANTHONY ‘TONY’ WILSON, Air Force Business Systems Analyst, Lender Placed Operations MSGT BENNY GARCIA, Air Force Mail Operations, Mail Operations SSGT BLAKE ENNIS, Air Force Senior Network Engineer, IT SPC CARLA DUDLEY, Army Customer Service Associate, Lender Placed Operations SP5 CHUCK FRAWLEY, Army Independent Insurance Broker, Insurance Partners CPT CLIFTON CONNER, Air Force Audit Manager, Lender Placed Operations PO3 DARIN STORDAHL, Navy Vice President, Lender Placed Operations SPC DAVID FORREST, Army Resource, Education, and Development Manager, AutoPilot LT COL DEBORAH DIVICH, Air Force AVP IT SQA Tester, IT A1C DEL RICHO JONES, Air Force Early Stage Collector, AutoPilot SGT DENNIS FRECKLETON, Marine Corps Application Support Lead, Lender Placed Operations SGT GARY DUDLEY, Marine Corps President and Co-Founder LT GARY BIRDWELL, Army VP of Operations, Employee Benefits Consulting Group 1SGT GENE WELLS, Army Corporate Concierge, Facilities and Administration CW2 GIBBY RODRIGUEZ, Army Facilities and Administration Support Coordinator, Administration SGT GIL CASTILLO, Army Wealth Advisor, Wealth Management PO1 HECTOR LOPEZ, Navy Senior Data Capture Representative, Lender Placed Operations PO1 HECTOR PAREDES, Navy Telecom Manager, IT TSGT JACKI CAMERON, Air Force Personal Lines Manager, SWBC Insurance Services PO1 JAMES POWELL, Navy Facilities and Admin Support Coordinator, Facilities and Administration PO1 JERRY HERNANDEZ, Navy CPI Refund Processor, Lender Placed Operations SGT JIMMY ALEXANDER, Army Assistant Branch Manager and Sr. Loan Officer, SWBC Mortgage, Killeen MSGT JOHN BUCKNER, Air Force Implementation Manager, Lender Placed Operations MSGT JOHN SHEAR, Air Force Web Developer, IT CPL JOHNNY STARR, Marine Corps Exceptions Processor, Lender Placed Operations My friends, my shipmates, and my service. In the military, your friends become your family, and you build a bond so tight that it can never be broken. We all made the sacrifices, as well as our families, to serve our nation during a time that was very scary for our country following the attacks on 9/11. Nearly seven years later and many miles apart, my friendships with those sailors is stronger than any I have ever had. —Amber Ming To many people, November 11 is just a typical day. To those who served in the armed forces, it is their day. It is Veteran’s day. Originally meant to honor service members who fought during World War I, Armistice Day (as it was first recognized) was scheduled to coincide with the date in which the Allied Forces and Germany unofficially ceased fighting. This fell on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, or Nov 11. Following World War II, which is perhaps the greatest mobilization of service men and women our nation has ever experienced, President Dwight D. Eisenhower ensured that Armistice Day would be meant to recognize all service members from all wars and would forever be known as Veteran’s Day. SWBC is proud to be the workplace of many of our nation’s finest and their family members. This Veteran’s Day, we wish to recognize those employees and offer a resounding “Thank You” for their selfless service and for answering the call of duty. To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations… —President Woodrow Wilson 18 19
  11. 11. FAMILY MEMBERS TEC3 ALVIN J. REINDERS, Army Grandfather of Veronica Reinders, Product Implementation Analyst for Mortgage and Bank A1C ANDREW JORDAN GROVE, Air Force Son of Andrew Grove, VP of Sales for the Employee Benefits Consulting Group CPO ASHLEY KELLY, Navy Husband of Maria A Kelly, Client Services Specialist for Lender Placed Operations TSGT A’ZHIA ANTOINE, Air Force Daughter of Bernadine BJ Antoine, Mid- Late Collections Lead for AutoPilot MSGT BILLY J. BOLLING, Air Force Father of Lisa Bolling, Senior Accountant for PEO SPC BRAULIO RODRIGUEZ BERRIOS, Army Husband of Emily Rodriguez, Commercial Lines Manager for Insurance Services CCM BRENT S. SHEEHAN, Air Force Father of Josh Sheehan, Marketing Analyst for Marketing SPC CARLOS GIOVANNI GARCIA, Army Husband of Michelle Miguez-Garcia, Retirement Plan Administrator for PEO MAJ CHARLES A. PINTO, Army Brother of Lisa Pinto, AVP Marketing Public Relations for Marketing GYSGT CHARLES J. ARNBRECHT JR., Marine Corp Father of Cyndy Stewart, VP Business Development for The FI Group PO3 CHRISTIAN L. GOLD, Navy Son of Susan Barker, Client Service Specialist for Lender Placed Operations SFC CHRISTOPHER TILLMAN, Army Brother of Christine Tillman, Collections Counselor for AutoPilot SFC CLINTON SALZMAN, Army Father of Denise Salzman, Workday Project Manager SPC CURTIS D. MOFFETT, Army Father of Quiana McPherson, Customer Services Representative for Lender Placed Operations PFC JOSE CARDONA, Army Escrow FI Support Representative, Lender Placed Operations SFC LEE BARROLL, Army Sr. Loan Officer, Mortgage, Nashville SPC LEROY PICKETT, Navy Collection Agent, AutoPilot PFC LYSANDRA MATYAS, Army Outbound Escrow Customer Service Associate, Lender Placed Operations MSGT MARGARET PEGGY PAPPAS, Air Force Sr. Operations Specialist, Operations SMSGT MARTIN BARRON, Air Force Software Developer, IT SGT MARY BEARSE, Army Mortgage Refund Processor, Lender Placed Operations SGT MATHEW MEADOWS, Army Customer Service Associate, Lender Placed Operations CPT MICHAEL WISE, Army Director of Security, Facilities and Administration SRA MIKE DUNCAN, Air Force Asset Recovery Manager, Lender Placed Operations SGT NANETTE ELAINE JEFFERSON, Army/Navy Data Capture Representative, Lender Placed Operations SPC NATHAN VALDEZ, Army Customer Service Associate, Lender Placed Operations CPL OLIVER JACKSON, Marine Corps Systems Analyst, IT SSGT PAUL CHAPA, Air Force Excess Flood Coordinator, Mortgage and Bank CPL RAYMOND CUEVAS, Marine Corps Outbound Escrow Account Representative, Lender Placed Operations AMN ROB FLORES, Navy Branch Manager, SWBC Mortgage, Blanco SPC ROSA THOMPSON, Army Client Service Specialist, Lender Placed Operations CPL RUDY ALVA, Marine Corps Application Support Supervisor, IT MSGT SCOTT MCCULLOCK, Air Force IT Manager- Enterprise Content Management, IT SN STEVE MIKULAS, Navy Consultant Support, Ad Valorem Tax Advisors SSGT TANYA PINDELL, Army Distribution Clerk, Mail Operations PO3 TIM BALL, Navy Senior Programmer Analyst, IT PFC VICTORIA PEREZ, Army Data Integrity Specialist, Lender Placed Operations CPT WAYNE JURESKI, Army Senior Applications Developer, IT My most memorable experience was during the Persian Gulf War; I was with The XVIII Airborne Corps as a camp on the border of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. We had been waiting for the air war to begin when we were woken up around 3 a.m. by the gas sirens letting us know we had to get in full chemical gear. We didn’t have the Internet like we do now, and our most advanced technology was our hand-held stereos. Just then, we started hearing the bombs exploding in the distance. You could feel the ground shake and see the explosions in the far ahead in the distance. Just then, we heard over our radios, CNN’s Peter Arnett say those famous words that I can still hear, ‘The liberation of Kuwait has begun.’ —Gil Castillo I joined in June 1990, and the Gulf War started two months later in August 1990. The dynamics and tone of our training and operational exercises increased, and everything was in a heightened state due to the war. I really remember the support we received from the civilian population during my service, and I love how it has continued to be a focus by the general public. As a disabled Veteran, the support from our communities is very important and is greatly appreciated by Veterans and active duty military members. —Darin Stordhal 20 21
