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TSDigs 2011 Metrics & Learning Report

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Insights into what we learned about the 2nd Annual Nonprofit Digital Storytelling Challenge (#TSDigs) in January 2011.

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TSDigs 2011 Metrics & Learning Report

  1. 1. TechSoupDIGITAL STORYTELLING CHALLENGE 2011 #TSDigs Metrics + Learnings
  2. 2. There was a Digital Storytelling Event held in January2011, which involved various activities including 2webinars, 3 live TwitterChats, a special storytellingpage and a contest for the best digital story.The event was an extraordinary success in termsof org involvement and participation; although theimpact on product donation and org registration wasmore moderate. Here are the results:
  3. 3. SubmissionsThere were 104 submissions for the Digital Story Challenge. 27 ofthese submissions were from organizations registered at TechSoup.And 22 of the people that participated in the challenge attended oneof the storytelling webinars.In relation to donations, 4 nonprofits that participated in the challengereceived a donation during the period of the event, and for 1 of themit was the very first time receiving a donation.
  4. 4. Online Community17 members of the Google group of Online Community participated in thestorytelling challenge. Overall, 33 members attended one of the storytellingwebinars.Of the 175 registered organizations that are members of the OnlineCommunity, 17 received a donation during the period of the event, and 9received a donation from one of the featured programs of this event (FlipVideo, Flickr, Citrix, Adobe).
  5. 5. WebinarsThere were 2 webinars dedicated to storytelling in January – ‘How to Tell YourDigital Story’ and ‘Tools for Digital Storytelling’. They were a major success; infact, ‘How to Tell Your Digital Story’ set a new record of people attending awebinar, with 702 attendees, and ‘Tools for Digital Storytelling’, with 561attendees, became the second most attended webinar ever.In terms of registered organizations, these 2 webinars also set a new high,with the first webinar having 201 registered orgs attending, and the secondone, 203 orgs, a number 46% higher than the previous peak. In total, 321distinct orgs attended either of the 2 webinars.Of the orgs attending the webinars, 16 received donations during the time ofthe storytelling event, and for 6 of them it was the first time ever they hadreceived a donation from us. Regarding donations from the programs featuredas part of the storytelling event, only 2 orgs ordered from these programs.
  6. 6. Storytelling Main PageThe main page for the Digital Storytelling Event was quite popular, beinghighly visited during the time of the event. The page was viewed 2,763 timesbetween 1/13 and 1/31, which would put it in #3 if it were comparedagainst the top Learning Center articles.Another way to see how highly viewed the Storytelling page was, is bycomparing it with the 15,000 views the Microsoft program page had in thesame time period – the storytelling page had 17% of the popularity of theMS page, which is quite substantial given that MS represents 63% of totalincome of the product donation program.In terms of the specific contribution of the storytelling page in productdonations, this page was directly responsible for 6 orgs getting donationsfrom one of the featured programs of the event (Flip Video, Flickr, Citrix,Adobe)In February, despite the event being over, the digital storytelling pageattracted over 2,000 visits.
  7. 7. SummaryOverall 519 registered organizations were involved in the Storytelling Event,either by attending a webinar, being part of the Online Community, receivinga donation after visiting the Storytelling page, or by participating in the DigitalStory challenge.54 of these orgs received a donation during the period of the event, and 20received a donation (21 orders total) from one of the featured programs ofthe event; for 14 of the 54, it was their first time ever receiving a donationfrom Techsoup.The storytelling event drove the registration of 5 organizations.
  8. 8. Social Media Facebook + Twitter
  9. 9. FacebookScreenshots + Insights
  10. 10. OVERVIEW by the numbers FacebookPage Likes (Fans) ▲371 ▲56% / ▲9% * Post Views 313, 867 ▲80% Post Feedback 205 ▲141% Comparisons from 1.1.11 - 2.28.11 *Up 56% increase from previous month, 9% increase overall
  11. 11. Views + Comments + Likes Averages Daily Highs Date Event/InfluenceNews Story Views 5506 n/a n/a n/a Interactions with 685 1,261 January 31 Entry Deadline Page/Post Page Views 60 115 January 31 Entry Deadline Page Likes 6.5 16 January 11 1st TwitterChat & Launch Week Day After Webinar 1 Post Likes/ 4 8 January 14 (How to tell Your Digital Comments Story)
  12. 12. Who + WhereObservations/Insights • Team/staff located in Seattle & San Francisco • Romania won viewers choice, yet number 6 on FB (engaged with off Facebook) • Canada and UK have strong NetSquared communities, opportunity to engage more • Opportunity to target Chicago, DC, and Atlanta more • Pleasanton is far East Bay (SF), higher engagement than Oakland and Berkeley (Opportunity to engage/increase East Bay participation next year.) • Male/Female ratio pretty equal, and parallel Facebook and TechSoup user demographic (Similar parallel demographic spread across ages)
  13. 13. Start with open question Tag partners Links to resourcesCurrent/Timely TSDigs events
