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User Experience (UX) Lessons & Myths

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A few of the hundreds of things we've learned by interviewing and observing customers use TechSmith products.

Who is TechSmith? We're the people who make Snagit, Camtasia, Jing,, and Morae.

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User Experience (UX) Lessons & Myths

  1. Photo credit: Daniel Novta<br />UX Lessons& Myths<br />A creation of TechSmith Corporation. You may use and distribute, with attribution.<br />
  2. Photo credit: wolfpix<br />Play around or go straight to help?<br />Sometimes users prefer to explore a tool to find a solution to a problem and sometimes they like to seek help. <br />It depends on…<br /><ul><li>personal predilection
  3. the severity of the problem
  4. how well they can explore & learn without causing errors</li></li></ul><li>Photo credit: hmboo<br />Tool list overkill<br />Sometimes a simple solution can fix a large usability problem<br />Camtasia Studio 6Editing tools were presented in a long list. Resulted in "task list blindness" – people stopped looking there to find their tools. <br />Camtasia Studio 7<br />Introduced a graphical, tabbed interface for the editing tools, making them much easier to find!<br />
  5. Photo credit: freeloosedirt<br />“I do not like green eggs & the Ribbon”<br />Some user interface elements carry a stigma<br />In Snagit 9 we added a "ribbon" style menu bar à la Microsoft Office. While many users thought they didn't like the ribbon because of its reputation, they were able to use it very efficiently.<br />
  6. Photo credit: Paul Schultz<br />Dust off the shoebox<br />Some behaviors translate from physical to digital experiences<br />By watching users interact with physical images (printed on paper) we learned how to model their real-world needs, behaviors, and expectations for editing multiple images in Snagit 9.<br />
  7. The wonders of video<br />In many of our products, like Jing and Camtasia Studio, we've learned that a simple video can do a lot to help users understand a product before trying it out.<br />Photo credit: James Vaughan<br />
  8. Photo credit:Hillary Kladke<br />What would we do without you?<br />Users are helpful…You really love to help us help you! You’re generous with time, responses, feedback, and willingness to participate in our research. Thanks!<br />…to a fault?<br />Sometimes users are too nice. When unable to accomplish a task, they’ll often say that it was easy to do, even though we watched them struggle through it.<br />
  9. Myth #1People never right-click on Mac!<br />Reality<br />They do right-click...a lot. (This is no longer the advanced behavior it once was.)<br />Photo credit: grey.beard.44<br />
  10. Myth #2People don't use file menus! <br />Reality<br />Not true. They're still the go-to place to look for something you can't easily find in front of you.<br />Photo credit: grey.beard.44<br />
  11. Myth #3Red always means “stop”<br />Reality<br />The Snagit capture button proves this ain’t always so.<br />Photo credit: grey.beard.44<br />
  12. Myth #4People want to do everything with the keyboard (yay hotkeys)! <br />No, people prefer to use the mouse!<br />Reality<br />Turns out there are “two kinds of people...”<br />Photo credit: grey.beard.44<br />
  13. Myth #5“Switching” from PC to Mac is hard.<br />Reality<br />Apple OS X offers a visual experience and standards across applications that can make their tools easy to explore and learn.<br />Photo credit: grey.beard.44<br />