  12. 12. SGM EDWARD GARZA, Army Father of Sarah Garza, Senior Operations Specialist for Lender Placed Operations PVT ERVIN RICHARD SCHNEIDER, Army Son of Jeff Schneider, Account VP for The FI Group MAJ FRANK LEE MELTON, Army Father of Akela Melton, Mortgage Refunds Processor for Lender Placed Operations CPT FRANK MOLINA, Army Father of Jessica Molina, Graphic Designer for Marketing MAJ GEN FRANK P. RAGANO Army Father of John Ragano, Mortgage Loan Officer for Mortgage COL FREDRICK AUSTIN STINSON, Air Force Grandfather of Lisa Stinson, Marketing Programs Developer for Marketing SSG GARY B. PHAN, Army Husband of Everalyn Phan, Sr. Loan Processor for Mortgage MAJ GEN FRANK P. RAGANO, Army Father of John Ragano, Mortgage Loan Officer for Mortgage PO1 GENE GAYLON GRAY, Coast Guard Brother of Deborah Gray Marino, VP Community Relations COL H. D. SMITH, Air Force Father of Laurie Smith, Check Processor for Lender Placed Operations SSGT HENRY E. LEWIS JR., Air Force Brother of Henrietta Lewis, Early Stage Collector for AutoPilot TSGT HENRY E. LEWIS SR., Air Force Father of Henrietta Lewis, Early Stage Collector for AutoPilot WO2 JASON YATES, Coast Guard Brother of Tara Kelley, Business Systems Analyst for IT MSGT JEFF MARQUEZ, Air Force Husband of Stefanie Marquez, Commercial Lines Account Manager for Insurance Services MAJ JEROME EDWIN KLEINBURG, Air Force Father of Sarah Kleinburg, Operations Representative for Lender Placed Operations CMSGT JOHN C. MAPLES, Air Force Husband of Janie Maples, VP Post-Closing SGT JOHN CREEL, Navy Husband of Kathy Creel, Mortgage Underwriter for Mortgage SN JOHN BERNARD BENCH, Navy Son of John Bench, Collections Lead for AutoPilot TSGT JONATHAN CARL FEDORKOWICZ, Air Force Son-in-law of Carol Dylla, Sr. Processor for Mortgage SFC JOSE SAMUEL VILLANUEVA, Army Brother of Rebecca Leal, Data Integrity Specialist for Lender Placed Operations PFC JOSEPH WALTER JACKSON, Army Father of Colton Jackson, Sr. Loan Officer for Mortgage SPC JOSH JOHNSON, Army Brother of Courtney Johnson, Sr. Loan Processor for Mortgage SPC JUAN PABLO RIVERA JR., Army Brother of Anna Rivera, Customer Service Associate for Lender Placed Operations SGT JUAN REYES JR., Army Brother of Elizabeth Reyes, Collector for AutoPilot SFC JUAN MEDRANO, Army Grandfather of Veronica Medrano, Client Service Specialist for Lender Placed Operations SFC KATHLEEN HENDERSON, Army Mother of Annmarie Anderson, Quality Control Specialist for Lender Placed Operations GYSGT KENNY GOSS, Marine Corp Brother of Pam Goss, Client Services Specialist for Lender Placed Operations SN KEVIN ULCH, Navy Son of Diane Ulch, Mortgage Underwriter for Mortgage BM3 LARRY LOWE, Navy Father of David Lowe, Mortgage Loan Officer for Mortgage SSGT LA’TISHIA BARNES, Air Force Sister of Ebony Barnes, Client Services Specialist for Lender Placed Operations WO3 LAWRENCE LOOKABILL, Marine Corp Son of Janette Lookabill, Exceptions Processor for Lender Placed Operations SSG DANIEL V. GONZALES, Army Husband of Rose Gonzales, Data Integrity Team Lead for Lender Placed Operations CPO DANIEL YATES, Coast Guard Brother of Tara Kelley, Business Systems Analyst for IT SPC DAVID J. CAMPOS JR., Army Husband of Melissa Campos, Mortgage Refunds Processor for Mortgage SPC DAVID J. GOLD, Army Son of Susan Barker, Client Service Specialist for Lender Placed Operations COL DAVID ROBERT STINSON, Army/Air Force Father of Lisa Stinson, Marketing Programs Developer for Marketing PO3 DAVID J.W. KINNAMONT, Coast Guard Husband of Victoria Kinnamont, Client Services Coordinator for SWBC Life Insurance Company SSG DEREK V. BAKER, Army Husband of Madelyn Baker, Senior Project Manager for AutoPilot SGT DESMOND HAGGRAY, Army Husband of Chelsea Haggray, Product Implementation Analyst for Mortgage and Bank CPT DONALD J. MALONEY JR., Air Force Husband of Denise Maloney, Senior Product Specialist for Mortgage and Bank CMSGT DOUGLAS CAMPBELL, Air Force Husband of Cindy Campbell, VP Financial Reporting for Accounting SMSGT EARL J. GOULAS, Air Force Father of Dana Goulas Garth, Sr. Loan Processor for Mortgage My most memorable part of my service was the camaraderie and personal closeness and belonging to something that was bigger than myself. —Martin Barron 22 23
  13. 13. MAJ LEANDER J. BRANDT, Air Force Son of Elizabeth Howard, Business Systems Analyst for IT GARY LEE ALLEN, Army Grandfather of Kayla Weideman, Customer Service Associate for Lender Placed Operations SPC LINCOLN T JOHNS, Army Son of Katherine Johns, Loss Draft Processor for Lender Placed Operations SHELLY LYNN STINSON, Air Force Mother of Lisa Stinson, Marketing Programs Developer for Marketing SPC MACARIO C. HERNANDEZ, Army Father of Marisa Hernandez, Mortgage Refunds Processor for Lender Placed Operations PO3 MARC RAMOS, Navy Son of Patty Garcia, Payroll Specialist for Human Resources SGT MARK HOLSINGER, Army Father of Krystina Holsinger, Customer Service Associate for Lender Placed Operations SSGT MATTHEW BRETT DYLLA, Air Force Son of Carol Dylla, Senior Processor for Mortgage PFC MAURA MCKINNEY, Army Mother of Krystina Holsinger, Customer Service Associate for Lender Placed Operations SGT MAURICE W. MENDOZA, Army Husband of Melissa Mendoza, Quality Control Representative for Lender Placed Operations SGT MELVIN MARION MEHLING, Army Husband of Margaret Mehling, Customer Service Representative for Lender Placed Operations SSG MITCHEL ANDREW STONE, Army Son of Robert Pippin, Sr. Loan Officer for Mortgage MSGT NICHOLAS J. FALLETTA JR., Army Father of Nicholas Falletta, Accounts Services Representative for AutoPilot MSGT RAFAEL AGREDANO JR., Air Force Father of Erika Agredano, Operations Representative for Lender Placed Operations SN RALPH CAMILO CALIENDO JR., Navy Father of Marie Gaitan, Customer Service Associate for Lender Placed Operations COL RANDALL KELLEY, Army Father of Tara Kelley, Business Systems Analyst for IT TSGT RAUL G. PEREZ, Army Father of Sonia F. Ervin, Client Services Specialist for Lender Placed Operations PVT RAYMOND A. PAGE, Army Brother of Julie Page, Customer Service Associate for Lender Placed Operations SFC ROGER BROADBENT, Army Father of Kelli Broadbent, Sr. Loan Officer for Mortgage 1LT RONALD MORGAN, Army Husband of Irene Morgan, Mortgage Branch Manager for Mortgage “I was stationed in Germany for a majority of my time in service. While I was there, I heard stories about World War II, Hitler, the Jews and the oppression, and how we, Americans, had impacted the war. It reminded me of what we should really be fighting wars for.” —Victoria Perez Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause. —President Abraham Lincoln CPO RYAN D SIMPSON, Navy Son of Frances Fischer, GAP Claims Adjuster for Lender Placed Operations SSGT SCOTT GONZALEZ, Air Force Husband of Kerri Gonzalez, Customer Service Representative for Lender Placed Operations A1CAIC SHANTE PALILLERO, Air Force Daughter of Henrietta Lewis, Early Stage Collector for AutoPilot SMSGT STEVEN EDWARD VREEKE, Air Force Son of Tracy Romero, Operations Representative for Mail Operations COL THOMAS F. TAPMAN, Air Force Father of Tamara Tapman, VA Liaison for Mortgage PO1 THOMAS WHITLATCH, Navy Husband of Sharon Whitlatch, Mortgage Branch Manager for Mortgage SSG WALT SMITH, Army Grandfather of Brittany Huston, Customer Service Associate for Lender Placed Operations MAJ WILLIAM G. DIPPO, Army Father of Michael Dippo, SVP for Lender Placed Auto SGT WILLIAM MARTINEZ, Army Husband of Tara Kelley, Business Systems Analyst for IT PO3 WILLIAM RYAN DEUVALL, Navy Son of Donna Deuvall, Mortgage Underwriter for Mortgage SGT WILSON H. SCOTTY LANDRY, Army Father of Vicki Chapman, Executive Assistant for Charlie Amato SWBC Employees and family members were submitted in response to a survey sent globally. We are proud of all our Veterans and family members who put their lives on the line for our freedom. 24 25
