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Pet Brainstorming

  1. How to Choose a Pet Prepared for A Crash Course on Creativity Spring 2013 Team Gx2: Mannie Zeller & Susan Lieberman This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License.
  2. Cosmo 1996 - 2013
  3. When Cosmo left us … … we were so sad - Cosmo had been a dear friend to all of us and we missed him very much. Our other cat, Millie, had lost her companion.
  4. A New Pet? • At first, we mourned him. And then, we started to think about getting another pet. • It didn’t have to be another cat • We decided to …
  5. Brainstorm!!!!!!! And we were fortunately joined by a third excellent brainstormer…
  6. • We started to brainstorm the question “How would you pick the right pet for you?” • But, this course taught us to look carefully at framing of questions • Looking closer at the question, we realized that what we were actually brainstorming was “What factors would you consider when choosing a pet?”
  7. ~ 34 ideas
  8. • But, then we stopped to get our bearings and realized that we had veered into considering “How do you find the right pet?” • So, our brainstorming took a different direction
  9. ~ 28 more ideas
  10. ~29 more ideas
  11. • But our third excellent brainstormer then pointed out an interesting fact • The broader the question, the better the brainstorming; the narrower the question, the less effective the brainstorming • At which point, we started to have some fun brainstorming “How do you take care of your pet if your pet is the planet Earth?”
  12. Put a shawl around the world for comfort The Earth needs to be nourished The earth needs a protector – yea for the sun The Earth needs a friend - yea the moon The world should sing The world needs to dance The world needs colour The world needs love Let the world begin! Give the world a parade 11 more items Will the earth purr?
  13. • Or “If PET stands for Peace on Earth Through-out, how can we have world PET?”
  14. At the end of the day, we realized that even though we had brainstormed more than 100 ideas, what we really wanted was to figure out how to select a new cat to be our special friend (and Millie’s, too)
  15. • So our final brainstorming looked at a combination of the questions – “How should we find a new cat to be Millie’s companion?” – “Where will we find a new cat or kitten? – “What kind of cat or kitten should we get?”
  16. And we decided to do all the expected things, like research breeds, track cat ads, visit one or more animal shelters, and talk with friends
  17. But we would also “commune with the spirits” to find direction And we would have patience
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