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Features of test budha online test making software

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Online Test making software.

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Features of test budha online test making software

  1. 1. Features of TestBudha
  2. 2. Creating and Sharing exams in TestBudha
  3. 3. There is a plan to suite everyone’s need TestBudha has plans suited for Individuals Educational institutions Training institutes Small and Medium organizations Universities Corporates
  4. 4. Exams created by TestBudha could be taken from your computer, tablet or mobile
  5. 5. Supports all major browsers
  6. 6. Create Test with Ease
  7. 7. Friendly and useful Reports
  8. 8. Share exam easily to potential users • Invite users to take the Exam by mail • Share it on your favorite Social Networking site
  9. 9. Thanks Any other queries, contact :