  14. 14. Top Row, Left to Right: John Tuohy, Managing Director of Capital Markets Kelly Tramontano, CEO Jake Palmer, COO Scott Rykert, Managing Director of Capital Markets By Grace Gonzalez While most employees are arriving for work, the men at the Fixed Income desk are presumably on their third cup of coffee. With a start time of around 5:30 a.m. on most days, the team of bond traders are scoping out the market, preparing for what they want to buy, and getting bids out into the marketplace. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Ryan Riffe, Fixed Income Trader Sean Tuohy, Fixed Income Trader Chris Elbrecht, Fixed Income Trader 26 27 Not Pictured, PK Marshall
  15. 15. , SWBC added inventory trading to its Fixed Income desk under the leadership of Kelly Tramontano. The Investment Services division welcomed three of the top bond traders in the industry to help launch this new initiative: Scott Rykert, John Tuohy, and PK Marshall. “This was a goal of mine for many years. I started my career working on a Fixed Income desk, and I knew we could eventually grow enough to support one. We worked on it (hit and miss) for about three years to get it up and running. Finding the right talent and the right skillset to make that happen changed the game and has made a tremendous impact,” explained Kelly. The trio brings more than 47 years of combined experience in Fixed Income trading to SWBC. They formed a camaraderie at a former firm and were able to use the knowledge and skills learned to hit the ground running during the launch of the new venture. “This is the first time we have the expertise on our team to participate in the underwriting market, so when a municipality or school district does a bond issuance, we can actually be a part of that underwriting process for distribution—it’s an entirely new market that we haven’t been able to participate in prior to completing the team,” shares Kelly. f Finding the right talent and the right skillset to make that happen changed the game and has made a tremendous impact. “ ” As you can imagine, no two days are ever the same behind the trading desk. At times, the desk can get intense, as bids are being put out into the marketplace—sometimes, as many as 2,000 a day. This role is definitely not for the shy and meek. A commonality the traders share is a love and passion for their job. To be successful in this type of environment, one must be able to comprehend the multi-interaction, the data, and how they affect each other, because the bond market is so multi-faceted. In risky situations, it’s easy to be discouraged, especially when a lot of money is at stake. However, one thing is certain, these men surely put their best foot forward on a daily basis. money to the entity for the period of time until the bond matures. At maturity date, the bond is retired, and the original principle paid for the bond is returned to the lender from the issuer. There are three main types of bonds that make up the bond market: federal bonds, municipal bonds, and corporate bonds. If a bondholder wants to sell their bond before it matures, they have to find a buyer who is willing to pay them the price of the bond in exchange for the future interest payments, and once the bond matures, the new owner will receive the principle back. This “exchange” is what makes up the “secondary market” for Fixed Income. The primary market is when an issuer puts its bonds out to the market for the first time and receives the borrowed money as principle. The secondary market is where buyers exchange the bonds that have not yet made it to maturity date, but still pay interest. So, in a nutshell, Fixed-Income Traders assist with the trading of bonds among bondholders, and they earn profits by buying them at a discount, and selling them to new buyers for a fair price. Our desk has the ability to participate in both the primary and secondary Fixed-Income markets. When an entity, like a school district, needs to raise money to build a new school, they can offer a bond issuance to build the school, which is done in the primary market. We participate by helping the school district find buyers for their bonds. Once the school is built and the bonds mature, the taxpayers fund the operations of the school through property tax assessments. Until the bonds mature, however, they will trade in the secondary market among buyers such as individuals, mutual fund companies, investment advisors, money managers, and much more. The team competes against broker/ dealers all across the country, from big corporations like Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, to smaller corporations like ourselves. When they prepare for the day-to-day, they are looking at anywhere from 12-15,000 bids and 50,000 offerings. Preparation is key to meeting their goals; keeping up with the latest trends, interest rates, economic data, and the stock market are essential, as it influences their strategy and outcome for the day. Learning the ins and outs of bond trading is just like learning to trade any other security; you have to understand what it is you’re trading and the value behind it. For further clarification on common bond terminology, check out the Bond Basics. What do bond traders do? In order to understand what they do, you first have to look at what defines a “Fixed-Income security,” commonly referred to as a “bond.” Most people have heard of the stock market; it’s where public companies issue “stock” to raise capital to fund their operations. In simplistic terms, the stock trades in the open market based on what it’s worth, what price someone will pay to own it, and what price someone will sell it for. Your earnings are based primarily on the value of the shares. A “Fixed-Income” security, or bond, is different than stock. It is a security that is issued by an entity to borrow capital, or money, to fund a specific project or need. They are called “Fixed Income” because each bond (security) has a stated interest rate (a fixed rate that produces income), a maturity date, and a face amount; the buyer (owner) of the bond receives the interest payment for the period of time they hold it, as a return for lending the face amount they paid for it to the issuer. In essence, buyers are lending Types of Bonds: ŠŠ Federal Bonds are issued by the US government. The interest earned from them are exempt from federal, state, and local income taxes, and the interest payments are backed by revenue and taxing power from the government. ŠŠ Corporate Bonds are issued by a corporation. The interest earned is taxable and the interest payments are backed by revenue from the company. ŠŠ Municipal Bonds are issued by a city, state, county, or other municipal entity to build schools, highways, hospitals, and other projects for the public. Interest earned from municipal bonds are exempt from federal income taxes, and in most states, exempt from state and local taxes