  14. 14. PersonalizeHighlight (tag) individuals Quote community members Respond to comments
  15. 15. Include media (photo/video)Tools/resourcesHighlight sponsors and pastwinners
  16. 16. To Recap What worked well: Received most interactions/feedback✓ Start with an open question✓ Clear call to action (ie, Join, Read, Watch)✓ Tagging parter organizations increases visibility because then shows up in their feed✓ Increased engagement with resources and links✓ Increased engagement with TSDigs event content (ie, How to Tell Your Story Webinar)✓ Coordinated with other publicity - TwitterChats, Webinars, Launch of event
  17. 17. TwitterScreenshots + Insights
  18. 18. OVERVIEW by the numbers Twitter Followers ▲812 ▲10% #TSDigs mentions 371@TechSoup Mentions 91 TechSoup Mentions 507 Comparisons from 1.1.11 - 2.28.11
  19. 19. Big PictureObservations/Insights • After Twitter Chats: Average gain 30 new Followers • TwitterChat host: @AskDebra has large engaged following • After webinars: Average gain 30 new Followers • Higher number of RT’s and follows after first Webinar - combination of factors - timing (first was also kickoff), content, speaker influence, number of webinar participants (first webinar had double amount of registered)• Highest number of RT’s when mentioned resources, included links, or urgency (ie, “last call”)
  20. 20. ReTweets Links to resources Multiple tags Invitation to participate Reference to notable sources
  21. 21. Webinars + TwitterChatsprovide opportunities forothers to be your voice
  22. 22. To Recap What worked well: Received most interactions/feedback✓ Educational resources received well and shared✓ TwitterChats drive visibility on Twitter✓ Audience of guest host can help influence participation and reach✓ Tweets with urgency more likely to be RT’ed✓ Direct messages and asking “Pls RT” increased likelihood of sharing 23
  23. 23. Other Numbers Summary Total Clicks Countries Highest Highest Traffic Day Traffic Date 5600 Awards Screening 2005 17 1037 2/13/2011 Audience Choice 1216 21 381 2/9/2011 Awards Delicious 476 8 184 1/10/2011Video/YouTube Channel 423 6 183 1/10/2011 (Promo Vid) Webinar: How To 712 27 171 1/9/2011 Webinar: Tools 768 27 169 1/9/2011
  24. 24. Key Takeaways from Twitter + Facebook➡ Photo + video are more engaging content➡ Shout outs personalize + open conversation➡ Simple call to action works best➡ Urgency of deadline brings more interest➡ Email still number one driver of traffic - make sure to point to all social media channels (FB was missing)➡ Leverage influencers
  25. 25. Future ConsiderationsPromote products offered by TS more deliberately • Products are listed but they werent really directed there. This might include one tweet during the week saying “here are some products that will help you tell your digital story.”List the products that winners used • Some of these products might be offered and some of them might not which demonstrates that you can use TS tools as well as free toolsLeverage newsletters more  • 27% of the traffic arrived through social media and around 12% from Newsletters. Our newsletters have around 150,000 subscribers that may have been interested if we had pinged them more than once.Update TSDigs Content • In March over 700 visits went to the digital storytelling page which is a drop off but is still a decent amount of traffic.
  26. 26. From the Participant Survey 25 Responded (~25%)
  27. 27. How’d Hear About? Previous Involvement w/TechSoup?Response PercentageEmail 43% Response PercentageFacebook 0%Twitter 4% Longtime member 32%Blog 9% New member 14%SecondLife 4%Friend 13% First experience with 36%Google Group 0% Have received donatedLinkedIn 0% 14% productNewsletter or Listserve 4% Participated in events or 5%Other, please specify: 9% webinarsPrevious Digital Storytelling Experience Participate in TSDigs Educational Programs?Yes, a lot 23% Yes 59% No, decided to do itYes, once or twice 36% 23% on our ownNo, this was our first 41% No, submitted pre- 18%time existing digital story
  28. 28. Suggestions Give more time after webinars to create digital story.More lead time and different time of the year. January is a hard time to organize.Sometimes difficult to get info, so perhaps a single challenge info site with links might keep everyone in the loop. Post-challenge workshop dialogue for feedback on what worked (or didnt) in each video. Maybe send a follow-up to organizations that werent selected.
  29. 29. Props We are very, very thankful for both the storytelling webinars. Those were very helpful. Even with my dial up, I could follow.Great initiative, nice prizes, catchy as an idea and hope to roll and grow big (lots of participants and exposure). Thanks! Best way to learn is to "just do it," so thank you, tech soup, for the nudge! Good job. It was a challage for us that proved to be useful afterwards.Our video is now used as an "icebreaker" at each and every event we take part in. And the feedback is great.
  30. 30. Additional Insights, Questions, Thoughts?
  31. 31. Note on the Metrics + Tools Used• We found variance in the tools used, and had to do some analysis manually• There may have been differences in the actual numbers, but found the trends and insights to be similar/true across tools• Some of tools used: TwitterCounter, TweetStats,,Twitalyzer, SocialMention, Facebook Insights
  32. 32. Thank you! TechSoupDIGITAL STORYTELLING CHALLENGE 2011 #TSDigs