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MeeGo Presentation

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MeeGo Presentation

  1. 1. Mobile Linux Landscape Smartphone Platform Competition – Linux taking over – MeeGo Valtteri Halla Director, Nokia MeeGo Software Member of Nokia CEO Technology Council Co-chairman, MeeGo Technical Steering Group
  2. 2. Smartphone shipments Smartphone shipments by OS (m) • Nokia still the undisputable volume leader, but growth is faltering 2009 76,9 34 25,1 14,1 9,4 6,3 • Phenomenal growth of iPhone. Currently representing 15% of 2010 77,4 39,9 34 12,2 26,1 25,4 smartphone shipments, growing around 100% p.a. 2011 79 42,6 39,1 22,3 39,3 31,7 • Predictions of Android overtaking 2012 81,3 43,7 44,2 26,5 56 40,2 iPhone by 2012 due to multiple OEMs and devices 2013 85,2 44,9 50 30,4 69,2 52,5 2014 91,7 46,7 53,1 30,6 83,8 64,2 Symbian BlackBerry iPhone Windows Android Other Source: Screen Digest
  3. 3. Smartphone battle driven by App Ecosystems Questions to Consumers Q: What is a Smartphone? A: A mobile phone with a full-screen touch interface. Q: What is the single-most important/major criteria in deciding which smartphone to buy? A: The availability of a huge selection of apps, music, movies and an easy way to download/purchase it. Application is the new Bookmark!
  4. 4. Venture-capital backed mobile ISV startups increasingly choosing Android and iPhone VC-backed startups ecosystem-agnostic in 2009 Future choices narrowing to Android & iPhone Platform choices by VC-backed mobile startups, Q3 2009 “Young companies prefer to be cross platform but have limited resources, so will go to where they can have 100% Palm broadest reach and monetisation. Two Android Single Symbian Three Even in China, early stage venture firms tell us 80 platform anecdotally that Android, iPhone and increasingly MTK Five Windows are the platforms of choice. 60 RIM Paul Asel, Partner, Nokia Growth Partners 40 Six Multi- “Multi platform is still an approach in US, however most platform lead with iPhone and Android. Symbian is an option if iPhone deciding to go to EU. But with iPhone and Andoid 20 making inroads into EU, startups can launch an international strategy on those two. “ 0 Marc Theeuwes, Partner, Nokia Growth Partners Platform choice #platforms Platform chosen popularity Source: Chubby Brain VC backed survey, Q309
  5. 5. Qt Enters The Application Platform Game Annual Shipments 100M 10M = + 1M Conclusions: • Linux is taking over in Smartphones • Android vs. MeeGo is the battle to watch 100k 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 © 2008 Nokia V1- Filename.ppt / YYYY-MM-DD 5 / Initials
  6. 6. MeeGo Overview Maemo and Moblin evolution into a unified platform
  7. 7. MeeGo in a Nutshell • MeeGo = the best of Moblin and the best of Maemo • MeeGo is a fully open source software platform • MeeGo provides a common set of APIs across client devices with one unified voice to developers • MeeGo supports multiple hardware architectures (IA and ARM) • MeeGo is an independent project hosted by the Linux Foundation
  8. 8. Nokia and MeeGo What? • First MeeGo based Nokia product in 2H 2010 • Nokia flagship experience on MeeGo, with deep Ovi service integration and an iconic user experience Why? • Rational evolution step to combine identical platform projects of the two biggest Linux investors with similar visions • Ecosystem play with freedom to innovate through the architecture • Symbian and Qt value greatly boosted by MeeGo with Qt
  9. 9. What Makes MeeGo Succeed? • Great UX – Nokia and Intel making joint strategic investment to make this happen • Great OS – Nokia and Intel today make most of the client Linux development invesment. Joint talent pool of 1000+ best Linux platform developers in the planet • Multi-category – Handset, Tablet, Automotive, TV, Netbook, … • Multi-HW – ARM, Intel, multi-vendor • Multi-lateral – Not a monopoly business platform but a partnership for technical de-facto standard
  10. 10. MeeGo Strategy – Spans Multiple Segments Tablets Netbooks Connected TV Handsets IVI Media Phone OS & OS & OS & Sys. Infra. Forum Nokia / Ovi Store + Intel Atom Developer Program / AppUp Store Sys. Infra. Sys. Infra. MeeGo = Best of Moblin + Best of Maemo Multi-HW (Intel, ARM platforms)
  11. 11. MeeGo Roadmap MeeGo v1.2 MeeGo v1.1 Handset Netbook Tablet MeeGo v1.0 Netbooks MeeGo Public Community Releases MeeGo Distribution Development MeeGo Project Release Cadence: Every 6mo. 4Q’09 1Q’10 2Q’10 3Q’10 4Q’10 1Q’11 OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR
  12. 12. MeeGo Component Architecture Netbook UX Handset UX Other UX:S UX Netbook UI + Apps Handset UI + Apps Netbook UI Framework Handset UI Framework MeeGo API OS Middleware Comms Internet Visual Services Media Services Data Mgmt Device Personal Services Services Services Services SECURITY Connection Mgmt Layout Engine 3D Graphics Media Framework Content Framework Device Health PIM Services ConnMan WebKit OpenGL / GL ES GStreamer Tracker 2D Graphics Camera Telephony Web RunTime Cairo, QPainter Gstreamer plug-in Context Framework Sensor Framework Device Sync oFono WebKit ContextKit I18n Rendering Codecs Pango, QtText Gstreamer plug-in VOIP, IM, Pres. Web Services Package Manager Resource Mgr Accts & SSO Telepathy libSocialWeb PackageKit GTK / Clutter Audio PulseAudio Bluetooth Location Backup & Restore BlueZ GeoClue X UPnP GUPnP OS Base MeeGo Kernel Settings Database System Libraries Message Bus Platform Info GConf glibc, glib, etc D-Bus Device Kit HW Adaptation Software Legend: Not part of MeeGo 1.0 release
  13. 13. Way of Working on MeeGo Transparent open source development hosted by the Linux Foundation. Related open source projects Any individual or organization can participate in MeeGo.
  14. 14. Overall MeeGo Platform Ecosystem Open Source Projects Application Vendors Technology Vendors 3rd Party Codecs Closed Source Apps Upstream Open Source Component Projects Commercial Solutions Build Environment Operating Netbook System Reference Vendors MeeGo Handset Core Reference Connected TV Reference MeeGo Component Projects Device Vendors MeeGo on Chipset X Chipset Vendors
  15. 15. Developer Value Proposition • Cross-platform development framework expands business opportunities across markets PC MeeGo Symbian • Leading SDK with Qt Creator IDE WIN/Mac/Linux • One set of API:s for application and service development Qt • Choise of App Stores to reach the market Web runtime • Backed up by Nokia and Intel developer support programs
  16. 16. Summary of Key Messages • Smartphones have become Consumer Computers • Linux will take over the Smartphone market • MeeGo is challenging Android as the Smartphone Linux standard