within that state. Interest payments are backed by the revenue or taxing power of the entity and differ from bond to bond. Terminology ŠŠ Coupon—an interest payment you get on a semi-annual basis ŠŠ Maturity date—the date the bond becomes due and is repaid to the investor and interest payments stop ŠŠ Fixed Income—the income produced from the coupon is a fixed payment and does not fluctuate (i.e., if you buy $10K on a 5% coupon, every year you get $500) ŠŠ Primary market— the market where an issuer works with investment bankers, syndicates, and managers to create the bond issuance and distribute it to the market for the first time ŠŠ Secondary market—is a market where bondholders can buy and sell bonds that still pay interest payments and have not matured or come due because their maturity date is in the future ŠŠ Underwriting market—a firm has to be approved to participate in underwriting as a business line by FINRA, the industry regulators. Once you have obtained this, then you have to submit for approval by each underwriting entity that you would like to participate with. The underwriting market is made of primary offerings that come to market, but an entity that offers them and firms that are approved, help distribute the bonds. 28 29
  16. 16. I n the world of race-car driving, where only 19 thousandths of a second sets you apart from the winner of the race, to participate among these types of competitors is a feat on its own. That was the case for rookie, Sallie Sylvester, at the Les Schwab Challenge at Woodburn Dragstrip, Woodburn Oregon, on the weekend of July 18. Sallie joined SWBC in February of 2013; she is the Vice President of Sales for The Financial Institution Group’s Mid-Tier client market for Oregon and Washington. When she’s not building relationships with clients and prospects, identifying their business needs, and offering products and services to help them manage their lending portfolio risks, you can find her at the race track working on improving her time, studying race routines, and working on her dragster engine. “When I was a little girl, my dad and I would run errands—anytime we got in the family car to go to the grocery store or church, his imagination would kick into high gear to make the trip in the car feel and sound like we were on the race track, imagining the excitement of the crowd cheering as we were winning the race. Also, I would watch my childhood best friend, Angela, and her husband, drag race their motorcycles at 150 mph in the quarter mile. Whenever I watched them race, I would think, someday I want to do this. I also watched NHRA Drag Racing on television and at various race tracks—that’s where I had the vision and the dream of racing a dragster down the track someday,” Sallie remembers. She began her racing career in 2000, where she participated in sand-rail racing for more than ten years. Sand-rail racing specifically operates on sandy terrain, on a straight track of 300 feet, whereas the racing she does now is four times the length (a quarter mile) and operates on cement and asphalt. Sallie recalls the first sand-rail race in which she participated. She made every mistake you could think of and lost the race, but that didn’t stop her from competing; quite the opposite, it only fueled her flame for the next race. Her second sand-rail race was a ‘shoot-out’ race–which is an elimination process giving the racer with the most consistent reaction and elapsed time down a straight 300-foot course. She took first place overall against 40 competitors. Some might call it beginner’s luck; others will call it skill, but Sallie went on to win every sportsman race she competed in and took home Rookie of the Year award that season. In 2002, she continued her winning streak, and the races in which she won first place throughout the season qualified her for entry into the ‘King of the Hill,’ where she won first place, along with bragging rights. She also enjoys building and working on the vehicles. In 2010, she and a friend spent their weekends building their very own dragster. It took nearly three years to complete the dragster, Red Thunder. It was named with her first sponsor’s name in mind, Thunderbolt Racing Fuel. With no previous experience building a dragster, it was one they felt they could undertake since her friend was an aircraft mechanic by trade. They both worked on it and installed engines in classic cars before that. “I’ve always been intrigued with how engines function and like working on them,” Sallie states. “I have been truly blessed and fortunate to have various people in my life to teach me and show me how to work on engines and the electronics. I consider myself a ‘gearhead,’ and I really enjoy motorsports of all types.” by Grace Gonzalez THE RACE After completing the NHRA License requirements, which consisted of a physical and mental examination, a special cockpit orientation test (“blindfold” test), and test-runs on the track, Sallie earned her NHRA License in 2014 and has been racing ever since. The drag racing season typically begins in June and ends in September, leaving room for Sallie to race only two weekends a month. With hands gripped to the wheel, cresting 192 miles per hour in 7.05 seconds in a ¼ mile toward the finish line, Sallie came in second against professional driver, Dan Provost, at the Les Schwab Challenge race July 19th. Leading up to this final race, she was up against 68 other competitors, winning multiple rounds of racing to meet Dan Provost face- to-face in the finals. Sallie’s friends, sponsors, and crew were very proud of the achievements and Sallie could not have been happier with a second place win. THE TEAM When it comes to racing, it truly is a team sport. Sallie has entrusted a number of long-time friends with roles on the Red Thunder team. Currently sponsored by Thunderbolt Racing, Sister Fruit Company, Tarabochia Motor Sports, and Waddington Machine, the team is fortunate to receive many perks to include an unlimited supply of race fuel. HER INSPIRATION Sallie finds inspiration from many race car drivers to include John Force, American NHRA drag racer and 16-time Funny Car Champion Driver. His daughter, Courtney Force, is also someone whom she admires. Sallie has been very fortunate to have mentors since she began drag racing with Red Thunder, Mark Tarabochia and Joey Severance. They have given her key advice to help her improve her racing skills, build her confidence, and most importantly, help her get down the track safely. According to Sallie, the dream of driving as a professional NHRA drag racer is not far-fetched. In fact, it is a goal of hers. “My vision and dream of racing a dragster so long ago was never lost, and now that it has come to fruition, I am excited for the next chapter in my racing life. People ask me, ‘Are you scared when you go down the track?’ My response is that I honestly am not. I don’t know if it’s because it happens so fast—seven seconds and I’m down the track—or, if my passion and love for this sport makes it so very exciting, rather than scary. Someday, I would love to do this professionally; I hope I can be consistent in winning many races to be able to prove to my friends and sponsors that I can do just that. Without the support of my friends and sponsors, I would not be ‘Living the Dream,’ and for that, I am humbled and grateful.” Her advice to anyone who may ask? Believe in yourself and work every moment you can toward making your dreams become a reality—it is an incredible and awesome feeling. 30 31
