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The Facebook Roach Motel: Tech News Today 1451

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Late yesterday the United States District Court of California issued a court order insisting that Apple provide a signed image file that would allow the FBI to access the iPhone 5C belonging to the couple who killed 14 people in San Bernardino last year. Apple CEO Tim Cook responded with a letter to customers saying they would fight the court order and called for a public discussion over the implications in this case. So, we have this discussion with Jason Snell. Also, The Wall Street Journal says employers are mining our data and we don't know what they're using it for. Yahoo is making some big changes to its content verticals by eliminating a number of its digital magazines: Food, Health, Parenting, Makers, Travel, Autos and Real Estate. Instant Articles, the experiment that Facebook started last year, will be open to all starting April 12. Leap Motion’s new Orion hand tracking capabilities for VR. And would you play Pong on your Apple Watch?

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