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29.1 riddles review 2013

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29.1 riddles review 2013

  1. 1. Tuesday, April 12th Check in 29.1 Riddles worksheet  Review Riddles  Journal Question
  2. 2. Kennedy Cooks upsome bacon. Bay of Pigs Invasion US trains Cubans to overthrow Cuban gov’t EPIC FAIL!!
  3. 3. Cuba is storing someSoviet missiles?  Cuban Missile Crisis  U.S. finds out that Soviets have missiles on Cuba  U.S. worried about attack!
  4. 4. Russia, you only got toouter space, weAmericans can top that!  U.S. is in competition with Russia to be the Space Race leader  U.S. (Democracy) vs Russia (Communism)  We have to win to show that U.S. and democracy is better!
  5. 5. This whole space thingsounds crazy!  Some Americans still thought “Space Travel” was this idea of science fiction
  6. 6. My goal was to land aperson on the moon. NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration)
  7. 7. The Eagle has landed.  July 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Lightyear Aldrin walked on the Moon.  A few more men have walked the moon since, but we have not been back to walk on the moon since 1972.
  8. 8. I want a communistrevolution in Vietnam,who am I?  Ho Chi Minh- Vietnamese leader who wanted to unite all of Vietnam as Communist.
  9. 9. One falls then next, and the next, and the next, and the next…etc. Domino Theory- if one country would fall to communism them nearby countries would become communist as well.
  10. 10. This 1954 agreementtemporarily divided Vietnaminto North and SouthVietnam.  Geneva Accords- temporarily divided Vietnam into a North and a South Vietnam  Once democratic elections took place then country would unite
  11. 11. This is no monkeybusiness, this is the nameof guerilla forces  Vietcong- Communist army of North Vietnam  Use non-traditional ways of fighting (guerilla warfare)
  12. 12. Journal Question  Since we already landed on the moon, should America try to be the first to land on another planet? Why or why not?