  17. 17. that rewards accountability and commitment, Mystel feels as though it gives her energy to get things done and help the company to be the best it can be. Plus, when surrounded with a talented team and colleagues who have the same commitment to success as you do, anything is possible. There has been quite a bit of transformation over the last 27 years that Mystel has worked for SWBC— both personally and professionally. The company has grown, as has Mystel’s family. She is married to Dwain, whom she has known since 3rd grade. And the loving couple has two daughters, Delaney and McKenzie, in addition to a sweet dog named Jerry Lee. Besides work, Mystel’s family is her hobby. Both her daughters are very active in athletics, and she enjoys being their cheerleader at sporting events such as softball. McKenzie will soon be entering high school, and Delaney is currently applying to colleges while finishing her senior year. Mystel’s family is quite philanthropic and is dedicated to raising awareness of early cancer detection and prevention through regular physicals and screenings. This has become an important mission for Mystel—in recent years, she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Stage 3 Breast Cancer. It was actually one of Mystel’s colleagues who pushed her to get the physical where the cancer was discovered. Now, she is in remission, and she openly attributes much of her recovery and positivity during such a difficult time to SWBC. The company completely supported her throughout her treatment. Looking back at her journey, Mystel believes the best part, the most memorable, the most rewarding…is being able to experience that journey at SWBC. Mystel enjoys coming to work every day because of the wonderful people who work for this company. However, she admits, if she has one area to improve, it would be a better work/life balance. For Mystel, work is fun (in addition to being her hobby) and sometimes she tends to work too much. Over the years, Mystel has coined the phrase, “Crazy just might work!” And looking back at her life, both personally and professionally, crazy did work. While she may believe her accomplishments are luck, it’s definitely more than that. She is a hard worker. And, as for us? We are the lucky ones. We have the privilege of working with Mystel and experiencing her leadership, dedication, and loyalty each and every day. I f anyone were to ask Mystel Duke to describe her life in one word, she would say “lucky.” But those around her would say luck isn’t what got her where she is today–it was her talent, hard work, and determination. Although many events in her life where unplanned, and Mystel attributes several occurrences to luck, her life has more often been impacted by her sheer tenacity and a loving support system– both at home and at work. Mystel was born in Rochester, New York, and she was adopted by wonderful, loving parents. Her mother and father were the two most influential people in her life. They worked very hard themselves–often times handcrafting pieces for their home, such as furniture and art. Mystel’s father was a professor and worked in education. His job eventually moved them from New York to Kingsville, Texas. Throughout her childhood, Mystel’s parents continued to teach her the importance of hard work in order to be successful throughout her life. She took this lesson to heart and has carried it with her to this day. In the late 1980s, Mystel graduated from Texas AM University with an undergraduate degree in industrial psychology and business, moved to Austin, and began looking for work. But luck or fate, as it were, took the wheel after an unfortunate car accident. Money was tight, and she was looking for any position, with any company that would just give her a chance. It was then that a friend referred Mystel to SWBC to take a typing test. With little experience in the financial sector, she did well enough to secure an interview, and that same day, Mystel was offered a job. She happily accepted—sight unseen, with no clue as to what she would be doing, in a brand new city. Mystel started her career with SWBC as a Customer Service Representative–part of a three- person team. Mystel worked hard and was very loyal to SWBC. She was rewarded for her dedication and worked her way up from a service rep to leading her own department. After 27 years, Mystel is now the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and is the 7th longest- tenured employee. Over the years, she has been an integral part of the company’s growth—watching the number of employees expand to more than 3,000. Mystel is most proud of her role in helping automate many processes for the company, most recently launching Workday. Prior to that, Ultipro, TOM, and Wingspan were spearheaded by Mystel and her team; all of which have improved employee efficiency and helped make jobs easier. For example, at one point in time, each manager was responsible for conducting annual reviews for each employee on the anniversary of their hire date. Thanks to Mystel’s leadership and influence, SWBC streamlined this process, and the company now conducts all employee appraisals on an annual basis via an automated online tool. While she may call it luck, Mystel has put in long hours and is extremely passionate about SWBC. She attributes the huge driving force behind her dedication, to the respect and loyalty shown by company leadership—especially Charlie and Gary. By providing a work environment By Kathryn Dinnin “Mystel is an inspiration and joy to everyone she comes in contact with. SWBC and every employee are fortunate to have her leading the HR team.” —Mandy Smith, VP, Training Development “I have worked for Mystel for the past 23 years and she has always been there, readily available to assist in any situation, at any time.” —Jean Neumann, Generalist, HR “On any given day, Mystel’s contagious laugh will light up a room and leave you no choice but to join in.” —Liliana Montes, Benefits Manager, HR “My one word definition of Mystel: Tenacity” —Bobby White, VP, Financial Strategy “Mystel is an absolute joy to work with, and she models our Core Values in everything she does.” —David Horne, EVP 32 33
  18. 18. Emerging Professionals developmentTraining and The 2015–2016 Emerging Professionals kicked off August 20, with introductions and committee selections, followed by a meeet and greet at Rosario’s. For the upcoming season, Emerging Professionals were allowed to select from three committees: Brand Awareness, Community Involvement, and Recruiting. Under the leadership of Candy Ferdin and the Core Champions, each of the committees will spend the upcoming year focusing on projects to further the goals of their respective committees. If you are interested in joining the next group of Emerging Professionals, keep an eye out for the application email in July 2016. By Tara Kelley Members: Angelina Montanez—Excess Flood Coordinator, Mortgage Bank Hadear Shafei—Product Implementation Analyst Supervisor, Mortgage Bank Cristina Ponce—Personal Lines Agent, Insurance Partners Santiago Gutierrez—Ocwen Client Services, LPO Patrick Pena—Claim Service Administrator, LPO Reanna Galicia—Data Capture Representative, LPO Emily Morrison—Talent Acquisition Specialist, HR Ashley Fertig—Customer Service Supervisor, LPO Shae Brost—Exception Supervisor, LPO Melissa Kersenbrock—Loss Draft CSR Supervisor, LPO Members: Antonio Rosales—Director of Client Relations, SWBC Lending