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Drivetrain design for a series electrical hybrid vehicle

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Drivetrain design for a series electrical hybrid vehicle

  2. 2. PURPOSE  The project consisted of designing a vehicle propulsion system, a power generation system, braking system, wheel hubs, and electric components  The goal was to create in conjunction with 2 other teams a complete design of a 3-wheel small electric hybrid vehicle intended for city delivery of post parcels and packages  We created a number of MATLAB procedures that calculated design dimensions and chose standard components (bearings, bolts) from catalogues. All dimensions are based extensive strength, force, deflection, and fatigue analysis. The output of the code is a text file with dimensions used by the main SolidWorks assembly.  Once the design parameters are changed, the whole design can be updated by simply pressing the “rebuild” button in SolidWorks.
  3. 3. SYSTEM OUTLINE  Outline of the system:  Power is generated by an ICE connected to a stock permanent magnet motor (PMM) through a gear reducer  Power is stored in a combination of batteries and ultra-capacitors  Power is drawn from the storage system by another PMM and transferred onto the back wheel through a gear reducer and a chain drive.  Hydraulic disc-based braking system is implemented on the front wheels, and regenerative braking – on the back one
  4. 4. DESIGN PARAMETERIZATION  The design is fully parameterized. Below is the example of how the wheel hub dimensions change depending on the desired vehicle mass. Note the wheel hub diameter, brake caliper size, and different bearings used. 400 kg vehicle 800 kg vehicle
  5. 5. VEHICLE PROPULSION Generation and Propulsion systems positioned inside the frame Fully parameterized gear reducer, connecting shafts, chain drive, and wheel hubs
  6. 6. BRAKING SYSTEM Brake actuation system Brake caliper design
  7. 7. WHEEL HUBS Wheel hub design Integration of the wheel hubs with suspension (designed by other team) Note: Fasteners are not shown
  8. 8. NOTES  The work done on this project can serve as a strong base for building a drivetrain prototype  The full 250-page report, drawings, CAD and MATLAB files are available upon request  Please contact Taras Machula for more details:  Email:  Phone: +7 (925) 196 2119