Solutions Ramiro Jaime—Data Research Analyst, Data Integrity Lisa Stinson—Marketing Programs Developer, Marketing Carla Sanchez—Quality Lead Specialist, LPO Armando Vara—Training Design Development Specialist, TED Brand Awareness Committee The Brand Awareness Committee’s goal is to encourage recognition of SWBC as a trusted business leader in the financial services industry. By promoting both internal and external awareness of SWBC products and services, Emerging Professionals hope to increase business and reflect a positive image in the communities it serves. Tara Kelley Business Systems Analyst, IT Members: Alexandra Story­—Talent Acquisition Specialist, HR Christine Silva—Collections Counselor, AutoPilot Blanca Gonzales—Communications Manager, Employee Benefits Breanna Smith—Asset Protection Program Underwriter, Insurance Services Scott Stewart—Loan Officer, Mortgage Corp. Sonia Ervin—PennyMac Client Services, LPO Core Champion Core Champion Community Involvement Committee The Community Involvement Committee’s goal is to provide service to the community, while enhancing awareness of SWBC in a productive and positive light. In order to accomplish this goal, we will find local charities, partner with them, and spread awareness and goodwill of SWBC throughout the community. Core Champion Bryant Chandler LMS Administrator, TED Recruiting Committee The Recruiting Committee’s goal is to represent SWBC as an innovative, growing company, and valuable place to work among college students by participating in events at various colleges and universities, student organizations, job fairs, etc. Committee members are also tasked with providing a fresh perspective for attracting and retaining millennials, while building strong relationships. Angela Rios Excess Flood Underwriter, Mortgage and Bank 34 35
  19. 19. So what does providing world-class customer service have to do with social media? How many of you reading this would classify yourselves as working in financial services? What about marketing? In management or leadership? How many of you are in customer service? It is my hope that everyone, no matter your role or title, said yes to customer service. And, if you didn’t, shame on you because you should have. Remember, customer service should be in every aspect of your job—and all parties, from the CEO and owner to the company’s courier, should align their behaviors to that statement. What companies once allowed paid advertising to do (i.e., promote the company name, culture, and products/ services) has now been replaced with the power of social marketing, and the most powerful, most impactful promotion is when your clients are touting your customer service. A positive, shared customer experience is, by far, the best marketing that money cannot buy. But, it must be noted, that when it doesn’t meet the standard of world class, it can often be the worst kind of marketing that exists. See, social media has turned referral-based marketing upside down. While we’ve all known that word of mouth is extremely powerful, it doesn’t hold a candle to the power that “word of mouse” can achieve, blowing previous referral methods out of the water. What do people do when they’re upset at something— at anything? They vent. And, 20 years ago, the act of venting consisted of telling your story to anyone within earshot. While still damaging to a company’s brand, realistically, it was usually a story-telling experience that was contained to only the ears in the room. Fast forward to today’s world—social media is prevalent among the communication channels that customers are engaging with to consume and cast to the world. Those once-held-in-the-kitchen- conversations now have the potential to be blasted to 2,786 Facebook friends; 1,255 LinkedIn connections; and 3,989 Twitter followers—instantaneously and simultaneously. And, let’s not even get started on the shares, retweets, and potential amplification that comes with that teeny, tiny, measly little post. The power that consumers now hold in their arsenal is staggering. So, what does this all mean? Well, what we all know is that consumers are going to take to social media to chat about their experience, so let’s fuel them with the content to fill those status updates and tweets. Give them a reason to tout the SWBC name in a positive light. Customer service is the new marketing! By having a workforce of 3,000+ brand soldiers provide the best customer service they possible can, SWBC is destined to retain the hearts, trust, and loyalty of their customers. And, we’ll have you to thank for it! Establishing A New Form of Social Marketing: $ $ $ ¢ ¢ The Customer Experience Establishing A New Form of Social Marketing: mediaSocial Y ou’ll hear it over and over again. The number of products and services available under the SWBC umbrella are common products and services that can be acquired by working with another company with similar offerings. But, when you do a side-by-side comparison of us versus them for like-products, often time, the differentiator points back to customer service. Good customer service and, better yet, the expectation to provide world-class service starts at the top of an organization. Companies like Amazon, Zappos, Apple, and Starbucks quickly understood the need to establish a powerful, meaningful, emotional connection with their customers. When all was said and done, everything pointed back to customer service. “...word of mouth is extremely powerful, it doesn’t hold a candle to the power that ‘word of mouse’ can achieve...” Word of Mouse = Click Sharing It’s our customer service that sets us apart. By Roxanne Lujan 36 37
  20. 20. knowDid you The SWBC Mentoring Program is in full swing, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The year-long program is entering its ninth month, and all of the mentors have shown a ton of dedication and commitment to the program, their partner, and their goals. Mentors and mentees are continuing to meet frequently to discuss the mentee’s goals and potential development opportunities. “It’s been a very rewarding experience having a mentor this year. I’ve learned a lot from Kellie (Lowder) and really cherish the relationship we’ve been able to develop, both professionally and personally. Her continual support has made me feel extremely confident that I will accomplish the goals we set together at the beginning of the mentoring program,” said Jessica Molina, a Graphic Designer in the Marketing Department and mentee in the program. It will be exciting to see what all the participants will have accomplished at the closing ceremony in December! SWBC Mentoring Program Update By Taylor Cunningham Take advantage of the huge savings on Microsoft Software! As an SWBC employee, you can purchase a licensed copy of Microsoft Office Plus 2010 to install and use on your home computer for only $9.95! In addition, Office 2008 for Mac is also available for $9.95! The option to purchase a backup DVD is also available for an additional $12. To purchase Microsoft Home Use Program: 1. Go to 2. Select USA for the country, and choose the language for viewing the order. 3. Enter your SWBC email address and type in the following program code: 59A2CA7785 4. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to place your order online. 5. Follow the steps to purchase online. If you choose to purchase the backup DVD, you will be prompted to enter a shipping address. If you have questions regarding the Home Use Program, call 877-237-3165 or visit Microsoft Home Use Program Discount 38 39
  21. 21. AUTOPILOT Collections Through August, gross revenue for Collections has now crossed the $7M threshold, which puts us on track to reach $10M by year end. In addition, at $905K in net income through August, Collections expects to cross $1.5M by year end. August monthly revenue was $997K, so the $1M per month level is within our sights. Several large clients are on the horizon as well, including: Security Service FCU, Randolph Brooks FCU, and SchoolsFirst FCU—3 of the top 10 largest credit unions in the country. Electronic Cash Management Our launch plan is coming together for our newest additions, which include Internet PIN Debit and a single sign-on with Digital Insight home banking. We continue the development of our mobile app with features such as Personal Finance Management (PFM), bill pay, and ECM. We look forward to sharing more in the coming months! AutoPilot Software With several new clients coming on board, fall has become one the busiest time for our collections software implementation team. Looking to maximize efficiencies and lower overall operating costs, a number of these new partners are also choosing to use other AutoPilot products, proving the single desktop concept, AutoPilot, works! Asset Recovery With our first significant enhancement deployed and a new partnership integration well under way, our Asset Recovery application is getting ready to undergo a re- architecture. This will pave the way for several major enhancements in the coming year, including multi- provider and the exposure of remarketing fields. loopIn the In an effort to keep employees up-to-date with the latest happenings, we went straight to the divisions to see what was going on. Here is what we found out: EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CONSULTING GROUP When we were young, we all heard the phrase—“Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... It’s Superman!” Well, this isn’t a story about Superman, but rather about the SWBC Employee Benefits Consulting Group (EBCG) whose employees are doing “super” things for their clients and for SWBC. Beginning in the summer of 2013, the SWBC EBCG began re-tooling the way they did business—bringing on best-in-class talent from across San Antonio and south Texas to help build the strongest benefits consulting practice in the region. Since that time, EBCG has grown by more than 60 new clients (faster than a speeding bullet), retained over 98% of existing clients (leaping tall buildings), brought on 10 highly talented new employees (they’re super!), and added innovative and exclusive products and services to complement its existing product lineup. If that’s not enough, SWBC EBCG has been busy with quarterly “Thought Leadership” symposiums for our clients, bringing them the latest news and updates in the health, wellness, and compliance arena. We also continue to expand our presence in three key markets— Austin, Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande Valley. So, no time to rest on our laurels as we close out 2015 at a record-setting pace. We already have our sights set on a strong 2016 and beyond. SWBC Employee Benefits Consulting Group is shaking up the market by giving client companies everything they are looking for in a benefits consultant— and more! FACILITIES AND ADMINISTRATION The summer was definitely not vacation time for the Facilities and Administration team! The continuing stand-up of our Service Center in Scottsbluff highlighted an action packed quarter for the team. The building is now housing more than 300 employees with room for future growth. Part of the effort this quarter was to “re-brand” the building which meant changing paint schemes, posting SWBC-specific artwork and signage, and giving it the “SWBC feel.” Charlie and Gary visited the facility and brought back some great ideas for future improvements after meeting with the staff there. One of the key ideas was providing on- site food service. We hope to have some form of food service offering available at the building after the New Year. The Facilities and Administration has also been managing the extensive refurbishing and mechanical repairs required at SWBC’s latest acquisition, a new Service Center on San Antonio’s Northwest side. The building was purchased at the start of the summer, and the team has worked feverishly to get the building ready for occupancy. This building will relieve the overcrowding at two of our San Antonio service centers and also provide room for continued company expansion to meet the superior service levels our clients and customers have come to expect from SWBC. The building required quite a bit of cosmetic and mechanical work to bring it to the standard they Charlie and Gary have set for our facilities. The building is open to nearly 200 employees with additional employees moving in over subsequent months. KANSAS CITY PORTLAND SERVICE CENTERS Members of the Kansas City Service Center and Portland Service Center made a trip to San Antonio to participate in the Annual FI Group Sales Meeting. Our participation included an in-depth presentation describing the features and benefits of the Sure-Track Tracking system to all in attendance. Feedback showed that many questions were answered about the system. That familiarity has resulted in both offices adding lender portfolios to the systems from large tier AVPs. We are also pleased to announce that both locations reported record months in August for premium production. With the pipeline in place, it is likely that more records will be set in the coming months. Several enhancements are slated for fourth quarter, further solidifying Sure-Track as a robust tracking solution. In addition, new staff is being added to both centers to handle the increased workload and to ensure that lenders receive the high-touch customer experience for which we are known. INVESTMENT SERVICES SWBC’s Investment Services Division continues to grow and, earlier this year, successfully added a new team to its bench, the Investment Services Capital Markets (ISCM) team led by Managing Directors Scott Rykert and John Tuohy. In just four short months, they have executed more than 17,000 trades, and traded more than $1 billion dollars in volume, generating nearly $1 million in gross revenue while opening move then 420 accounts (through June 2015). They have added two more members to the team: Fixed Income Traders Sean Tuohy and Ryan Riffe. “This group is hard-working, and they have a great vision for future growth”, says Kelly Tramontano, CEO of SWBC Investment Services. “We are proud to have them on our team.” ISCM will continue to build up a full fervice trading desk for both tax-free and taxable bonds, as well as Agencies, CMOs, and other fixed income products. SWBC LENDING SOLUTIONS In October 2014, SWBC acquired the valuation companies of Equi-Trax Asset Solutions and Quality Valuation Service (QVS) and combined the expertise of those companies with its own LendingXpress platform, creating SWBC Lending Solutions. The company is designed to meet all the settlement service needs involved in real estate loan originations and default management. Lending Solutions was recently recognized by Morningstar Credit Ratings, which distinguishes Lending Solutions from other valuation providers and recognizes its focused quality control and guided policies and procedures. “SWBC Lending Solutions’ organization benefits from a comprehensive quality control- and performance-driven culture arising from a solid training regimen, comprehensive and client-specific policies and procedures, internal performance monitoring and reporting, and proactive vendor- management protocols,” Morningstar noted in its ranking. Lending Solutions continues to discover new opportunities to serve the mortgage industry. “We will look for ways to grow our business, both organically and through acquisitions—and at the same time, improve our operational procedures,” said Guy Taylor, President of Lending Solutions. 40 41
  22. 22. Accounting and Procurement Teams With all of this new business and the maturation of our existing business, our Claims area continues to operate on all cylinders. The team has been doing a terrific job of reviewing claims quickly and efficiently. We will be looking to add a few more individuals to this team in early 2016 to match up with the anticipated increase in claims from the new accounts. The Optional Products division of the life organization saw some changes these last few months. I regretfully accepted Colleen Bartee’s retirement, yet was delighted to move Morgan Chapin to lead the division. We, then, hired a new associate, Victoria Kinnamont, and she, Elvi Garcia and Morgan continue to assist the sales teams with presentations and management of the multitude of optional products distributed to our customers. In order to further provide the SWBC sales teams with expert sales assistant, Alan Strickland moved over from the Mortgage Bank division to be VP, Business Development within the Optional Products group. I know that Alan will continue to make sure our pipeline is full as we enter the 4th quarter of 2015 and move into 2016! With all of the growth the Life Insurance organization has experienced so far this year, as well as what is on the plate currently, Melissa Piehl joined us from the FI division to be the dedicated project manager for the group. With her knowledge of our products and our customers, she will be a tremendous help to the team from the start. As we look at only 10 weeks left in the year, the Life Insurance Organization will be extremely busy with multiple program implementations scheduled each month throughout Feb. 2016. We are excited about all the activity and grateful to the fantastic partnerships we have with our sales teams and various areas throughout SWBC! SWBC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY SWBC Life is continuing to have a very good year, adding on a record 12 sold payment protection cases so far. Eleven of these are Credit Life/ Disability sales, and one is a Debt Cancellation sale. Most importantly, the pipeline continues to be very full with sixteen proposals currently in the works. The FI sales team is a tremendous partner for us! We also accomplished a significant feat this year—the Texas Deptartment of Insurance granted SWBC Life a Credit Involuntary Unemployment Insurance (IUI) line of authority and also approved our Credit IUI product. We are THE ONLY life insurance company in the state of Texas that can now write Credit IUI, a product typically written by a Property Casualty insurer. The team is extremely proud of this accomplishment, and we anticipate that it will allow us to further set us apart from our competitors in Texas. Speaking of Credit IUI, we are just about ready to implement a very unique program with Nationstar Mortgage. They have put together a very unique offering for their customers whereby new mortgages come with a Nationstar- paid involuntary unemployment benefit for the first two years of the mortgage, and we are providing them that protection through Great American. The program is anticipated to launch late this year or early next, and we expect it to be very successful for both Nationstar and SWBC. loopIn the SWBC PEO SERVICES Twenty-Fifteen has the makings for another record year for SWBC PEO! In the last month alone, we have signed two of the largest accounts in the history of the company that will take us to more than 9,000 worksite employees. Our PEO sales team under the new leadership of Michael Gugliotti has been instrumental in landing these two new exciting accounts. We are pleased to announce the addition of Kristine Edge to our MORTGAGE The Mortgage Division held its first annual Sales Rally in September. Attendees spent time in breakout sessions focusing on Encompass, Capital Markets, Operations, and Marketing. Our top seven producers participated on a QA panel where the attendees could learn from their expertise. We also had several external industry speakers. The group came away ready to boost their production to the next level. Thanks to all who participated and presented! ACCOUNTING AND PROCUREMENT Earlier this year, Nancy Ayotte, SVP, Financial Accounting, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. In an effort to show support, the Accounting and Procurement Teams are participating in “Purple Wednesdays” for the remainder of the year. The team will don their purple shirts, ties, socks, and purple “Find a Cure Pancreatic Cancer” wristbands every Wednesday to support Nancy’s unimaginable fight against Pancreatic Cancer. The color purple was adopted by many advocacy groups as symbols of support or awareness; the team hopes to spread the message and raise awareness across SWBC. TED It’s no surprise the growth we’ve seen over the past year. Training and Employee Development (TED) has seen first-hand how many employees continue to join SWBC through the various new hire classes in the Lender Placed Operations division, to the countless training and teambuilding events facilitated by the Headquarters training team. If you haven’t had an opportunity to take advantage of the resources TED has to offer, you are missing out! Take some time to read one of the many articles updated weekly on the Class Pages of the TED Connect Page. Glance through the Library Catalog in the Learning + Performance Center (training.swbc. com) to find the right book to read at lunch, or an audiobook for your commute to and from work. TED is actively involved in planning for the launch of Workday. Take hold of your learning by participating in Workday training opportunities, including classroom training and web-based courses as they become available! sales leadership team. Kristine will head up our new product offering of Payroll and HR Services. All of our operational teams under the leadership of Kim Pollok, VP of Operations, have worked tirelessly in the last month both in our presentations to these very important prospects, but also in the implementation process. We are especially grateful for the outstanding efforts of our HRIS team, Hillary Stone and Kate Walzel, joined by our new sales associate, Bryce Fegley, and Ashley McCullock, our new Project Coordinator, who have done an outstanding job onboarding these two very important new clients. We are pleased to also announce that Michelle Miquez has joined the SWBC PEO team as our 401(k) Retirement Plan Administrator. Michelle and the rest of the Benefits Team have been extremely busy, not only onboarding our latest clients, but also serving the ongoing benefits needs of our existing clients and shared employees. Finally, our loss control team members, Melissa Velentzas and Jason Collins, have had tremendous success managing workers’ compensation claims and maintaining client relationships by providing training and other resources to foster a safe work environment. First Annual Mortgage Corporation Sales Rally 42 43